#208 Cleaning all that gunk out of your keyboard or mouse

Dirt is everywhere.

Just look around the house for a second here. What’s that in your phone receiver? What’s all over the bottom of your Tupperware cupboard? And what’s that coating your own … face?

If you said horribly sore bright red zits that’s only half the answer.

The other half is dirt.

Of course, when you think about it we’re all living on dirt our whole lives. Yes, a big crusty chunk of it miles and miles deep coats our entire planet. This crusty chunk is aptly named The Crust and it’s a pretty good equalizer. After all, young or old, rich or poor, Californian or Mongolian, you live on dirt. The only exception are Ewoks.

So it makes sense that our keyboards and mouse balls get clogged with thick piles of dirt regularly. Dust balls, flower pollen, and slowly disintegrating fingernails are all swallowed up by your keyboard cavity.

If that sounds disgusting it’s because it is.

And that’s why it feels so great to finally vaccuum your keyboard or – throwback! – twist open the bottom of your mouse and scrape out all the collected filth inside. Cat hair, dog hair, dust from the couch, it doesn’t matter. Nope, what matters is how great it feels to finally get that dirt out of your computer get rolling again.

Unwind a paper clip and jam it in there if you really want to get it all out.

Or a really sharp pencil.

Or a toothpick.


Photos from: here, here, and here