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  1. 1. The last day of a snowboarding vacation, on the last lift up the mountain, sitting at the peak with a bunch of friends looking over the amazing scenery and knowing that soon, the week will be over and theres another year until you do it again. Makes me happy every time I think about it.

    2. Being on a summer vaction to the beach with the one you love, lying on the beach when there’s noone else around and the sun is going down, while talking complete nonsense and worrying about nothing.

    3a Seeing snow fall for the first time this winter and being outside in it.

    3b The noise that your footprints make in that fresh snow – nothing beats it.

    1. I totally agree with 3b. Nothing is better than crunching through a fresh layer of snow :)

      Except maybe riding through powder and spraying it up, and going through your powder-spray. That’s awesome :)

      And the looks on your friends’ faces when they see snow for the first time is amazing. Especially when it’s the first time you’ve seen snow in years as well :)

      Ohh and one more thing! Knowing that you’re in love with someone who’s in love with you too is the most amazing feeling. And it’s even better when you’re both so confident in your love <3

      1. I have to agree with the second one. I work with some girls who just moved to Canada last summer, and they had NEVER seen snow before. The look on their faces when it first started snowing was unforgettable.


    2. I would amend #1 to say the FIRST day and FIRST lift of a snowboarding trip when you know that this is the point that is farthest from the end of the trip.

      Or maybe arriving really early at the hill and driving through the 1ft of new snow in the car park, parking right at the front, lacing up your boots, smelling the cold air and knowing that this day is going to be amazing.

      Or working as terrain park crew and being able to catch the lift up the hill half an hour before everyone else to ‘rake the take-offs’, also known as hitting the jumps and rails while they have deep fresh snow on them. Nothing better than grinding a rail/box and watching the powder fly off.

      Or standing at the top of a really steep, un-tracked slope, breathing deeply and straightlining it.

      Or looking back up at the cliff you just dropped before riding down to hit it again.


  2. Letting your dogs sleep in bed with you. Snoring and farting aside, they are warm and soft and are way better than hugging your pillow. Dog trainers listen up: You are wrong! Dogs belong in bed with their humans.

    1. Even when your butt’s not covered by the blanket because they won’t budge a smidge when you try to move them.

  3. I have several of the awesome favorite things. Some of these can make me smile when I remember then, even several hours or days after

    When you untangle the headphones to your iPod (or whatever) without looking and you get the one with the “R” in your right hand and the one with the “L” in your left hand several times in a row. It can really make my day.

    Thinking you’re late for the bus (especially on a cold day) and starting to get cranky, but then spotting it rounding the corner and coming towards you.

    The feeling you get right after you’ve cleaned your hopelessly messy room and then sitting down to read in your crisp, clean, made up bed.

    Laying down in the snow in one of those full-body suit things you had as a kid and feeling warm in the soft, cushiony snow.

    Waking up, thinking you’re late for school/work, realising you just missed the bus, jumping out of bed and… then realising you have the day off. The jump-start made you awake enough to be able to really savour going back to the warmth of the bed, but still sleepy enough to get to that wonderful near-sleep state quickly.

    And on that note: Waking up from a really great dream, feeling sad that it ended, but then falling asleep again and continuing the dream right where you left off.

    Finally having your ears pop long after flying or driving through a tunnel.
    (EDIT 2/11/2009: Thank you, Trine! – Neil)

    Receiving some new gadgets in the mail and hooking them up for the first time, all shiny and dust free.

    Buying a new calender and writing the very first thing in it.

    Feeling a little sad, a little fat and a little smelly and then having someone tell you how amazing you look that day.

    Going into an exam all nervous and then getting the one thing you felt you would be able to able and acing it. Or for that matter, getting the thing you dreaded the most and acing it for some mysterious reason.

    Doing your homework for once and then watching Simpsons or The Office on the couch with a clear conscience.

    Trying to convince someone that you have psychic abilities and saying: “My phone is going to start ringing” and then it does.

    I totally agree on the Q-tip thing. It’s like an eargasm.

    One last thing: sharing all the awesome little things that happen during the day and smiling from ear to ear because of it. :)

    Have an awesome day, everyone!

