#991 Really, really old Tupperware

Watch your retinasFound in dusty kitchen cupboards and dishwasher top-shelves across this wide, great land, really, really old Tupperware is as handy today as it was twenty, thirty, forty years ago. That famous Tupperware “burping seal” still holds strong, and you can bet your boombox that banana bread will stay moist, those chopped celery sticks crisp, that leftover lasagna slice fresh. Yes, all is well in this tight vacuum-sealed Chamber of Taste-Preservation.

Really, really old Tupperware is mostly found in three colors: Stovetop Green, Pylon Orange, or The Core Of The Sun Yellow (pictured). Optional features include novelty 1950s floral patterns or deep tomato stains, from that time someone put leftover chili in there and shoved it in the back of the freezer for two years.

One thing I enjoy doing is thinking about all the different kinds of food a particular piece of Tupperware has tupperwared shut over the years. Apparently Tupperware has been around since 1946, so we’re talking about the full tastebud timeline — from lard burgers, creamed corn casseroles, and Jello salads to hemp brownies, parsley soup, and tofu cookies to pizza pockets, Hungry Man leftovers, and astronaut ice-cream pellets.

Really, really old Tupperware has been there, sealed that, and lived to tell the tale. It’s a throwback to the simpler life, when things like airtight seals meant something. Something real. Something honest.

Something worth believing in.


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  1. Ahhh, nothing better than really old tupperware, that’s for sure. These cheap little pieces of plastic they make today are far less then awesome, that’s for sure!

    1. I totally agree, my mother buys those said pieces of plastic almost every week, because they’re always getting ruined or something!

      1. hay ya know that in Canada if you have a broken peice of Tupperware and you need a new one (on the new stuff not sure bout the older things) you can send in the unit and they will replace it for free!!!!!

        1. Here in Australia if you have a piece that is broken, Tupperware will replace it free of charge. However, you might not get the old stuff, but you will be compensated with the new models.

        2. Tupperware will replace your cracked, chipped, broken, warped, or peeling items or give you obsolete credit for them if the items are no longer made and nothing similar is in the full-line catalog. You do have to pay a small shipping charge, to pay for Tupperware to send the replacement item(s) out to you. (I’ve been selling for about 9 years.)

          1. I have a real old square with lid reddish color container that just broke in the top corner right under that lid. How can I get this replaced for free?

            1. Find the 800 number in the telephone directory & get a local sales rep.
              They SHOULD be able to help you get a replacement or credit towards some other item, if they don’t carry the item you have any more.

              1. I have been trying for 2 years to find a local consultant. Apparently there isn’t one within 50 miles of where I live. It is frustrating because I have an entire trash bag full of broken pieces of Tupperware.

          2. Good luck find a dealer to take the cracked, chipped, broken, warped, or pelling items back for replacement items. I have a whole box full of stuff in my garage.

            1. It’s really not hard to find a consultant, Donna! Just go to Tupperware.com. You can enter your zip code to find people in your area. You can email me with your contact info if you’d like. I may be able to help!

            2. If you look on-line this number may help you, it did me. I replaced a broken lid to a 25 year old bowl set. 800-366-3800. I had to pay shipping ($6.95). Hardest part was finding the mold number because they are so tiny on the pieces. Good Luck.

            3. If you are in Texas, reply to my email and I will get you connected with a great lady that will help you out, or call the 800 # for Tupperware & explain your dilemma. Wishing you the best.

          3. Help! I need a replacement cover for a 4Quart salad bowl. The cover has a (T) on the tab. Thank-you.

            1. Look on Ebay – I saw one yesterday. That particular part is no longer available even in parts – I needed one & found mine on Ebay. Sometimes you have to pay for shipping, sometimes its free shipping. Happy hunting.

      2. Tupperware has always had the lifetime warranty. The “plastic” you consider “Tupperware” is NOT “REAL TUPPERWARE”. Rubbermaid, Gladware, Sterilite, & the others are NOT Tupperware. They are PLASTIC. I’m living proof that OLD Tupperware has been being replaced when broken – under normal conditions. You can’t place a salad bowl in the microwave & melt it & expect it to be replaced. Microwaveable Tupperware items are the only items that should be used in a microwave.
        Using the Tupperware products wisely, they should serve you well for a lllllongggg time. The USA honors the replacement policy – I get replacements regularly.

