#986 When you pull up to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn

You don\'t have to put on the red light

Don’t you love it when you pull up to a red light in the right lane, and the guy in front of you notices and squeezes out into the intersection a bit, just so you can make your right turn a bit faster? What a great thing that is. Careful though — now it’s your job to give a sincere Thank-You Wave as you drive by, because you know they’re waiting for it and besides, did they just shave twenty seconds off your commute or what?


30 thoughts on “#986 When you pull up to a red light and the guy in front of you nudges up a bit so you can make a right turn

  1. Did that this morning!

    Idea: Network of your office goes down and you get to spend better part of the day sitting in patio having drinks with same people you fight daily in the work grind :)

    2: Waitresses in the patio knows you, likes and dislikes and you get diet coke with lemon already squeezed in so you don’t have to get hands messy, Nachos as you like and refill when your glass is empty

    3: That annoying nosy person in your office getting fired, or that raging guy getting another job so you can love your job again :)


  2. It’s also awesome when you’re technically on a road with one lane, but there’s this lane-sized Abyss of Diagonal Yellow Lines to your left, and the person in front of you pulls into the Abyss, thus creating an entire new lane for the right turners. =)

    1. That’s so true, haha, I try to squeeze new lanes out of the road at all opportunities. I’m like the Christopher Columbus of the highway, discovering new routes in my very own four wheeled sail boat; bring on the abyss!

  3. I think it’s awesome when someone does that. I actually stop and smile and wave thank you to them. I will do the same for other people but no those that honk and expect you to do it!!

  4. the T A & M dweebs in G-town need to learn this move on the bridge heading over to P-Island! You know, pull over to the far LEFT of the lane, go up as far as you can and a car can actually slide by you on the right! And this WOULD actually shave a couple of MINUTES off of MY commute! :) But then, what can you expect from an Aggie! LOL! From your friendly ‘Hook ’em’

  5. My grandpa hates people who stop at red lights when they want to turn right. He says ” GO! you idiot.” It’s halorious. I laugh every time.

  6. It’s funny how this can be so awesome, but also totally unawesome, even infuriating, if you are the the one nudging up and you DON’T get the wave. Grrrrrr!!!

  7. Also awesome when someone lets you into a long line that you’ve been waiting at forever! I always give the wave!

  8. When someone did this for me the first time, it was during my driver’s license driving test, so I figured it was all good, but there was a pedestrian and you’re supposed to wait for them to be completely across the street, so I got the “tsk tsk” and 2 or 3 demerrits, but he was a good guy after all because right on the max allowable, he gave me the license anyway- although I’m not sure he should have…
    agreed… courteous driving and driver’s are awesome: I give Peace signs!

  9. Agreed, it is quite awesome. Unless of course a cop see’s you. Apparently it is illegal to nudge up so the guy behind can turn. So be careful. The line between awesome and a $150 ticket is very thin.

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