#252 Taking your makeup off after wearing it all day

I was a cakey mess.

While promoting The Book of (Even More) Awesome on The Today Show I was painted up by a friendly makeup artist wielding a messy palette full of assorted bottles and tubes. Clear gels, paintbrushes, and foam triangles came at me in a blurry daze before I teetered back to the leather couch in a blurry haze.

When I looked in the mirror I noticed my shiny forehead, bumpy cheeks, and bright red zits had just … disappeared. Yes, I was in the clear — the proud new owner of a no-money-down-no-interest-till-2022 New Face.

“I could get used to this,” I thought to myself as I blinked and curled my lips into a clown-faced grin. My mind flicked forward to scenes sitting cross-legged atop of mountain of pillows as someone gave me a silky smooth New Face while others tenderly clipped my nails, softly brushed my hair, and gently massaged my pointy hunchback.

Jokes aside, the gang at The Today Show was truly, truly wonderful — supportive, thoughtful, and obviously massive pros. Meredith was a gem onstage. She saw me sweating buckets like a nervous wreck and came over to calm me down before the cameras rolled.

Flash forward a few hours later and I was back in my cramped hotel bathroom wiping soggy tissues down my color-fading cheeks. Pimples came back, mustache hairs said hello, and the forehead bumps got bumpy again. But you know what? The massively refreshing feeling of cool air rushing back to my skin more than made up for looking ugly again.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.


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— Email message —

“Using a community pool of crafts from friends I perfected a poster for The Today Show. I woke up way before dawn cracked and hopped on the first train to the city with a friend. The conductor thought the sign was clever as she punched my ticket. We ventured to the studio and eagerly waited in line. Although the smell of free coffee was tempting I didn’t want to lose my spot in line. Security finally let us into the plaza where I pressed against the fence to ensure my sign was seen. We picked a perfect spot and were seen on camera as it panned by the crowd!” – Casey

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