#248 Digging out a little pool around you in the sand at the beach

Life begins with climate control.

Since we first hung woolly mammoth furs from forest branches we’ve gotten used to getting comfy when we settle in somewhere. Just look at babies in those curly fetal poses in their flannel onesies, napping in sunhats, shades, and shorts in strollers, or cuddling up to mom in cozy carry-ons.

Folks, it’s like I always say: We can learn much from The Baby.

Digging out your own little wading pool in the sand when you’re at the beach is another beautiful moment of climate control. You strip down because you’re hot, take a dip to cool off, chill out in the sand… and are suddenly hot again. Now it’s time to get digging and fill your in-ground Sand Chair with water to cool off those nether regions so you can relax and have it both ways.


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— Email message —

“A co-worker and I have been going back and forth for months over who is more awesome.  I’ve bought her both Books of Awesome  and thought there was no way she could one-up me there! Well I come into my classroom one Monday morning to find a gift bag on my desk. There was a note that said “Now you can be awesome every day of the week!”  In the bag were several shirts all using the word AWESOME in some way.  I put all of my awesome shirts into one picture. Being awesome every day of the week and having a shirt that says so?  AWESOME!” – Jenni