    1. Once again I am reminded of something.
      Going surfing then when you get out you have water in both of your ears so that when you try to get it out of one it goes further into the other. Finally managing to get it out of both.

      Also, the amazingly satisfied, tired, hungry, thirsty, slightly sunburned feeling after a long surf when the waves are big.

      The first surf of the summer that it is finally warm enough to jump in to the water with just boardies and to have the water not feel cold.

      All of these are awesome.

  4. I love these. Keep up the good work!

    Some of mine:

    -Finally peeing after you’ve waited all day and can’t hold it anymore.
    -Microwaveable soup.
    -Catching someone checking you out.
    -Doing nothing all day/sitting around in your underwear.
    -Hot nerd chicks.

    1. The smell of wet concrete.
      The smell of pouring rain.
      The crisp clean smell of the first snowfall of the year.
      The smell of clean sheets.
      Smells are pretty much awesome.

      1. yes i lov the smell of books, every time i get a new book opened(every week) the first thing i do is open it to a random page and smell the pages.

  5. smelling farts.
    sleeping in on sundays.
    being first in line.
    remembering your dreams.
    dating someone way out of your league.
    laughing for no reason.
    reading an excellent book.
    discovering music that you love.
    returning someone’s wallet.
    getting free food.
    not doing anything all day.
    wake and bake.

    1. wake and bake.
      laughing for no reason.
      smelling farts.
      sleeping in on sundays.
      being first in line.
      remembering your dreams.
      dating someone way out of your league.
      reading an excellent book.
      discovering music that you love.
      returning someone’s wallet.
      getting free food.
      not doing anything all day.

      Dats my order :P

    2. Reaching over an squeezing my girlfriend’s boob while I drive and knowing that I can touch them whenever I want (within reason)

  6. When kids show you a sore on their middle finger and hold up just that finger not knowing what they are doing.

    Unpacking the last box after a big move.

    Seeing an old man with a white beard dressed as Santa jogging down the street in July.

    That first leap into a pool even though you know its going to be cold.

    Laughing so hard for so long that you forget what your laughing about and still continue to laugh.

    Falling asleep/waking up in the arms of the one you love.

    Smell of a campfire.
    (EDIT 12/9/08: Thank you, Kara! – Neil)

    Banana chairs.

    When you sit too far back in a banana chair, fall over and can’t get up. (that happened to my mom lol)

    When you see a freshly puffed bean bag and can’t resist jumping into it.

    Waking up, realizing you don’t have to be anywhere, and going back to sleep.

    Jumping into a pile of raked leaves.

    The overwhelming smell of brownies filling the house when they are cooking.

    Getting your paycheck and its a lot more than you thought it would be.

    1. The smell of your clothes when you get home from the camping trip and can still smell the bonfire. Ahh.

      The feeling when you are rocking back on a chair and you think you have gone too far and are going to fall over backwards but you manage to save it. The burst of adrenaline and rush of gratitude that you didn’t make a fool of yourself in the middle of class. (some things were good about school I guess)

    1. Racking up good traffic karma by letting people pull out of a parking spot when ther eis traffic.

      Driving in such a way as to stop the shockwave traffic jam from forming. (you know, the stop-go traffic)

  7. Nice, warm idea. Thanks.

    Here are some of mine –

    A long, from-the-deep, oh-so-relieving, burp.

    The first swallow from a new bottle of cold seltzer: The cold effervesense raking all the grime off your inside.

    Waking up from the deep sleep and not knowing where you are.

    A strong foot massage.

    Getting the eyelash out of your eye.
    (EDIT 10/10/08: Thank you, Mendel! – Neil)

    Getting out of the car after a drive to the countryside (from your daily, crowded city) and that first whiff of countryside air.

    A deep inhale of tires.

    The huge exploding firework that covers the whole sky.

    The perfect, crisp morning: cool air, sharp blue sky, one or two clouds for contrast. It permeates your being.

  8. Finding an amazing song on an album that you’ve had for a long time. It was always there, but needed the right time and circumstances to be discovered.

  9. watching the guy in the mirror behing you rocking it out to a Britty Spears Song when he thinks no one is looking or even better Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby

  10. Beautiful list. Beautiful comments.

    What is awesome?

    Laughing in your sleep because your dream is so funny.

