#955 Sneezing three or more times in a row

Kleenex softens the snotty blow

Sometimes sneezes hit you and hit you hard.

Unless you’re rolling around in a pile of ragweed or sleeping on a pillow filled with pepper and cat hair, it usually starts completely out of nowhere. You feel that tickle deep up your nose. Just a tiny little quiver way, way up there, near where you eyeball connects to your brain. You squint a bit, pull your hand up to your mouth, and then BOOM! Your eyes squeeze tightly, your face contorts and crunches together, and it screams down your face at the speed of sneeze, exploding out of your mouth in a wet and ugly climax of snot droplets and head goo flying in all directions.

Loving it

Despite the look of it, sneezing can feel pretty great. Not only does repeated sneezing give you a weird, spacey head rush, but it can also be quite refreshing. Those sinuses get cleaned out a bit. The nose hairs get a brief, windy blow down. Plus, you fire whatever might be irritating your nasal cavity out of your nose like a cannon, sending it flying across the room in a spastic I Must Get This Out Of Me overreaction.

Now, although sneezes are usually a surprise, there are times when you know they’re in there and you just want them to leave. What’s worse than that frustratingly stubborn sneeze? I’m talking about the kind that pauses all conversation, leaving your friends stuck grimacing and watching you writhe in an agitated Potentially Sneezing Soon state, trying to force the sneeze locked in your nose in or out.

It’s just awkward.

But that’s why it feels great to let that booming sneeze out, preferably in a punctuated rat-a-tat-tat sequence of three or more sneezes for the full effect. Tiny mousesqueak sneezes or booming dogbark sneezes welcome, because whatever your style man, that’s cool. It’s all good.

And hey, you know what’s the best part? Free blessing! Yes, everyone around you chimes in just when your body is buzzing, your sinuses are sparkling, and your head pipes are all vacuumed clean.


Loving it

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77 thoughts on “#955 Sneezing three or more times in a row

  1. I guess it’s relevant that I have a cold. It makes reading this so much more enjoyable. Especially that spacey head rush.

  2. i get a lucky break, since im really photosensitive in the sneezing regard. i sneeze more or less every morning when i walk outside
    often more than once

  3. This one is interesting. Definitely one of the more annoying to witness, but you’re right. If I’m the one sneezing repeatedly it feels


    Especially if the roof of my mouth has that itch that sometimes comes with the sneeze, and the air force tickles it just right. Mmmmm.

    1. Awesome comment~SO TRUE!
      In the movie “Beautiful Girl’s”, “Bless you for a sneeze means I love you”; is a quote and a sign of true love, and love should definately be FREE!!!
      May God Bless You for being true!

      1. While walking yesterday with my 11 month old grandson, picking wild flowers, I put some wild roses up to his nose to smell the fragance of a real rose, at which point the poor little guy sneezed 10x…yes, 10x and 10 “I Love You’s,” I said…IT was wild!!!

  4. sneezing 3 or more times in a row is truly awesome. blessings are awesome also but if someone decides to “bless” me during the ugly face phase my buddy will stop and i won’t sneeze at all.
    that pisses me off.

    1. Seriously, I sneeze 7 times in a row, no more no less. People give the stare of “are you okay?” or I’m being blessed for at least a couple minutes after..gotta love that!!

      1. Hahaha, man I always do at least three sneezes, but usually 7……how weird, it’s the golden number! I bet there is a formula (but no money or need to research it haha)

  5. I agree… sneezing is great… and from what I’ve heard over the years, like 3% orgasm… double awesome!

  6. If I don’t pinch my nose, I hear a throttle sound (I don’t know if that’s actually a sound, but the onomatopoeia sounds right). It’s like a machine gun and it’s really painful. If I do pinch my nose, the mucus goes to my throat and I basically spend the rest of the day hacking up phlegm (which can be quite awesome, tbh – I treat myself if I see blood).

