#287 Enjoying all the fresh smells of spring after a long winter

Flowers in snowWho’s done with winter?

Me, I’m finished with chapped knuckles, I’m finished with shoveling in pitch black darkness, I’m finished with sandpaper lips.

I say we all point our chests at the sky, open our hands up real wide, and smile with pride as we warm our insides.

When the warm air of Spring finally blows across our faces it means we can forget wet hats drying on the vents and those icy death traps known as our front steps.

Spring, spring, it’s a wonderful thing! Spring, spring, let the church bells ring! Spring, spring, gardens flash their seasonal bling!

It’s a beautiful moment unless… you have allergies.

I’m not complaining about Spring but hands up if all the tree buds and fresh grasses celebrating the end of hibernation, on the lawns and gardens across the nation, don’t plug your nose with snot, scratch up your throat, and itch your eyes to a bright fiery red.

I‘ve been battling seasonal allergies my whole life so I’ll be honest when I say that nothing makes me happier when I take care of my Itchy-and-Scratchy-Show symptoms and finally enjoy all those happy smells that make Spring so sweet.

Yes, I’m talking about the smell of freshly cut grass, the crispy fresh-air scent of bedsheets dried on the clothesline, and the first time you sniff some crispy-charred wieners wafting over from your neighbor’s blackened backyard grill. I’m talking about the smell of that basement closet full of bike tires and baseball gloves. I’m talking about the dark topsoil and scented wood chips that coat everyone’s garden. And when my nose is cleared up, I’m talking about the first whiff of warm breeze slowly wafting by full of magnolia and cherry blossoms.

So lose the jacket and get on your feet! Come join the party in the street! Just smell the trees and sniff those blossoms! Because enjoying all the fresh smells of Spring is so completely


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