#249 When you put a slice of lasagna on the plate and it doesn’t collapse into a puddle

We all know that slippery wet pile of scorching sauce and bubbling cheese doesn’t usually hold together when you jigsaw it out of the pan. Nope, after yanking it out of the burning hot tray the rectangle hole left behind quickly fills up with lasagna swamp water.

Sure, your soaring lasagna piece flies high with elegance and grace until the moment it lands with a sad wet slap on your plate. Limp dark mushrooms slip out of noodle chokeholds and slide across your plate in a slithery mess of mush.

But that’s what makes it so great when your plated piece of lasagna actually stays together. That’s when it’s time to celebrate the saucy noodle integrity of this beautifully delicious dish.


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“I live in Kiev, Ukraine. and work at the YMCA where I meet lots of nice people. One of them was a girl who gave me The Book of Awesome when she was leaving Ukraine. My friend Bob is a Peace Corps volunteer and he is leaving in 19 days from now. He’s a great guy and I will probably never see him again. But a part of me will go with him in the form of The Book of Awesome. Here is a picture in Kiev, Ukraine.” – Maria

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