#839 Really good candy with your bill at a restaurant

andes-mints-at-olive-gardenMints are mints.

Sure, they can be circle or square, chewy or hard, powdery or smooth, but they’re still mints, man. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But after a fat meal with friends, when your body’s Food-Chomping Engine is revving for some afterburn, there’s nothing sweeter than getting a surprise treat with your bill. Because let’s face it, paying for the meal is no fun. There’s all the who ordered what, all the mental math acrobatics, and all the tipping awkwardness. Plus, all this post-meal hub-bub happens at a cloudy table full of Garlic Breath and Beermouth.

Yeah, we need something to lighten the mood and the stench around here. Something like a handful Andes chocolates, a spoonful of candy-coated fennel seeds, or some good old-fashioned lollipops.



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