    2. The Tupperware made today is the same as the old – just better quality & much improved. None of the chemicals that are unsafe & also more microwave items. The Ultra Pro for microwave & regular oven use are AMAZING!

  2. I miss sitting at my grandmothers or my moms listening to the old ladies talk about them,.. and then the smell is quite unique as well

    old tupperware is awesome

    1. Old Tupperware, especially the dark brown, smells awful. It smells like crayons. And when the brown gets a few years old, it falls to pieces.

  3. I am sorry to tell you but,,, there are much older pieces of TW out there at second hand stores and such. I have pieces from 1955. I even have two pieces I do not know what they are for. Maybe someone knows about antique TW and may be able to help me figure out what they are or, were.

    1. Yes, there are older TW pieces. Tupperware is 63 years old. Every piece of TW has a mold number on it: three or four numbers , then a hyphen and another couple of numbers. The important ones are the ones before the hyphen. As a TW consultant, I have a parts book and with the mold number I can tell you what TW product you have…and probably its use. If I don’t know the use, I can probably find out.
      Give me a try. :)

      1. I am looking for a burp lid for an orange bowl. The number on the bottom is 838-3. Also, How do you get the smwll of mold from the lid of a container? I used my Mr. Clean eraser on the container but the crease on the lid is what sill had an odor and I have tried everything. Thanks!!!!!

        1. We can still get the seal for your bowl, but it will likely be “natural”/clear.

          You have to use vinegar or bleach to get rid of mold completely. It doesn’t take a lot. Just pour a bit into the bowl, fill the rest with water, and let it sit for a few minutes. Soak the seal in a larger container with the same solution, so it gets into all the grooves.

          To remove smells, put a chunk or two of charcoal into the container and seal it. Leave it for several days. Check it, and if it still smells a bit, put a new piece in. I did this when a head of cabbage was in my old lettuce crisper for waaaaaay too long. It worked!

          1. Hi April,

            Can you tell me how to “unwarp” my warped tupperware lids? I have the burp seal set in avocado, sun yellow and orange. My small avocado lid is warped and won’t stay on and now one of my big yellow lids is starting to warp. I think my husband had them on the containers in the microwave too long!



            1. Hi Linda. Unfortunately, there’s no way to permanently “unwarp” a seal.
              Those containers definitely are NOT microwavable, and the seals should NEVER be put in the microwave. So if that’s what happened, it explains the warping. All is not lost, however. You can order replacement seals. They will likely be clear/natural color, but they’ll work! If you’ll email me with the mold numbers from your warped seals, I’ll let you know the cost to replace them.


                1. Hi Jane. The container you have is a Modular Mate Mini Rectangle 1. The mini rectangles are not currently in the catalog, but sometimes come back for short promotions.
                  If you’re in the US, I can likely find a seal for you (I assume that’s what you need). email me if you need my assistance!


      2. I have a container with a number of 587-10 and the lid ‘s number is 588-6. The lid has a small crack and leaks a little. Really would like to get another lid. Any ideas? any information would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you,
        Chuck Reinahrt

        1. Tupperware has a life-time guarantee and i have always known them to be most cooperative. Your local area TW headoffice will probably refer you to a dealer and she (he?) will sort it out for you.

          I feel like a bit of a dork when I present them with a lid like the one in the pic which has suddenly discovered that it can part from the frame almost like a stamp splits from its neighbour, but TW doesn’t bat an eyelid!

          If the model no longer exists, they replace it with teh new update, free of change!

          Good Luck!

      3. Hi, I have a TW product that I don’t know the purpose of. The numbers at the bottom are 1531-5, 1532-5, and 1533-6. Could you please let me know there purpose. Thank You

          1. This IS AWESOME!!!
            Side note: Now Neil, this is the kind of thing we’re all talking about! And in the end, just where will inquiring minds such as these have to go?!* Miles high unanswered questions across the universe would take up space. All due respect, I have one now: Do other Super-hero’s ever just stop being super-hero’s? Cuz that’s what you truly are:)

      4. I have a 2 piece set of tupperware, i don’t know for sure what it is.The lid is #2650A-11. The lid is turquiose colored. the bottom is deep pink , with line holes, is there more to this set ? And what is its use ? Thank you for your help.The bottom piece doesn’t have any numbers on it. Judy

        1. hmmmmm….there isn’t a 2650 in our parts catalog! 2651 is a seal for a Crystalwave bowl. The container you’re describing sounds like the Crystalwave colander that we had quite a few years ago. If so, you can use it like any regular colander to strain pasta, etc. If you find the 3 or 4 quart bowl that went with it, it’s handy for storing cut-up watermelon, to let the juices drain.

