#996 Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls

Like fine wineNot too many things that aren’t soda sound like soda when they’re opened. But tennis balls do, and that’s part of their beauty. You just snap back that tab, hear that pshhhhh sound, and then catch a whiff of those vacuum sealed, Korean-factory packed, hot rubbery plastic fumes. Tennis anyone?



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83 responses to “#996 Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls

  1. Ray

    Very entertaining blog. :)

  2. Ray

    wrong link

  3. San Carlos

    Yeah, see. Knowing what today was going to be yesterday is not as much fun as finding out today what today was supposed to be.

  4. Raquetballs have that same woosh sound but they don’t have the same robust smell. I think the fuzz on the tennis balls adds to their pleasant aroma.

  5. momto3boys4208

    smells good.

  6. Dutt

    i like smelling things.

  7. devon

    any of you bloggers females? i am recently single and looking to mingle with any and all ladies in the NYC metro area.

    32 yrs. old, rich, red hair, and lots of freckles. Yellow belt in Karate

    I lived with my mom for a year, and saved a ton of cash……i now own a place. Holla!!!!

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  8. dutt

    i sniff things, and am bald. i love talking about salaries.

    devon, you sound nice. we should be friends.

  9. Lane

    “I think Pringles’ initial intention was to make tennis balls. But on the day that the rubber was supposed to show up, a big truckload of potatoes arrived. But Pringles was a laid-back company. They said “Fuck it. Cut ’em up.”

    the late, great Mitch Hedberg

  10. Patrick

    Lane,… Mitch Hedberg Rules! awesome

  11. Austin

    This is the best smell ever!

  12. Sam

    You people are dumb . . .
    San Carlos…trying to sound cool? Look at what you said…

    “Yeah, see. Knowing what today was going to be yesterday is not as much fun as finding out today what today was supposed to be.”

    So if you knew what today was going to be like yesterday, then you must of found out, at some point in time, what today was going to be like. So it dosent matter… you still found out what today was going to be like….

    devon…. two words, if you can count that high.. “Online Predator”

    dutt… Birds of a feather flock together, and so do pigs and swine. You choose your friends, I’ll choose mine…

    Then, theres the whole lot of you…. you’r talking about sniffing tennis balls….come on….

  13. Austin

    OHHHHHHHHHHH that smell is awesome. We used to play baseball in the field by my house and we couldn’t use real baseballs in fear of breaking a window so we used tennis balls.

  14. Jess

    My mum would be like why are you smelling tennis balls lol

  15. Great job. Thanks a lot. Susan1962

  16. chopsway

    That shit cannot be good for you

    • Cassandra

      These people aren’t huffing tennis balls, its just a fragrant, albeit odd scent that for some reason many find pleasing.. myself included…

  17. dat tennis nigga

    Always loved that smell

  18. EmoPrInCeSs

    YUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! fresh balls. [Tennis balls that is!] yesss, i like the smell. (Sorry i just became veryy hyper.)

  19. DeeKay

    Super good….its the toxic mixture of rubber and formaldehyde

  20. This is like opening a new book for first time. New smell.

    • Wotcher!!!

      Oh my goodness that is like THE BEST smell in the world. I don’t get my nose out of those fumes very often… I’m a bookworm with a Harry Potter blog, so yes, I have to agree with you. :D ( if you haven’t read Harry Potter, read it now. You’ll thank me later).

  21. lol

    omg love ur comment devon..showing all my friends on msn rite now..soo funny

  22. i love that i do that all the time just for the fun of it

  23. Chris

    I do it with random ones in the store. Kinda like whippits. If I buy them I only get to open them once!

  24. Samantha

    I think this is directly related to the smell of those big plastic bouncy balls, or tires. I LOVE those smells. :)

  25. Chandra

    I’m so curious to smell this now. Thanks.

  26. I love it when you hit a tennis ball just right and it makes that perfect popping noise. I would play tennis for hours just to do that once.

  27. COMPLETELY agree with this. My parents made me do tennis when I was a little girl. I would hate going to lessons every Sunday and games every Thursday. But the opening of the new pack always made me happy. It felt so fresh and clean.

    And I completely agree with Nicole!

  28. S

    I don’t particularly care for the smell of tennis balls…

  29. Katie

    mmm i love this smell! :) it always makes me remember the awesome summers i spent on the school tennis team and just goofing off with friends the whole time haha

  30. MAZ

    Omggg. Its like a drug its addicting to pop that top and smell it <33

  31. Cary

    This should be 900 or more slots higher…

  32. That was halaroius!!!

    When i was in the fifth grade i had to make a catlpolt. We had to use tennis balls to test it. I opened the package and i smelled it it smelled terrible.

  33. LOVE it! Smelling the tennis balls brings back fond memories ;)

  34. Indeed a nice blog post. The attention to detail simply for this post is just as impressive as all of the sites detail above. Great work, and a good read.

  35. RadRob

    Yes indeed a great smell although I prefer the smell of a plant called Society Garlic…not real garlic but it smells like a mix between skunk weed and real skunk. People think I’m wierd because I like it.

  36. I keep reading the blog and finding more and more things I thought I was the only one who did them.
    Keep them coming

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  39. Sami

    Holy cow! Someone else understands! I told my friends once that I love the smell of new tennis balls and they looked at me like I was a crack head! I’m so glad someone else recognizes how crazy-good that smells and I’m not crazy!

  40. Peter

    AAAAAHH! To an avid tennis player, as I was decades ago, there is nothing like the smell of the just open can of balls. That bight green-yellow, that sound, that aroma. And the anticipation of the bounce and weight of new balls. What comes back to me is all those hours and hours and hours hitting tennis balls, chasing tennis balls, watching tennis balls, loving the (occasionally) perfect stroke
    and the way it felt momentarily on my racket.
    It is easy for me t imagine an erotic encounter with a multitude of unopened cans of balls in place of candles … But oh, I can’t really relax with the thought of a freshly opened can going to waste. The rest of the erotic encounter would have to take place on a suitably private court (next door?)

  41. Opening and sniffing a can of paint is better. ;)

  42. Katie

    AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh and So true !!!

  43. I can almost smell i now :) Hey Andre, put down the racquet!

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  45. Love the smell, and the sound of a new can being opened is second only to the sound of the champagne cork going “pop.”

  46. troy

    awesumness personified…….!!

  47. wendywithaurora

    I’d rather not inhale the new toxic fumes but I sure like them once my TWIN dog has drooled all over them; they’re covered in GRASS STAINS and when they’re “SCHWEDDY BALLS” after a skit on SNL.
    Tennis anyone?!*

  48. Haley

    I haven’t done that in years..I am about to head over to the local sports store and just open them and smell them. I LOVE THAT SMELL.

  49. The sound of the opening is quite unique and also the smell of the fresh and unused tennis balls :D

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