#237 A friend calling just to say hi

Are you a robot?

Sometimes I feel like one when I’m texting friends these days. My friendly hellos gets a bit sharp and edgy when they’re digitized in six-point font on tiny screens. Suddenly all the pleasant small talk in front of the conversation is chopped off with a hatchet knife and all that’s left is: you guys coming?, yeah 5 mins, k.

That’s what makes it so great when your phone actually rings and it’s someone calling just to say hello. Yes, whether it’s mom checking in before exams, an old college friend calling for no reason, or your brother across the country dropping into your day, it always means the same thing.

Someone’s thinking about you.


Thank you for making The Book of Awesome a bestseller for over 100 weeks! — Email message —

“A week ago my friends and I sat down for a late dinner after watching five hours of student films. Needless to say, we were pretty drained. We loaded our plates and found our table. As I picked up my grease-coated pizza, I reached for a napkin only to discover that there was not a single one left. Our designated napkin grabber for the night stole a handful from the table next to us and handed them to me. We then noticed something written on one of the napkins buried in the pile. No one knows who wrote on the napkins, but whoever it was is supremely AWESOME!” – Izzy

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