The Top 1000

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(Want more? Click here for The Next 1000 started in 2019 and going until…)

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  1. getting into bed all weird and then 20 mins later removing 2/3’s of the bunched up blanket from under you and having that amazing sensation of finally being comfortable and the freezing cold matress

                    1. “Knowing” someone famous.

                      (You know, “My cousin’s boyfriend’s, younger sister’s best friend saw Jennifer Aniston at Starbucks last week!” or “My dad’s secretary’s uncle used to play shinny with Wayne Gretzky!”)

                      A friend of mine met a guy who knows Neil, as in THE GUY WHO WRITES THIS BLOG. I know right?


                    2. Sliding into clean bedsheets naked, having dried them on the clothesline in the fresh air! The smell is to die for, and they’re all smooth and slickery.

        1. deliberately doing that at school. My dept. chair was walking behind me. he saw me, gave me tiny smile (that’s when he barely smiles) and just went passed by me. AWESOME !!!

            1. same here! i have this weird thing were i have to step onto a flight of stairs with my left foot and end with my left foot, and more often then not i have to skip the last step. but when i can do this without skipping steps it’s really AWESOME!

      1. thats actually really bad for you and is the worst time to clean your ears…it pushes most of the wax further in.

        1. I do it every day and so far my brain has stayed in tact. But one day the cotton bud came off the plastic stick and I had to go to the doctor to get it removed. He gave me a long lecture “Didn’t your mother tell you that you should never put anything bigger than your elbow in your ear?”
          Of course she did. But who has ever put someone else’s elbow in their ear, let alone their own?
          I love the feel of clean dry ears though!

      2. i came here because i was reading post secret (awesome) and it had a link to one of the blogs (also awesome)…so i read the blog and then these comments and it is so weird, because i JUST txtd this very thing to a friend today. there really is nothing more awesome than a qtip (and yes, it MUST be Qtip…) in the ear! :)

      1. Yes!! So true. You try to listen to yours in the car and watch the other car’s flasher go at the same time. So rare it makes it extra awesome!

        1. Kinda like when you would ride the school bus in the rain & watching the wipers, waiting for them to sync.

          1. that feeling you get right when you walk into your air conditioned home when its REALLY hot outside.

            When you open your eyes in the morning and you can tell by the color of the light in the room that it snowed sometime during the night. Bonus if you get out of bed and its still snowing.

          1. … when the turn signal syncs with the music beat on the radio… awesome! It’s the reason why I came back to this website, so I could post this comment. Turns out I’m not first…

      2. I just thought of this one today. Haha. It’s just as good when the turn signal/windshield wipers match the beat of the song you’re listening to.

        1. Or when the beat of the song you’re listening to is perfectly synchronized with the steps of the pedestrians walking on the street.

          1. Its even better when you are the one doing the synchronized walking to the music you are listening to.
            And its even better when you see someone either on the streets, on the bus, or in their car jamming out to a song. It always makes me want to jump right in there with them.

            1. This one is for guys, but try listening to The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme) while walking in public. Ace!

              1. I’m a girl (with *mumble* years experience) and I do this all the time. Star Wars is awesome, and Vader’s march is badass.

      3. When the click of your wipers lines up with the tempo of a groovin’ tune. It’s like your car is rockin’ the cowbell along to it.

        1. Ah, just saw Brandon’s post saying the same thing!

          Realizing I’m not the only one who really digs that is pretty awesome to know too!

      4. Another good one that happened to me today is: “when you and another person hit the ‘lock-lock’ sequence so both cars ‘BEEP’ in unison!” AWESOME! Today was the first time, I immediately thought – OH AWESOME THINGS LIST? YESSSS!

      5. hahaha! I love this one.. i always watch to see if anyone’s turn signal is synchronizing with the car i’m in :)

    1. The Cool Atmosphere in the morning when you just woke up got your pants and shirt on pour yourself a cup of coffee. Go outside walk the dog on a cool winter morning. And then the suprise you feel when you realize that the cool morning is actually Christmas.

      1. The funny thing is, I was on this website and i was holding it in because I didn’t want to get out of bed but i finally got up and while I was in the bathroom I thought the one would be perfect for this website. hah so glad someone else thought of it!

        1. I punched my face once in a nightmare…………………..then i woke up then realized it was christmas


    2. When your windshield wipers sync up with the beat of the song playing on the radio (even if its for only a little bit)

    3. Using Baby Spoons to Eat Pudding

      Getting a soft creamy, pudding, and then getting that soft spoon with the rubber on it.
      Smooth + Smooth =

    4. i LOVE that feeling!haha[:
      one of the best.
      i cant never sleep with socks on,but what i do is get all cozy under my blankets and then take my socks off with my feet and its just pure comfortableness[:

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        All in all, folks, this is the worst type of Internet user, abusing the World Wide Web (That’s actually what the ‘www’ is) for the purpose of tearing people down, and ruining people’s days. Whatever you do, don’t become this person, don’t let this ruin your day, and don’t retaliate in similar ways to the comments themselves. In the end, you’re seriously only hurting yourself.

