#968 Barbecue lighters

Light my fire

Shouldn’t all lighters be replaced by barbecue lighters? They’re not much more expensive, but they’re so much more practical. No burning of the fingers. No getting your thumb all scraped. No trying to find this tiny little lighter that could be anywhere. You can’t lose a barbecue lighter. The thing’s the size of a fork. Sure, it’s got a little more weight, but it still fits in the average purse or pocket. And you can control the size of the flame! That’s gotta be worth something.

I think everyone should start carrying these things around instead of regular lighters. And who knows, you might actually have to light a barbecue sometime.

So there you go.


53 thoughts on “#968 Barbecue lighters

  1. I just bought one of these things and it sucks! It won’t work at all. It mustered a brief sputter of flame the first couple of times I tried it, but only for a second at a time. Now, it barely even sparks. Do you need to add your own butane before using it? If so, what a rip-off.

    1. I think you have to keep in mind that before the lighter is purchased, some perspective would-be buyers test the lighters before buying. True, they have borrowed some of your awesomeness from your lighter, but luckily it’s awesomosity can be refilled.

  2. They have other practical uses…candle and fire place lighting. Nothing is more annoying that trying to light a candle in a jar that is all the way at the bottom with a regular lighter. Bring in the BBQ lighter and BOOH YAH!

  3. I was so pissed. I almost threw it against the ground, but I was worried it would explode and I’d get disfigured by facial burns and a chunk of plastic flying into my eye. It wasn’t awesome at all.

    You know what was awesome, though? I went to the store and got some of that liquid barbecue starter. Squirt that all over the place, toss a match on, and FOOM! AWESOME!

  4. I seriously took one of those to the bar once. Heading out the door, couldn’t find a lighter to save my soul, so I grabbed the BBQ lighter. Wouldn’t you know it, I think about 3 people asked me for lights. Yes, I felt like a giant tool, but it was an interesting conversation starter!

    1. I was just thinking how funny it would be to see people lighting cigarettes with a BBQ lighter. Luckily, most people who smoke probably don’t care what the lighter looks like, as long as they are getting their cigarette lit.

  5. I’m definitely into these lighters, especially for those ‘almost dead’ candles that I’m still in love with and can’t light without burning my fingers.

  6. For those of us who are matches and lighters impaired, those barbecue lighters are great. I use them at work when I light candles……

    (I set my fingernail on fire one time by lighting a match for a tea candle. Slef-reservation set in, and without thinking, I plunged my flaming thumb into my brandy snifter….which happened to be Howard-the-Goldfish’s home…..He went belly up out of fearing the flaming fingernail…..RIP Howard…)

  7. You’ll need a leather holster to go on your belt as well , with those silver snap buttons so everyone hears it when you’re taking it out .

  8. I actually used to carry this around, and when you could still smoke in restaurants, I would pull this bad boy out and light up. Everyone just thought it was a bit strange, in a funny way. I called it my “white trash” lighter. I loved that thing.

  9. I don’t have the patience for a lighter. Give me a good old-fashioned blowtorch any day. My wife thinks it’s overkill, but it does start the fire fast.

    I think it’s a safer way to light the gas grill. I get the blowtorch going, shove it down into the gas area, then turn on the gas. Poof, the grill is going. Much better than the old match days when a large quantity of gas would build up then FOOM!!!!

  10. The other day, my boyfriend and his friend were hanging out by the car while the friend had a smoke. The barbecue lighter is the only device we own for creating fire. At some point, the lighter is left on the car. Later than night, we all go out on a burger run. I can still remember my boyfriend crying out in despair as his barbecue lighter that he’d managed to hold onto for years, went flying off in the middle of the night on a lonely stretch of highway.

  11. My dad has one of these around the house, for when the one of the stove burners turn off! Awesome!

  12. Best part of all? You can spin one of those badboys on your finger like they do in the duels in westerns. There’s even a trigger, which I take to mean it’s perfectly legitimate to make gun firing noises when lighting anything. Try and beat that little regular lighter.

    1. I actually read every single one of these comments, to see if someone was going to be say something about the Western Movie gun tricks you can do with them! So cool! Yeah BBQ lighter tricks! Ka Pow!

  13. My friend carried one in her car for her cigarettes. It always made me laugh to see her light up with it while driving down the highway.

  14. Have any of you seen the BBQ lighters shaped and painted like a rifle, now that gets their attention being pulled out of the old purse.!
    Can I light that for you?

  15. HAHAHA

    I would LOVE to carry a bbq lighter around with me in my purse.. do you know how freaked out people would be if I just whipped it out casually and started flicking it on and off for kicks?

    Unfortunately, as a self-professed pyro, I no longer allow myself to carry around my 15 lighters, and 6 packs of matches b/c people seem uneasy around me… lol. and i dont even smoke

  16. I once had one with like instead of the usal flame it hade a jet type one that would not blow out it wasent cheap but people loved it and it got me a girl freind

  17. We all pitched in and bought hubby a pressto the button and it’s self-starting bbq. but definately handy for the wood stove and fire pit days!!!

  18. I once got an office co-worker one of these as kind of a gag gift. About a week later, he came up to me and thanked me. He had never used a bbq lighter, but only the regular ones. He loved it as he had some long glass candles that he regularly lighted.

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  21. Looking for a small holster for my BBQ lighter that I can put inside the door below the BBQ and keep my lighter out of the way, out of sight but very handy…..anyone seen one of these….THX

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