#981 Wearing underwear just out of the dryer

Cooking up crotch love

Now tell me: Is there anything quite so nice as wrapping yourself up in a pair of steaming skivvies just out of the dryer? It’s like skinny-dipping in a hot tub, jumping on a horse that’s been in the sun all day, and wearing a microwaved diaper…combined! Sure the moment doesn’t last long, yes there may be a little more static cling than you’d like, and yeah, you might have to get changed really quickly in the laundry room to pull it off. But dang, girl. Hot undies, they is fine.



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67 responses to “#981 Wearing underwear just out of the dryer

  1. Aaron V.

    I’d do that all the time when I was in school – on a cold day, just go to the basement and put your underwear and pants in the drier for a few minutes….you’re warm for the walk to the bus stop!

  2. kandoknits

    I remember waring undies once upon a time. But now that I’m older retired and a empty nester. I find that I don’t care to ware them much. LOL!! That is at home. Where I live it’s hot most of the year. Oh! but, I do ware them when I go out.

  3. Older, retired, and spells like a mongoloid who dropped out of the 4th grade. Congratulations, dumbest person on the internet, I salute you. Sorry for “waring” my heart on my sleeve.

    • braeden

      don’t say mean things just because it’s the internet and the person isn’t there to kick your ass.

    • Jordan

      That’s really mean of you to say. Some people just aren’t good at spelling; that doesn’t make them dumb and it definately doesn’t give you the right to be rude to them. You are not a better person because you can spell better.

    • Jackie

      Dave, that was mean, mean, mean….this is about being awesome through and through…maybe you should learn a thing or two from the posts and appreciate the little things in life and also not to be so MEAN.

      It’s been 2 years since you posted that reply…have you regretted it everyday since? Stuff on the internet lasts forever, so mean things (even though you may regreat it later, like picking on a retired lady online) never get erased.

      PS. I don’t wear underwear either kandoknits! :)

      • Regarding “heart on your sleeve” can do much good volunteer work.
        It is utterly unacceptable to de- MEAN an individual with a special need, whether it be visible or less obvious and as John Lennon sang, “Crippled Inside!”

    • Beatrix

      Don’t use ‘mongoloid’, because although it is a medical term used to describe a person with Down syndrome, it’s also a term for a person with a Mongoloid physical type. You might be desperate to sound clever, but please, go check the dictionary before you post potentially racist comments.

  4. Jess

    Dave, “smart” people are not cruel to others. Spelling isn’t everything. It’s the message that matters.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Spelling is definitely nicer, but being mean is unnecessary. People in general are quick to criticize others, even news reporters. They report a crime and feel the need to editorialize. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Long winded, I am, but amen.

  5. Jack

    Good thought, Jess. Dave, just because you’re better at spelling and grammar does not entitle you to make mean, spiteful comments about someone who is obviously just leaving a fun, anecdotal comment. Congratulations, low-life piece of shit who thinks he’s vastly superior to everyone on the planet, I salute you.

  6. Dave

    Yes I am a miserable pile of steaming hippo dung!

    • Mitch

      Wow, I guess you’re one of those people who seek for attention on the internet, because nobody else did. How very very sad.

  7. random dude

    hell ya makes u wanna cum in ur pants

  8. LDJ

    I prefer warm fresh smelling jeans. But underwear rule also.

  9. roxanne

    Warm towels and pajamas fresh from the dryer on a cold night…..best.things.ever!

    • Not only warm towels and pajamas, but blankets too! It’s not only the warmth that resonates from them, but the incredible smell as well.

  10. Freak, Super. Esq,

    I guess you’ve never swam naked.

  11. It keeps your butt warm in the winter months.

  12. Chelsea

    Definetely something I’ve done many times. And I will do again..the feeling is sooo good…i love warm socks when my feet are cold…it’s the best. I wouldn’t compare that to skinny dippin tho….I’ve done it..no comparison.

  13. Amilie

    But you know what’s even better than hot dryer undies? Hot pajama pants when it’s cold outside… mmm.

  14. Bre

    id rather have em cold!
    in the summer….. mmmmmmmmm

  15. If you want to hear a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn msn to find the missed bits. Thank you, anyway!

  16. Jess

    one way to warm yourself up

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  18. josh

    rember alot of smart people sit on park benches

  19. Crystal

    warm sheets and blankies are amazingly awesome too

  20. THATS HALROIOUS!!! i feel the same way. When I get hot pants out of the dryer!!!

  21. JEM

    Toasty goodness!!!

  22. valentines lingere

    Is lingerie a good idea for Valentine? Absolutely!

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  24. Kelsea

    It’s not just underwear. I have a routine in my house. I throw my laundry into the wash, throw it in the dryer, and then have my shower. By the time my shower is finished, all my laundry is warm and ready for me to put on. I have the luxury of washing my clothes at home, so I don’t have to worry about dressing in a hurry.

  25. I like to wear other peoples underwear in the building. When I hear the dryer running – I sneak down and take a pair of underwear out – mens or ladies – and put them on and go back to playing xbox.

  26. Carlton: where do you live buddy? This is one neighbourhood i would stay away from…


    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  28. I agree i enjoy a worm pair of undies it is quit nice.
    Sometimes i put them back in just to put them on again after another worm spin :)

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  30. NICK

    cool i love doing this

  31. Chelsea

    This awesome thing is the best thing EVER!

  32. wendywithaurora

    The head to toes, onesy piece, soft cotton long-johnnies underware…
    especially when bluesy, with a cold/flu or chilled to the bone…awesome:)

    • wendywithaurora

      …right up there with rings on the fingers and bells on the toes riding sun-warmed horse-back…naked:D
      oh to be young again!

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  34. Mamawhoknows

    I used to love it when my mom threw a load of warm, dry towels on me when I was lying on the couch. This takes away the cold chill of winter…
    It still brings goosebumps to my skin!

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  37. Ich habe überall nach einer guten resorse sah ich danke Ihnen.

  38. logan

    i love the feel of that. it’s so warm

  39. André V.

    Underwear right out of the freezer during summer is a good variation of #981

  40. Pam

    Oh my gosh I just used a towel straight out of the dryer after my shower today for the first time and its unbelievable how amazing my body felt!! Especially since I didn’t have to get it myself. My sister brought it to me ;)

  41. its nt only underwear,any kind of cloth…feels amazing to put it on u aftr fryin or ironing!!!

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  43. i just did that but my brother almost saw me

  44. fafafa

    it’s so funny.


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