      5. Hi….. hope you can help me …I have a around a 8 inch high, with a thing in it…here is the number on the bottom 1827-7 don’t know what its used for…would love to know…hope you can tell me…hope to here from you….God bless

        1. They are two round serving trays. They came with a pedestal, which goes in between the two trays. The pedestal came with a seal. When attached to the bottom tray, it could be used to serve dips.

      6. I have a piece of Tupperware, yellow with a handle, bowl shaped with a “hole” in the centre and at the edge. The number is 1334-10. Please tell me what it is used for. Thanks!


      7. I’m eating my salad today from a pinkish-coloured (almost the same colour as Thousand Islands dressing!) Wonderlier bowl with a flat white burp lid. The number on the bottom of the bowl is 236-4. It’s part of a set that had pale yellow, pale green and this pinkish colour.
        All the Tupperware I have was given to me in the mid-70s by someone who had it given to HER as a wedding present probably 20 years before then. It still works! I’m curious to know how old it is …

      8. I have three pieces with the numbers 146 or 149 – 30 yellow small bowl no lid, 148-35 small lime green bowl with no lid, and 124-9 small round lid? no bottom. Thanks Jean

        1. Hi Jean. #148 is a refrigerator bowl, which needs an “A” seal. According to the parts book, #124 is a large “Kit cup” container, which is no longer available. Any chance you could email pictures to me? I may be able to get seals to go with your bowls, even though the containers are no longer sold. My email address is: afich@comcast.net

      9. I am having a hard time determining the mold number on a lid. If I give you the number, I “think” it is, can you verify this before I call TW to have it replaced? It is the lid to an old set of bowls, this was the largest n the set, the mold number (I think) is 859 (the bowl it goes to, I can read 858-2).
        Mel Greene

  4. I have and still use my Tupperware Pitcher from the late 70’s but my top broke if anyone knows where I might find I would love to know, I hate to have to purchase another pitcher.

    1. You will be happy to know that Tupperware comes with a lifetime guarantee…so don’t throw that old broken lid out – they’ll give you another one! Just find yourself a Tupperware Lady (yes, they are still out there!) and they’ll hook you up.

      LOVED this post!! Nice to see someone share my appreciation of the beloved plastic!

    2. Yes, you do not need to purchase another pitcher. You paid for TW’s lifetime warranty, if the pitcher broke under normal household use. If the pitcher you have is not in our current fullsize catalog, we will take the container and seal and replace it with a comparable replacement…in other words, our current pitcher of the same or similar size.
      my website is my2.tupperware.com/susano
      Depending upon where you are located, I may be able to connect you with a consultant that I know. If I cannot, you or I can do a search for a consultant or the web or contact TW customer service at 1-888-TUPWARE.

  5. Hi
    I ‘am looking for the big Deep tan bottom with dome lid Veggie server. It had a round center cup to hold the dip-with lid. I found some on ebay but the six veggie holders are slanted. Mine had deep cup holders. Ive loaned it out and did not get it back. Hoping you can find one for me..Thanks Leslie

    1. It sounds like you are looking for the Serving Center. It is currently in our catalog.
      go to my website at my2.tupperware.com/susano
      to order or contact me directly.

  6. This made me smile. My mom has a complete set of the green tupperware with the little white flowery design on it in use right now. It shocked me to see it there in the second picture! She even passed along a lovely pylon orange pair to me and they’re keeping my sugar and flour safe and dry.
    That tupperware will live forever!

  7. OMG! You were in my cupboard! Love it and love your blog…

    Tupperware lives on………….

  8. i’m looking for a piece ,that was yellow an you could crack eggs it in an then pour them out 1 at a time , if any one knows where i can find it please let me know .

    1. You could be referring to the Quick Shake Container . It currently sells for $12 dollars plus shipping and sales tax.
      It is awesome for mixing flour and water or milk to make gravies, mix salad dressing, making puddings, or even a different type of pizza crust.
      Some used to also recommend carrying eggs like you said, after breaking them, in the old rolling pin, so they could be poured out one yoke at a time.

      my website is my2.tupperware.com/susano
      I would be happy to help you out in anyway that I can.