    Slowly waking from sleep, smiling and reliving the beautiful dream you’ve just had.

    When its hot and then you pass by the open doors of a big department store and you are hit by the cold, clean, new smell that belongs only to big department stores.

    White curtains billowing in the wind.

    A big bright orange sunset that colors the air red gold.

    Patterns of sunlight on the floor.


    The magic hour between night and day.

    Listening to the sounds of crickets, frogs and other nocturnal animals on a cool tropical night.

    A sky full of stars.

    Finding a treasure in a yard sale, junk shop or second hand store.

    Lying down on freshly laundered bedsheets.

    The smell of shampoo on thick, long hair.

    When a baby wraps its hand around your finger and holds tight.

    The hug of a child.

    A baby laughing uncontrollably. lol

    The smell of dawn.

    Your going on a trip and the excited feeling that besets you when your bus/car/van finally pulls out of its parking space.




    1. Ahh babies holding your hand, so nice.

      Wandering the streets at night when you can’t sleep. Especially if it is a really busy area during the day but 2AM you can walk around and there is nobody in sight. Walking past houses and imagining them sleeping inside and feeling like some kind of benevolent spirit watching over the sleep of the masses.

      Ahh sunsets. I love them so much, they make me appreciate the beautiful world we live on.

  11. The feeling after that perfect golf shot during a round of golf that makes you forget all the bad shots and makes you want to come back and play again.

    1. and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again :D

  12. dancing in the rain. and not the light rain…but the kind that leaves your hair and clothes completely wet!!! it just makes you feel like…you’re a part of nature!!!

    1. I was walking home from work with my girlfriend and it started pouring, the kind of pouring where if you are driving you need to slow down to 20 because you can’t see. Running through the torrent holding hands and knowing that this is the girl that was made for you. Feeling like she is so perfect for you that she shouldn’t be real.

  13. clothes pegs – an awesome as invention

    the perfect hi-5 (if you look at the other persons elbows, you’ll never miss)

  14. laughing out loud when you’re alone in a public place about something that happened like a week ago, and seeing the weird looks you get

  15. Thinking you lost your wallet, freaking out and thinking through all of the s*&t you’ll have to go through to remedy the situation, and then finding it.
    -> This can be applied to losing your cell phone, thinking your car was towed but then realizing you parked somewhere else, losing your keys, etc..

    1. I once found my wallet in the freezer. It was very strange. It also gave me two good feelings: Finding my wallet and laughing to myself that I left it in the freezer.

      1. I once foun my wallet wedged inbetween the sunroof and the sliding panel that hides the sunroof, and it was weird and hilarious!

    2. Leaving a store to realise that you car was towed because it turned into a tow-away zone while you were in there then realising that they tow-truck driver just moved your car around the corner and onto a side street thus saving you a $300 – 400 fine.
      Thankyou anonymous tow-truck driver from Brookvale, Sydney.

  16. Watching a TV programme from your youth and still enjoying it. Be it because of nostalgia alone or because it was actually a damn good show, you feel vindicated. And warm and fuzzy. :)

    I also agree with Nicole re: stretching. That big morning stretch that loosens your whole body and makes you want to sleep again.

    Even more awesome if it’s a weekend and you CAN sleep again.

  17. Here are some of my favorites.

    -Being the first one to read a newspaper. You unfold it, and the pages are still crisp, and you able to hold up the paper to read it, instead of laying on the table to read. And the smell of the ink! Love it. And if your lucky enough, the center pages are still warm from the press. Awesome!

    -Eating sour candy. You know its going to be sour, and it’s going to hit right right below the ears, in the back of your mouth, and you can’t help making faces. As soon as the sensation is gone, you have got to eat another piece. Awesome!

    -New tires on your car. In my case it’s winter tires. Just the thought of knowing i have bought them makes me feel a lot safer. I knew i won’t end up in a ditch like i did the previous years because of the cheap ass tires i had been using, that were ideal for back east where i previously lived, but were a bad idea for the prairies. Now i can drive unto an unplowed street and know i will be able to get out, and won’t hit other cars or people who are shoveling themselves out. :}

    -Going to the hair salon and having my hair washed before cut. My hair stylist washes her own client’s hair, and let me tell ya, it’s as good as getting a full body massage. Every one of her clients raves about it. She doesn’t just wash your hair, she massages your head, you neck, your forehead…honestly it and out of this world experience. I call it having my ears cleaned, cause i can hear so much better after. hehe! Janice, i’ll see ya after work at 3:45PM today!

