#560 Putting on your most flattering pair of pants

Just slide smoothly into that second skin and get ready to rock the streets with your perfectly wrapped package. Yes, it’s time to shake that booty strong and get your moves on long because you look great, girlfriend.

See, we all have that one perfect pair of pants that fits us best. And I think we all know how it feels to throw them on before heading out.


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8 thoughts on “#560 Putting on your most flattering pair of pants

    1. P.S. Another awesome? Coming to your fave blog and finding the comments enabled. :) It’s fun when it’s a surprise! LOL…it truly is the little things.

  1. Yay I can comment! I sure do love this! And it’s usually hard for me to find a pair that fits well on my short legs so I thinks it’s super awesome when a pair of pants fits me exactly the way it should!

  2. Yes! Sadly, my favorite pair of pants is wearing out. Time to get a new one. Your blog is incredibly inspiring. I will be mentioning it in a blog post later this week.

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