  9. Ohhh my goodness – I STILL have a bunch of these!!
    I’ve got the green canister set – plus the storage size, in yellow – green – orange. I put Cho. Chips – Coconut – Corn Meal – Powdered Sugar – Peanut butter chips too.

    They are all still in good shape too.

  10. I have one or two mini-cups; they just took an egg yolk or something like that. I would love to get more of these – anyone know if it\’s possible?

    1. the word “mini-cups” could refer to several items, since that isn’t a Tupperware product name. If you look on the bottom of the container, there is a very small mold number: three or four digits, a hyphen, and another number or two. With that number, I can look in my parts book and identify what you have, and then tell you it’s availability.

      my email is susano@allegiance.tv and my website is: my2.tupperware.com/susano

      1. I am in the Market for a couple of the pill container that were given out as guest gifts I believe their casting # is 1224-3

        Thanks in Advance Jim

  11. I think my mom still owns some like this, only a few left though. And I think once in a while I go to friend’s houses and see that they have some as well. The yellow ones are the ones I see the most!

  12. HI, My name is Rebeca I’m a Tupperware consultant i hope some will love the new Tupperware this is my website check it/

  13. I am a former Tupperware Dealer…. The NEW lids do NOT fit the OLD bowls.

    I don’t sell T. anymore,

    Plastics give off TOXIC chemicals when warmed, heated. Don’t believe me?? Then go to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.

    Jesus Saves!!!

    1. There is a massive difference in the quality of different “plastic” products. The warnings are about the very inferior type of plastic.

      And from the website: mercola.com, i quote:
      “One needs to be careful of the type of plastic you use as many are potentially dangerous.”

      Please note his words “the type of plastic you use” TW is extremely different than cool whip containers.

      From our website, a message from Rick Goings, CEO of TW
      As a result of recent media coverage, some of you may have heard about the controversy surrounding the use of polycarbonate, and specifically Bisphenol-A, in the manufacturing of various plastic consumer products. I wanted to give all of you an update on this issue and address any concerns you may have about the use of polycarbonate in the manufacture of Tupperware products.

      At Tupperware Brands, we’re firmly committed to the safety and well-being of our consultants and the many consumers of our products worldwide. We’ve posted a statement which discusses our views on polycarbonate, as well as a Q&A which should help answer any questions you may have as to the safety of our products containing this material.

      Based on the repeated governmental scrutiny that polycarbonate has undergone by various regulatory agencies, we continue to believe that the material is safe. We will continue to monitor this scientific debate, of course, and keep all of you posted if any new and important information comes to light.

      I encourage you to read the statement and Q&A, and feel free to contact us directly at if you have any concerns whatsoever. Call 1-888-TUPWARE in the U.S. or 1-866-376-7521 in Canada.

      Sincerely yours,
      Rick Goings
      Chairman and CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation

      1. Evidently, this CEO is defending the product that makes his living. Someone believing such a speech, or believes in a written statement to defend their product, such as from Mr. Rick Goings, and has a financial interest in a product, saying the product is not dangerous, is not quite all there. He believes in it, but why should you? The believer has their heads in the clouds. ALL PLASTIC is made from petrochemicals, including Tupperware. It is O K to own Tupperware, but not to store food or any food products. And, as stated in an earlier blog, never-ever put food into a plastic container—not even the ones purchased in plastic from a grocer—in a microwave. It has been proven that petrochemicals are harmful to the liver, are hormone disruptors, and cause other health problems including some people have a problem losing weight when they are exposed to plastic in their food. Please watch a movie called “Bag It”. This is a documentary on plastics in our society. It may be found on PBS.com.

        Many people do not wish to change their lifestyles because plastic makes it easier on them. Those are the ones that are in denial of the harm these plastics are doing, and can do to their children, babies, children under 7 because of their immune systems not fully developed especially completely in full adult form, the elderly, chronically ill people, and those people in hospitals trying to get over an illness, and plastic is used there as well. Others just don’t know any better. But when we know better, we should do better.

        We, all need to come together to help change our society in the way we view our products. A person can get tested by a toxicologist on the level of chemicals from plastics in their body. It is costly, however.

