#957 The telephone

The magic machine

What’s this? I can talk into a clump of plastic and wires over here and you can hear me from the other side of the planet a millisecond later?


29 thoughts on “#957 The telephone

  1. You know what? I love your blog. It reminds us that the little things we take for granted in life, like the telephone. Are truly AWESOME inventions.

  2. Is it just me, or does the writer just seem to be phoning this one in?
    (…groan…I know! but it was too hard to resist.)

  3. From illegal naps, to fresh sheets and picking boogers… your site makes my day AWESOME!!

    Thanks for posting early everyday too: )

  4. very nice..
    (its kinda an inside joke. you have to say “very nice” with a sort of inflation or accent, rather. that makes it funny. of course, this isnt very funny to any random person. just my friends and i. unless you get the joke. then its funny for you too.)

  5. So simple yet so true, this one made me laugh out loud. Telephones are awesome.

    Going through each number from 1000 and each one just makes me smile.

  6. I miss the big, heavy rotary dial phones. Those were the days when you could have the satisfaction of slamming down the phone if needed. Throwing a cell phone across the room just doesn’t cut it.

  7. I hate people who talk on the phone for days, though. It’s like seriously, goodbye! No, I don’t want to hear your thoughts on medieval politics, and I don’t care that you just hit level 36 in some stupid game nobody’s ever heard of!

  8. Telephone is for shore one of the many examples of the innovative mind of the human being.I can`t imagine my life without it,because now-a-days all the types of technology can be moved in to a mobile,and it tends to grow up,with the frequent releases of new phone,always faster,smaller,and more expensive that the last one.Had you ever thought when it will stop?I would say that this technology race will never stop,always will have something new,and as ussual everybody will want it.Not many years ago,we used to send letters to comunicate whit each other,the news used to delay month,maybe years to arrive.now we know what is happening on the other side of the wolrd on the same time that the facts.

  9. Yeah, I find telephones awesome too! Especially because they are one of the few technological devices I really know how to use, along with ringing bells and iPods. And there’s nothing like listening a “hi” from someone dear who is on the other side of the world, even if it happens at 5 o’clock in the morning – and it’s even better if your ring tone is a song from Bee Gees. You know, it’s just awesome.

  10. Have you ever wondered how the phone works? I have and have never been able to figure it out…

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