    And i second the stretching in the morning mentions above from other posters. The full body stretch is best. right before you have your am coffee, before the shower.
    I think i need a nap now.


  18. Waking up right before the alarm clock goes off

    Catching the bus just as you walk up to the bus stop

    Paying for something with exact change

    Getting caught in a thunderstorm

    1. haha I love exact change and I love waking up before my alarm. Or better yet, waking up just before my alarm was meant to go off and realising I forgot to set it that night.

      In fact, when I lived in NZ and didn’t have a phone because it didn’t work there and hadn’t bought one yet I totally forgot that you were supposed to have an alarm and still managed to wake up perfectly in time for work for 3 months before my girlfriend asked me how I managed it. As soon as I realised I didn’t have one I slept in till 11AM. Awesome

  19. Stephanie taking off her bra

    The fight song on Star Trek

    Getting the “wheel seat” on the bus

    80 hair

    The feeling you get after using the whiteboard a lot

    Getting seated next to a pretty woman on a plane

    Throwing and sticking cheese, lunch meat or pencils to the cafeteria ceiling

    Your mom

  20. 1) The first time you’re tall enough to be able to go on the scariest roller coaster at the park… and you feel like the biggest 12-year old stud
    2) Eating lobster/crab, and getting out that perfectly shaped claw
    3) Opening up gmail to a bunch of new bold messages – for a moment you feel like: “I’m popular!”
    4) The look on a kid’s face when he’s watching magic/balloon animals being made. I just saw a kid getting a balloon had getting made for him.. he was so excited he was shaking/about to explode
    5) When you think you’re going to run out of gas on a dark highway at night, and you manage to find an open gas station at the very last minute
    6) No-questions-asked return policies
    7) T-ball. I mean, you don’t even have to have the ball pitched to you. You hit it off a Tee!
    8) Watching TV with a group of friends – the same show that would be mildly entertaining alone, can be downright hilarious when watching it with friends

    1. Running out of LPG in my work van and rolling to a stop before changing to the petrol tank and continuing on my way. The moment of panic when the engine cuts out before remembering.

  21. The moment after you PLAY a concert.
    It’s one of the best feelings ever.

    You kind of have to be in a band to get this feeling though, but I just thought I’d share. It goes along with the new one about the lights going down before a concert.

    1. That feeling is so amazing. I used to play open mics during the summer with a group of musicians, and every night we played, especially my first night there, I felt like I was floating off the stage. I was so excited. :)

  22. Oh! I have some more.
    1) Experiencing Deja-vu.
    2) Being the subject of somebody’s magic trick. My brother does magic. It’s so fun not knowing what’s happening.
    3) The feeling of not being able to move your body when you wake up for a second. I’ve heard them called ‘Having the devil sit on your chest”. My friend calls them ‘Mini Comas’. I don’t know what they’re actually called, but they rock.

    Kind of weird that all of these have to do with your brain processing information and stuff…

    1. No!! 3 is a terrible thing.. I experience this all the time and it’s really scary.. I can’t come back untill someone touches me!! I’ve heard this phenomenon being called “the hug of the witch”..

      1. No. 3 is perfectly natural. It happens during REM sleep so that we’re not moving too much during our dreams. And I do love that feeling in the morning. It gives me an excuse to stay in bed a little longer :)

  23. 1 Cutting the grass in the early morning and sitting down in in the sunshine and simply smelling it hearing no sign of modern life

    2 Watching a film for 2 hours without any inclination of the twist at the end. Then when the twist is exposed having the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and going to bed excited and thinking about it for days after.

    3.The cold side of he pillow.

    4. A long lie in when you’ve got kids and your partner takes them out for the morning and says” be quiet don’t wake daddy” to the kids.

    5 A birthday present that you really want, that you haven’t hinted at, after the age of 30.

    6. Silence

    7. New shoes when you’re 7!

    8.Clean, crisp bed sheets.

