The Top 1000

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  1. You and a friend laughing uncontrollably hard, so hard that you can’t breathe and your stomach hurts.. And then when you both stop for a brief second, one of you starts laughing again and the laughing episode starts all over again.

  2. When your gait naturally alternates between the light and dark tiles in a grocery store.

    When you crack open a new book.

    (and, similarly)

    The smell of a really old book.


    Clunky, unweildy rollerskates.

    Perfectly-baked, warm Pizza Rolls.

    Drawing things on glass condensation.


    The feeling of two snug Lego pieces snapping together.

    The crunch of a hard-shell taco.

  3. Using a fresh razor.

    Whacking a piñata with all of your might.

    Perfectly opening a banana without squishing any of its contents.

    Making massive quantities of macaroni-and-cheese.

    The sound that a really well-made umbrella makes when it opens.

    Riding a broomstick, mop, or otherwise non-equine implement as a horse.

    When you whip someone with a towel and it makes the satisfying Indiana Jones whip noise.

  4. my most awesome things are:

    going to bed after exercising, when you are totally gobsmacked. It feels like you’re floating in your bed…

    climbing a really high tree and watching other people or the environment from above

    the moment when you play a prank on someone, and you know your victim has taken the bait

    nailing a performance, especially that guitar solo you’ve been practicing for ages

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