#359 The wind

I’m listening to the wind, to the wind at my soul.

Where it comes from, where it goes, well … who really knows.

All I know is that the wind is a great part of life for a few big reasons:

1. Helps plants make love. Roots twist and tie bushes and trees into forest floors preventing them from spreading their seeds too far. Thankfully the wind blows by to carry maple keys and pollen into new spaces and new places. Next time you glance at fields of pretty flowers besides the highway or see a spread of tall trees over the horizon… well, just remember who helped make it all happen.

2. Breezy comfort. When I lived in Boston our creaky apartment turned into a steamy sauna in the summer. It felt like an oven with lots of summer sun and no A/C. Well, my roommate Joey and I had no choice but to lie on sweaty couches eating popsicles in our underwear while praying for cool breezes to float through to give us a few moments of bliss. Yes, when you score a cool breeze on a hot day, when you land a warm gust on a chilly one, always remember to give thanks.

3. Come sail away. Sailors and windsurfers love the breezy push of wind over the glittery ocean water, kids love flying kites in the park, and everyone loves windmills spinning to grind out energy jolts and keep our Dutch fields picturesque.

Yes, when the wind whips through your body, when it whips through your soul, sometimes you feel that supernatural sense of being at one with nature, at one with the world, and at one on the planet. Wind is a constant that gives comfort because it’s invisible but always there. Wind has blown sand across deserts and ripples across oceans for millions of years… so when those free and easy breezes whisper across your face just remember to close your eyes… and just remember to enjoy a tiny little moment of


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