  2. My daughter and I experienced something ridiculously awesome this past week: chasing down the neighbourhood ice cream truck on our bikes, and then sitting curb-side to eat our spoils.
    Did we care that the neighbour’s dog was barking at us out the window the whole time? No.
    Did we care that our handlebars got sticky on the way home? No again.
    Did we even care that the ice cream truck’s annoying song was stuck in our heads the rest of the day? Definitely not, because it only reminded us of the awesome thing we’d just experienced.

    1. Driving in town listening to music and looking over and seeing that a pedestrian is unknowingly walking to the beat of your music

          1. What makes it even better is when you had a really hard day at work, come home, have an awesome meal, take that long shower at just the right temperature without struggling with the taps, having just put on the wintersheets (stretched extra tight on the bed) and you have to squeeze yourself down into the sheets… ly there on a feather/down pillow…spooning and gently feel yourself slipping into lala land.

    1. Or when a cat rubs up against your freshly shaven legs! –it feels weirdly awesome because you just cut off all your little sensors and your legs feel a little numb. (Guys, you’ll just have to trust me on this. …unless, of course, you’re a swimmer, or a cyclist, …or a transvestite).

        1. As a child walking on the top layer of snow every so carefully trying not to fall through when its been really cold for weeks making you feel like jesus. A+1

          1. Amen and Awsome to that! Bonus awsome when you actually don’t fall through that top icy layer. I’ve done that and all I can say is “Yipes!!”

        2. walking on the the top crispy layer of snow with wide boots so not to fall through after its been cold outside for weeks making you feel like jesus.

    1. i was just going to submit this, and when i clicked edit find and typed in peanut butter, found it was already here! this (and my new jar of peanut butter) just made my day awesome!

    2. Or even better is making a design or writing your name in it and waiting until you hear from the next person to open the jar. It’s the start of an awesome day for you and the person to see your peanut butter masterpiece.

  3. Completely uncontrollable laugher that takes all of the energy out of you, leaving you a limp noodle of a human being.

    Finishing a really good, long book.

    Waking up on the beach without your pants on.

    1. “Completely uncontrollable laugher that takes all of the energy out of you, leaving you a limp noodle of a human being.”

      or having your abs absolutely kill the morning after.

    2. “Completely uncontrollable laugher that takes all of the energy out of you, leaving you a limp noodle of a human being.”

      Agreed. or almost as good is watching someone else in this state, and their laughing sets you off.

        1. When you’re asleep hanging off the side of the bed and your pup wakes you up with a jarring lick across the face. First terrifying, then straight up awesome.

          1. Just the smell of a puppy in general and I smell alot of them as I work for a rescue group. Nothing can explain it but it smells new.

        1. …or when you’re wearing flip flops in the sand that gets uncomfortable that when you take them off and step right into the sand its a feeling of sensation and comfort!

  4. NEIL:
    I just thought of two awesome ideas for your blog in case you run out of ideas.

    That feeling when you have really long hair and you get it cut short – washing it or brushing it – how different it feels running your hands through! (lame i know, but awesome to me)

    ALSO, the feeling of how smooth your teeth are once braces get taken off – how you can’t stop feeling them with your tongue for WEEKS!

    – me

    1. I’m very excited for the feeling of teeth free of braces! And yes, I just got my hair cut from half way down my back to a bob and I totally understand where you’re coming from!

    2. omg! most definately! especially when you know that the 10 inches of hair you just had cut off are going to some little girl who has cancer.

    3. Oooomg my friend told me about the hairthing, and i wish it was true! I have dreadlocks now, and i can’t wait the feeling with a very short hair, running my fingers through it and and and!! I bet it will be awesome to me too!

  5. I love the list so far!!! Can’t wait to read more!

    Thought I would add a few…
    *opening a vacuum sealed can of coffee (i hate coffee but that first whiff…mmmmmmmm)
    *opening Dill Pickle chips and the glands in your cheeks tingling with anticipation
    *pop rocks
    *Thrills (the soap gum!)
    *clean teeth after the dentist (expensive joy but worth it!)
    *getting IDed at the bar/liquor store when you are in your 30’s, on your birthday

  6. Looking in your pantry after you’ve been grocery shopping.

    Drinking milk from the carton.

    The satasfying POP of the toaster.

    1. Haha. My cat used to hiss at the dog all the time, and because she was so small her hiss sounded EXACTLY like the toaster popping up.

      Another awesome thing -hugging your cats even though you know they hate it.

      1. I hug my cats all the time… one really really hates it, the other looks at me as if to say “seriously, again… “, so great though!