    9. Toast.

    10 Finding a glass of water on the bedside table that you had the forthought to put there before you went out and drank far too much, and then forgot about. Discovering it and chugging it in the middle of the night. Then waking up with little or no handover because of it!! Awesome!

    Come on at least one of these should come in from your Anglo cousins!!

    1. Toast! Toast is the most delicious food in the world, with loads of salty butter and cinnamon & sugar! Toast in the morning after a night out with friends, toast in the evening as an after-dinner study snack with your roommates, toast any time!


  24. – lazy sunday afternoons… it could be on the couch in front of a football game, or reading a book on a porch swing…maybe you’ll nap, maybe you won’t… either way, it’s awesome.

    – the sound of sharp skates on a fresh sheet of ice

    – when you’ve had the longest, most stressful, exhausting day ever and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking dinner, and you walk in the door and someone says to you “i just ordered take-out, it’ll be here in 10 minutes”

    – old christmas movies – White Christmas, Holiday Inn, etc, etc

    – spontaneous road trips with good friends

      1. i lov that i hav read lyk 20 sagas of book its a wonderful feeling when you finish a saga and u hav another 1 just waiting to be read

  25. Getting an unexpected raise.
    When you didn’t ask for one, when it’s not an annual thing, when your boss just says you deserve it.

    Being in love. especially the beginning when you can’t go five minutes without talking to each other and everything else in your life suddenly seems less important.

    new socks – saw it already but toooooootally true

    cooking marshmallows and hot dogs in a campfire.

    1. the last one. YES. hard not to love the gooey sensation of a perfectly roasted marshmallow – or blowing it out. Then sometimes smashing it between graham crackers and chocolate.

  26. You know those movies that you watch every time they come on TV (even if you own the DVD)?

    Mine are Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Midnight Run, Scent of a Woman, Fish Called Wanda.

    The awesome thing is tuning in right when they start…I’ve seen the end of all of those movies dozens of times more than the opening scenes.

    1. Big, Center Stage, Where the Heart Is, any of the Harry Potter movies

      Most awesome when they’re just starting! This needs to be added.

    2. Neil, you have to add this.

      For me, it’s Harry Potter, Big Fish, Transformers, Flicka, Bring It On, and A Walk To Remember. I own all of those movies and they aren’t even my favourites, but every time they’re on TV I have to watch.

          1. While You Were Sleeping (with sandra bullok), What a Girl Wants, Legally Blonde, Bring It On, ALLLLL CHRISTMAS MOVIES.

            Or any tv shows you have on dvd like lets say… gilmore girls…? haha

      1. haha, the princess bride was on tv a few days ago. I watched the whole thing :P
        also, I dunno if these have been said but,
        Miss Congeniality, 13 going on 3o,
        Stand by me, Fluke..etc.
        they’re the best xD

        1. I would add P.S. I Love You, Practical Magic, Pay it Forward and Secondhand Lions to that list. LOVE those movies.

  27. Waking up in the morning, rolling over, and realizing you still have an hour or more to sleep.

    Or, on a related note, waking up with your alarm, getting up, then being informed that you don’t have to go to work/school that day and you can crawl back into bed.

    1. The beautiful one match, no paper campfire that looks like a teepee and catches fully on fire so satisfyingly.

  28. That feeling you get after having a moustache for years and then finally shaving it off. Running your bottom lip over the freshly shaven area is the best feeling ever!

    1. This is so rare but it’s one of my favourite experiences in the world. And it’s really awesome when you discover this around strangers and they give you that look like “yeah, I know exactly what you’re experiencing”. It’s awesome.

    1. Similar instance for college students: Waking up from a nap in a panic, late for your next class only to realize you don’t have any.

      The first time this happened to me, I had just finished an all-nighter and taken a nap. I woke up, startled that it was 9:45 and I was late for my 9:30 AM class. I was on my way out the door when my friend Derek looked at me from the front desk and said, “It’s 9:30 at night, dear, go back to bed.”

      1. Or waking up the day after your last final exam(me this morning) and remember that you are finally done, so you roll over and go back to sleep with a smile on your face…freedom!!

      2. I have had the same thing happening to me and it was the best moment realising I wasn’t late. I didn’t stop laughing with my own panic for about half an hour..

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