The Top 1000

4,248 responses to “The Top 1000

  1. RLO

    – the sound of rain
    – your 1st crush
    – birthdays when your young
    – puppies and kittens
    – when a song brings back awesome and vivid memories
    – 1st lick of your ice-cream cone
    – making it to the top of a hike or mountain
    – sitting on a beach and taking the sights and sounds in
    – the end of a good book
    – toupees
    – mustaches
    – rubber chickens

  2. wendy

    -Theme song’s to 60’s sitcoms
    -winning most anything!
    -permission to sleep in, permission to not clean house, permission to be late; permission…period…is liberatingly awesome!
    – Universal things such as play, love, laughter, hugs as well as symbols
    such as peace
    -Apples and all foods that come from apples!
    -Singing really loud

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  4. When you finally remember the fastest part of a song.
    The crackling sound of a book when you’re the first to open it.
    Waking up in the middle of the night realizing you still have more time to sleep.
    Running through a door the second before it closes.

  5. Magda

    Tactfully showing gratitude for a remarkably warm offering of flowers after ignorantly (and unintentionally) knocking it right out of the giver’s hand

  6. Reading a book about awesome things then making your own list of awesome things that happen to you or you see… Making your own calendar of awesome… Having lots of ideas about awesome things is awesome….

  7. Florence

    Clarissa Snow…you’re so right…we’re going to need to carry on living this awesome paradigm-legacy for all eternity!

  8. emma

    Waking up in the middle of the day realising that u missed catching the bus to school. AWESOME!

  9. Robby

    I’m a mad LEGO fan, so how about:

    You’re searching and searching for that tiny piece. The brick you search for always seems to elude you, until…you see it, at the bottom of the oversize Tupperware container you keep your collection in. You reach in, pinch it between two fingers, and draw it out! Triumphant, you place it on whatever you’re building, and go back to looking for more bricks.

  10. John

    Being first to dip into a jar of anything (peanut butter, jelly, mayo), etc.

  11. janis tournillon

    Reading a few pages of 1000 Awesome Things Book to my 10 year old son every night before bed and watching him go to bed smiling.

  12. Sam S.

    The mushy cookie crumbs at the bottom of the glass after eating cookies and milk. :)

  13. Sam S.

    Opening the book, with one flip, to the EXACT page you were looking for!

  14. billiejo bernal

    Hearing your teenage sons voice crackling & for the first time realizing he’s becoming a man.

  15. Very good list. The chunk of earwax might be my favorite. It’s like finding gold…creepy, disgusting gold.

  16. Feeling the burn after a great workout

  17. mutt313

    Unless I missed it can I get a hottub needs to b there somewhere

  18. chrissy

    my awesome thing….
    on a bird banding morning, wakeing up a reasonable amount of time earlier than when i have to get up:) yes i like getting up early. AWESOME!!!!!!

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  20. 1) Open windows for the firts time to let the air enter after the winter season and smell spring air and birds sounds.

    2) Eat some Oreo cookies and dip them into the milk

    3) Arrives in a parking(searching for a place) when a person just leave one in front of you.

    4) Be lying in a field and check the clouds move in the sky during a beautiful summer day.

    5)Watch the reflection of the Moon on a lake (sea etc…) during minight when it’s quiet around and just ear the sound of waves and insects,,,,

  21. charlie rounthwaite

    Finally letting that fart out you have been holding for the whole of a first date

  22. wendy

    Setting up your place creatively and resourcefully from thrift shops and yard sales. Taking the precious pieces with you on MANY relocation b/c in your heart you felt they were pricelessly sentimental no matter what others may say…then one day walking into an antique store and seeing that several of your under $5.00 pieces are priced at $150+, and you’ve learned you can pat yourself on the back and you do… Awesome!

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  24. Daniel morris

    punching thomas gregory

  25. Roland

    Getting out of the friend zone

  26. Getting your drivers license and experiencing the open road for the first time.

  27. Ian

    The moment when your thinkg of all the awesOme things in the world!

  28. Kerrin Patterson

    Taking a shower under the rainspout at the cottage naked.

  29. Isaac Mosna

    Getting a package in the mail.

    It doesn’t matter what is in the box, but just getting the package is awesome.


  30. Accidently making a blog…and thinking…sheesh no-one will read it …only to find the next day already 10 people have found it…liked it and made comments….AWESOME…..

  31. I think life is awesome! YAY! AWESOME LIFE!

  32. Chloe

    I am reading the book of AWESOME right now and it makes me feel so calm and happy. Its a great feeling to read it when you are in a bad mood and be able to remember all of the great things in life.

  33. kimiskatniss

    Pressing on a bruise x) AWESOME

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  35. Cathryn

    -finding little stacks of old photographs when cleaning the house.
    -when you find out your crush likes you back.
    -cracking your back by twisting using your desk chair.
    -a brand new blank journal.
    -the bowl of mints as you leave a restaurant.
    – giving the last dollars in your wallet to someone in need.
    – watching marshmallows grow really big in the microwave.
    – coming in from playing in the snow and mom made hot chocolate.
    – that one kiss that you will always remember, and still feeling those fireworks when thinking about it. Even if just for a second.
    -hearing “dinner is ready!”
    -reading a book on the beach.
    -the smell of a citronella candle outside in summer.
    -being upgraded to the adult table at family events.
    -buying gifts for the people you love.
    -heated seats in the car on a freezing day.
    -when your grandparents sneak you money.

    a few favorites off the top of my head

  36. Kristyna F

    Mine is the moment you relieve yourself after holding it in for way too long!
    This site truely brightened my day :)

  37. Jeff F

    Coming across the 1000 Aswesome things list, just as they start the Top 10 :)

  38. Mr. Dr. Prof. Cheez

    The word “AWESOME!”….
    Has nobody thought about that before???

  39. WebAutocrat

    It’s Perfect Neil…….hat’s off to you.

  40. Anna

    Hearing your daugher laugh with pure joy while making snow angels for the first time.

  41. Wendy

    Seeing a rainbow.
    The first peeks of the flowers coming up in Spring!

  42. Emilie

    Long Showers. Chubby Cheeks. Talking about growing old with your girlfriends. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts. Daydreaming about winning the 649. When someone knows you so well they just “get it”. Balloon Animals. Theme Parties.

  43. Vama

    Absolute 1#


  44. suzycat9000

    Finishing listening to an album you’ve never heard before by an artist you love! AWESOME!

  45. suzycat9000

    Finally clearing your schedule and reading a book cover to cover. AWESOME!!!

  46. Sarah sexauer

    Spoting a cat in the window.

  47. Billy

    waking up in the morning and being happy because the sun in shining. Awesome !! :)

  48. Trish

    What is awesome in a week that my husband was cut off workers comp, i was laid off, my son decided to move out and pay someone elses mortgage, my phone is disconnected, i get my dream job only to loose it because i have a 30 year old criminal record, our van broke down and no money to fix, my daughter drank my last beer, i lost my new cell phone, my other daughter gets arrested (no lying it all happened) i drop defeated into my chair, my mini shitz zhu jumps up beside me drops her head sympathecally into my lap, turns up and stares at me with that ” i hear ya look” in a world of ucky, that is really awsome.,

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