The Top 1000

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(Want more? Click here for The Next 1000 started in 2019 and going until…)

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  1. making just the right amount of coffee so when you pour the last cup it runs out just before the brim.

    alcohol: makes weekend activites 10000000000 times as fun

    smell of fresh cut grass

    fuel-perks at get go

    getting pulled over and not getting a ticket

    christmas morn

    being able to say: “i told you so”

    air conditioning/heating

    daylight savings time

    riding a bike for the first time

    front row parking

  2. Being in Maths class, completely bored, then you start talking to the guy next to you, who just happened to be the jerk who stole your girlfriend, and then the teacher says that you have to do these math problems, in page x, and then, you suddenly realize that you’re the only guy in class who has already SOMEHOW done them, and then, the jerk literally BEGS for you to show him the problems…
    Yes, revenge really IS sweet…

    1. Finally getting the water out of the ear due to the bouncing. Biggest accomplishment ever and an eargasm second only to the Q-Tip.

  3. You have to live somewhere cold for this one. But you know the water on the side of the road that wells up and then freezes over night, then you are the first one to step on it and crack up the ice and a bit of water seeps through – the noise is awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. when you have long hair and you are having a shower and while you are washing your bum you find a long long hair. You tug it and you find its gone right up your bum hole, so you slowly pull it out. That soooooo tickles.

  5. When you’re in a room full of people and a song comes on the radio and every single person in the room starts singing along.

    Singing along to a song even when you don’t know the words.

    Catching someone singing along to their ipod totally oblivious to how ridiculous they sound.

    Watching a baby do something for the very first time.

    When babies first learn to crawl and they can only go backwards!

    When you vaguely remember something that you loved in your childhood but haven’t seen or heard any traces of it in such a long time that you start to think you just made it up and then you spontaneously find it again.

  6. Have to give credit for this one to a friend of mine but it’s awesome nonetheless. It’s called a primo sleep (basically doing everything in your power prior to going to bed to insure that you have an ideal sleeping experience).
    Here are a few necessary steps:
    -Wash your sheets and make your bed neatly
    -Take a shower right before you go to bed
    -Clip all fingernails and toenails
    -Chill the room approximately 1 hour before desired bedtime
    -Add in some other personal favorites you think would add to the experience.
    Enjoy your primo sleep!!

  7. sequels to awesome movies, or when 2 new episodes of your favourite show play in the same night when normally only one would.

  8. reading middle school love notes

    doing a trick you haven’t tried in a while, and landing it

    watching popcorn in the microwave

    trying on your new clothes right when you get back from the mall

    unseasonably warm days

    leftover pizza

  9. Taking off your socks separately and long before the rest of your clothes come off at the end of the day is great. That sensation of having cool dry feet exposed to the air while still being otherwise clothed entirely.

  10. The square on the waffle with the butter in it that you save for the last bite. Also, stealing somebody’s off of their plate.

  11. here’s another one that came to mind while commenting on today’s post: Making it to the bus stop just as the bus is pulling up. You gotta love that! Especially in bad weather.

  12. -Awkward eye contact at stop lights

    -Popping your neck just right

    -When iTunes shuffle gets it just right

    -When your RA sees you obviously drunk, but doesn’t write you up because she’s obviously drunk too

    -Waking up disoriented

    -Finding notes in books at the library

  13. Getting the Helen Keller card in Apples to Apples. It doesn’t matter what the green card is: Happy, Chunky, Idiotic, Sensual. If one of your red cards is Helen Keller, you WILL win that round.

  14. Escaping out of an awkward situation with a smile and a quick glance from a nice looking girl, e.g. when the automated doors at the mall don’t open for you and you have to back up and walk up to them again.

  15. Getting a date out of a dialing a wrong number or receiving a call from a wrong number.

    Thinking about something and laughing out loud, especially in the middle of a meeting or in a quiet place. The looks you get make it that much more enjoyable.

    Watching a team you hate lose.

    Watching a team you love win, especially an upset.

    Watching the team you love beat the team you hate, especially in an upset.

    Accidentally doing something right at work or school and getting praised for it.

  16. when you take a sip of something cold and you can feel it work its way down your throat

    when you FINALLY get the words to the fast part of a song right

    squeezing under an umbrella with a stranger

    splashing in puddles with rain boots on

    knowing the lyrics to a song without cheating and looking them up

    commenting about something during class and getting a deep “oooooooooh” from the professor

    getting a shot and realizing it doesn’t hurt

    catching someone singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them

  17. Getting the wave from the driver you just let go ahead of you.

    The secret 30-second skip button on the Tivo remote. Especially while watching Fringe since they tell you how long the commercial breaks are so you know precisely how many times to press the button.

    Sleeping in.

    Putting on brand new socks.

  18. The anticipation of being on a plane to fly across country to the one you love…landing…seeing them from way across the airport…running into their arms and that very first kiss ;)

  19. Going back to the neighborhood and home that you grew up in to find that almost everything is just as you had left it.

    The sound of your doggies collar jingling as he comes running to you at the front door.

    Mail…not bills..mail.

    Finding long lost friends.

    Waking up to the sound of rain in the middle of the night…is an especially present surprise for me ’cause “It never rains in Southern California.”


    Warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of ice cold milk.

    1. Solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle with only select letters in each word. Usually, T, R, and I. Granddaddy: knowing the puzzle in the Bonus Round.

      The ultimate feeling of superiority: when you do all those things with a lot of people around, who are still trying to answer the question/solve the puzzle.

  20. When an illuminated sign has a few blown bulbs and the remaining letters make a dirty word. This phenomenon is rarely spotted, but when you find this elusive unintentionally dirty sign, it’s AWESOME.

  21. -expecting the rain , holding your hands out, looking up, and feeling the first rain drops falling on you

    -eating the exact food you have been craving for a long time

    -swimming in the rain

    -smell of unpoluted nature in the winter; the crisp smell of pines, snow, and cold

    -smell of smoke from a campfire

    -smell of frying garlic

    -entering a warm building after being freezing outside in the winter

    -drinking a hot dring outside in the cold

  22. Going to sleep and knowing you don’t have to wake up to an alarm (like Saturday).

    Staying in bed and watching my favorite tv shows all day.

    Getting a new lotion or fragrance.

    Talking to an old friend face to face that you haven’t seen in a long time.

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