        There has been a lot of research in what plastics are doing to our bodies, to the oceans, to the fish, and birds of this great earth of ours. I still have Tupperware from the ’70’s but I use only glass Pyrex or Corning Ware to store food in them or to cook. I own a big sun yellow TW bowl I have clay in, and it works fine to store clay.

        Worse yet, is Styrofoam.products. Styrene is the toxin in Styrofoam, and has been banned in over 100 cities nationwide the last I heard about this banning. Remember when you drink out of that Styrofoam cup the buildup it is doing to the human body, or the take out plate in the restaurant. There are alternatives. We have to get together as a single person in these business’, to tell them we refuse to accept such toxins, and ask them to purchase the paper cups, the paper boxes. If every person stood up on what they wish to have done–one-by-one- we could see safer products used on our foods and drinks. Go to Whole Foods, and you will see the Deli put food into safe containers. All of the other places can do the same.

  14. I have a piece of Tupperware dated 1954. It is red top and white bottom, I think it is a compost bucket. Can you tell me if that is right and what it might would be worth. I have never seen one before but I still use it every day, it was my Mother’s

  15. Oh my gosh. this was too cool. I have had my others old TW cannisters for years. Haven’t had any lids. A friend gave me a catalog and I didn’t need anything at this time but told here I would really like some lids for my cannisters but thought they were about fifty years old so didn’t hold out much hope. She asked for the number on the bottom, and if I am not mistaken is #254 no dash. She looked it up somewhere and ordered them for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am about those lids. Am currently staying with my folks for a few days and after reading this went directly to the cupboard and found her current stash of TW has numbres in the 200’s also. this was really a fun post. I think the cannisters originally had rooster decals on them. Thanks so much for the walk back in kitchen history.

  16. I would like to find out what this piece of TW was used for. # on the bottom is 1292-6 it is an interesting piece.

  17. anybobody knows where I can find the old mini party set and the mini serve-it set? I once had them as a child and I’d love to get them for my toddler…

    1. The mini serve it set is currently in Tupperware’s Fundraiser Catalog at $19.50. No shipping on fundraisers, just sales tax. Perhaps you know of a group that could use funds (40 percent goes to the group).

      As for the other, I would keep checking back to Tupperware. Every month there is a new sales flyer, and maybe there will be more toys as Christmas nears.

      my website is my2.tupperware.com/susano

  18. I have some really old tupperware containers but they smell. Is there anyway to get rid off the smell. i got them at a yard sale. Would really like to be able to use them.

  19. Put wadded up newspaper in the containers and re-seal them.

    Leave it for 24 hours at least.

    If that doesn’t get all the smell out, use baking soda to make a paste and scrub. Or soak with water and a little chlorine bleach. Or use lemon juice and leave in the sun.

    After the smell is gone, store without the seals on!

    The smell you have now, is often from being stored with the seals on.

  20. I enjoy mix-matching the lids and containers.

    I found a ton in my grandma’s storage rooom.

    And I always end up piling up five or six old dirty ones in my car from lunch at work before I finally take them out inside to wash- haha.

  21. I have old #267-3 clear containers and they have held my 5lbs. sugar and 5lbs.flour continously since I bought them in the late 50’s. I only liked the old clear ones, couldn’t get into the colored ones.

    1. I’m with you, Marti. I have the clear (well, more like translucent) soft-ish plastic containers from way back. Probably the early ’50’s maybe even late ’40s. (I inherited them from my sweet mother. My equally sweet grandmother was a Tupperware Lady. I occasionally accompanied her on her deliveries as a young child.) They are great containers for flour and sugar. Like you, I could never get into the modern, hard plastic, multi-colored stuff either. Once my containers are empty, I will get the numbers from the bottom and email Susan for replacement parts (although I doubt they exist).

    1. Oh, Meghan, you deserve the new Tupperware, and there are so many ways to fix that…you can start with shopping online, although a party is still the best way so you can touch and feel the products you are investing in for a lifetime.

      The very best way to get the new products are $ 515 of Product for $119.99 in the Opportunity Kit, and keep getting your TW at cost while helping your family and friends and earning free TW as awards for yourself!
      You sound so fun, and you’d have help seeing all your potential.


      warmly, Susan

  22. I have all of those old tupperware bowls featured in the picture. They were passed down to me by my grandmother and great grandmother when I got my first apartment. They really are the best!

