#598 Sniffing your armpits when no one’s looking and realizing you don’t stink

Nobody’s gonna tell you you stink.

Honestly, the much-needed finger-pointing, nose-pinching tipoff is harder to spot than an albino Bigfoot.

See, there are limits to the amount of quiet social tips we’re willing to toss out there. When your tag’s hanging out the back of your sweater, we’re on it. When there’s a slimy parsley leaf stuck between your two front teeth, we’ll let you know. And if one of your collars is flipped up, we’ll get it for you.

But if there’s a cloud of B.O. flying off you with big stink-lines going in all directions, well then you’re on your own.

That’s why it’s great to snag a quiet moment to sniff your pits and make sure that deodorant’s working.


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