#976 Flossing

Floss floss floss

From electric shavers that work in the shower to whitening paste you can coat your teeth with overnight to lasers that zap away unwanted body hair, we sure are surrounded by a lot of fancy and expensive personal hygiene technologies these days. That’s why flossing is so great. It’s just a piece of string.


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  1. It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy. Like when one of the meth addict’s kids in my apartment complex gets hit by a car and instead of helping I hum the losing music from The Price Is Right.





  3. Hard to take anybody seriously that can’t move their finger over an eighth of a an inch and use proper punctuation in order to cross the line between “retarded person with the mental capacity of an 8 year old” and “coherent human being who isn’t on food stamps and doesn’t vote Republican.” And to answer your question, it’s because kids today have no future. They deserve failure. I believe the book of Exodus says it best “the children shall suffer for the sins of the father”.

    1. “human being who isn’t on food stamps and doesn’t vote Republican.”

      You just contradicted yourself there.

  4. Personaly I couldn’t agree more that with such hight tech luxaries flossing is great.
    But still don’t you just hate to take the extra time to do it.

  5. I agree: floss picks are awesome. You don’t even have to use two hands with them. The pick does the work for you. And I think that’s what we all deserve.

    Also, toothpicks. They rock.
    It’s just a stick. You use it to clean out unwanted, but still tasty, bits of food. You also look cool with a toothpick just hanging in your mouth.

  6. Dental floss does bring me a subtle sense of satisfaction. The kind most don’t really value because of their individual insignificance. Kind of like a single day or a website like this or what you said.

    It seems you have flossed a few interesting thoughts out of me Dave. Interesting enough that I feel like processing and sharing them instead of just letting them rot between my teeth like that shit on sour skittles.

    Theres not anything you can do about or for meth kids hit by cars. At least not from that “distance”. Theres no one that can help them but god and steping out of the way themselves at that point. That is, when his parents and careless drivers are the cause of his demise.

    Who knows maybe he will overcome his situation and… he probably won’t. he would literaly have to… set himself on fire uh, “figuratively” to make that a best case scenario and turn that sort of situation into something positive.

    Worst case scenario, He died like most other people killed accidentally by cars and no one cares about his situation at all so he leaves behind nothing to mankind and to be learned by anyone at all. Since I couldn’t push him out of the way of that car or parenting and neither did anyone else, At least theres a lesson to be learned for us now, thanks to him.

  7. correction “Worst case scenario, He died like most other people killed accidentally by cars and no one cares about his situation so he leaves behind nothing to mankind or anything to be learned by anyone at all” Sorry about that poor sentence im getting tired.. Plus I thought Id add..

    Wow those post were from january? Now I know how an episode of something like Xavier on adult swim feels….

  8. I think flossing is awesome, but you didn’t even mention how awesome it is when you manage to pull out a big piece of food from your back teeth with that floss. What a sense of accomplishment!

  9. This is kinda gross, but I do my flossing every morning while I take care of my nasty sit down toilet business. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

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  12. Don’t you feel awesome when you finally get that bit of stubborn meat out of you’re teeth! Floss is AWESOME!

  13. I have to say this one is not awesome to me… I have a built in retainer.. flossing is one of my dreads each day… I used to love it, love floss picks and the way when you have to work until it gets to a certain point and then it clicks and its easy. Now I have had braces, and subsequently a cemented in retainer top and bottom so I have to force, and I mean force, a floss threader (which isn’t exactly thin its hard plastic floss) inbetween my teeth and gums, which causes me a lot of pain. I finally bought a waterpik because I could not do it anymore. Waterpiks are ridiculously fun though! I miss you flossing : ( !

  14. waterflossing, while fun does not replace flossing one moment. You might ask your ortho if wearing removable appliances at night would be adequate in your situation.

    I like waht you write. It’s inspiring, reminds me of slowing down to enjoy life now.

    Thanks and have a good day!

  15. I have to admit, flossing picks are great because they can reach the back of your mouth where hands might be too big to fit. Also, flavored floss is pretty great too.

  16. My favourite part of flossing is when you haven’t flossed for a while, and then when you do you spit blood.

  17. Having something stuck in your teeth is like Chinese water torture. I may be a little OCD, but there’s something about the feeling of freshly brushed and flossed teeth. I love to feel when I can suck the air between the little holes between my teeth, just where the gums meet the teeth (after clearing them with floss).

    I would have to agree, the simplicity of floss is its beauty. I have fashioned a piece of floss out of a loose thread on my clothing, it’s really just a string. So AWESOME! Maybe that’s more disgusting for hygiene reasons, but an object in my teeth just drives me nuts. Now, I just carry floss in my purse just to make sure that I never have to obsess over trying to remove that relentless morsel.

    1. I only got through half of the posts before I had to stop and floss. It was awesome – I got the chunk of meat and the blood.

  18. Flossy-flamingo has been one of my main nick-names all my life because I stand on one leg whenever I can…
    Otherwise, floss is also great for stubborn and unwanted popcorn kernals and saves teeth, saves life, really:D

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