  23. I have the exact item in the first picture, colour matched and all.
    Ahhh marinated steak with Mum’s secret sauce, good memories

    1. Try getting it very hot (with running faucet water) then sealing it on the container, and putting weights (like heavy books) on it to keep it on. Let it stay on a LONG TIME, until it completely cools down and then some. This may remold the seal, depending upon how warped it is. I would not hesitate to try it several times.

      Call your Tupperware Consultant (or me) with the mold number off of the seal, to find out if a new seal can be purchased. Colors cannot be guaranteed though.

      Party On.

  24. I’m looking for a blue tupperware container that was used for icing. It was ball shaped and the different tips stored inside. Any help would be appreciated.

  25. I am not familiar with the item you are referring to, but we currently have something that sounds very
    Go to my website: http://my2.tupperware.com/susano
    and go to “product gallery” and do a search in the box in the upper right hand corner for “SqueezeIt Decorator”
    It has five interchangeable nozzles that store inside.

    Party on !

    1. Can clear plastic tumblers that are very cloudy or scratched replaceable Maybe shouldnt have been inn dishwasher

  26. I love old tupperware. My grandma has a bunch of it and it really does keep everything fresher than the new stuff does. I love it. I also love this website. It just makes me smile. =].

  27. Oh, wow! What a fun website to stumble upon! I have some of the old tupperware from my mother which I love!
    My mother in law just became a dealer so I am lucky to be showered with new tupperware gifts quite frequently lately!
    I found this website while searching for a mold number off of a cannister lid. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. The cannister set is brown and the lid for second to smallest one got melted. I’d like to replace it but need the mold number.

  28. In my opinion, the article is actually the most helpful on this valuable topic. I agree with your conclusions and eagerly look forward to your upcoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the wonderful clarity in your writing. I will grab your rss feed at once to stay informed of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your efforts!

  29. looking for wet/dry measuring cup.
    1cup on one end and 2 cups on the other.
    i think this is very old tupperware.
    thks, sue

  30. I have been looking for the popsicle makers that my mom used when I was a kid about 40 years ago.
    Does anyone know where I could find them?

    1. It often comes out in the summer. The color has changed, and the handles are now shaped like Mickey Mouse’s ears……but other than that, they’re the same as the ones you grew up with.

      Email me, and I can send you a picture :)

    2. Debbie, check your local thrift stores, and yard and garage sales, I found 2 yesterday at a local thrift store.

  31. My grandmother bequeathed me her old Tupperware… I think she bought it before I was born, and it still works amazingly! Gladware? More like SADware! I roasted some green chile and soaked it in Tupperware, and a week later it was like I had just recently soaked it!

  32. HAHA I love old tupperware. My grandmother had an old childrens picnic set. It had the dishes, cups, bowls and a mini size pitcher to put my iced tea in. I think it even had a mini sized cake traveler with handles and all!! It was awesome. I will have to check to see if she still has it. :) Oh and I love this site.

    1. The “mini serve it” set is back! It’s available until May 14th. It has the mini cake taker with handle, cake slicer, and 4 mini plates.

      The kids miniature sets come and go, so if you want me to let you know when they’re available, send me an email! afich@comcast.net

  33. OMG! we used to have those tupperware cups when i was little in the lurid orange and yellow shades, and just the other day my flatmate picked some up from a second hand store, theyr so kitch but sooo coool

  34. Tupperware is the best for food storage, I use mine on a daily basis. I have come across nice pieces of what is affectionately labeled vintage at thrift shops and yard sales and always pick up a few pieces.

    The Yellow bowl pictured is one of my favorites and a trick I learned decades ago is to run cold water into the bowl before putting anything hot into it, this helps to avoid staining ie. the left over chili.
    Also, if you have staining wash the bowl and leave in the sunlight for a day and most times the stain is gone.
    Yesterday thifting I picked up the shot glass sized salt and pepper shakers with lids, 2 deviled egg containers, 6 small jello molds with lids and 2 popsicle maker.

    1. I have a piece of Tupperware from the 50s. I think it migjt have been a hostess gift. I never see one like it. It is a round clothes hampet thats is about 3 ft high. The plastic had a swirly white design. Anyone have
      any historical info on this?

      For anyone looking for vintage pieces
      Try Etsy.com

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