  7. I’m just like you Katie. Most times I sneeze 3 times in a row. I came here to see why. I thought that I may be a warrior from a long lost tribe that has special strengths and senses. I guess not. ; )

  8. I have sevre allergies. While it’s quite hilarious sneezing nine times, it also pops blood vessels. =/

  9. The triple-fire sneeze, always feels great!! My wife always laughs at me for always sneezing three times in a row. Maybe she’s just jealous that she can’t pull it off.

  10. My husbands sneezes always comes in pairs. I always know to wait until second one to say, “Bless you.”

  11. I sneeze 5 times in a row each time I sneeze. I have had three sneezing fits in the span of five minutes where I sneeze 6 times per each fit.
    The most I’ve ever gotten in a row is 8 or 9.
    I hold my nose whenever I’m in school and I sneeze or else the entire class, including the teacher, looks at me and asks me if I’m done.
    Sneezing five times in a row is not fun to me because everyone just stares and stops whatever they’re doing to ask me if I’m done.

  12. The maximum number of times i’ve sneezed was today..i went outside and it was snowing..when i was back home..i ain’t joking but i sneezed 10-12 times in a row….sheesh! I was just waiting for it to stop..my nose gets all red due to the repeated sneezes…lol my friends call me rudolph.. =) XOX

  13. Normally I only sneeze once, sometimes twice. But during allergy season, I commonly sneeze a dozen times or more in a row while I’m in the shower first thing in the morning. By the time they’re done I’m lightheaded and exhausted and my stomach hurts. It’s not awesome at all. :(

  14. I just caught a cold and its making me sneeze about 4 times in a row, about 5 times a day, leaving me with a terrible sore throat. The sneeze clears out my lungs and sinus, but the throat takes a beating.

  15. I was once eating a muffin on an excessively packed train in mid-summer when my hay-fever kicked in. When I sneeze, it’s like a rapid fire cannon type explosion of like 5 in a row, which I almost never see/feel coming. I managed to jam my hand to my face after the first one, but it was too late and I had already sneezed muffin all over the guy in front of me’s excessively quaffed hair. We were jammed in pretty tight, he had his headphones on and wasn’t facing me, so there were no immediate repercussions. I’m not even sure he noticed, but I’m sure everyone else around us did. I couldn’t even tell him he had bits of my muffin stuck in his hair, as I was choking on the remaining sneeze muffin left in my mouth and didn’t want to cough more in his face when I attempted an apology. Not awesome at all.

  16. I come from a family of many sneezes. When I was little, my sister and I would count how many times our dad would sneeze, and it was always ten at least.

    In all my years of school, so few people would say “Bless you” when I sneeze that eventually I forced myself to make it sound like a cough. Because people not saying “Bless you” when you sneeze is totally not awesome.

  17. In my family, growing up, the number of sneezes meant something:

    Once = a wish
    Twice = a kiss
    Three = a letter
    Four = something better

    I tend to get a 1 or a 2 but am always aiming for a 4………..

  18. I’ve heard that sneezing is the closest to orgasm and death that you can come without either actuality occurring… Not sure if it’s true, but it’d make sense.

  19. I’m seriously not trying be a Debbie Downer, but I have to disagree with this one. I guess it just doesn’t apply to me. I personally sneeze many many times a day, and in bursts of anywhere from 2 to 10. Let me tell you, it gets old.

  20. whenever someone in our office sneezes three times, one of our colleagues calls out “three sneezes, lucky you! you’re officially contagious, you can go home!”

    No one has yet, but the idea is awesome.

  21. Growing up in my house, if you sneezed three times in a row, my dad would give you a quarter. Awesome!

  22. Sneezing patterns do seem to run in families. On my father’s side they come in pairs, but quite often in pairs of pairs. This means I’ll usually sneeze twice quite quickly, wait a few seconds, then have another couple of sneezes. But if the tickle still doesn’t go away, subsequent sneezes seem to come singly. Strange!

    On my mother’s side, they are far more efficient. One sneeze, and it’s done!

  23. My mom’s record is 24 in a row… my is only 17. :)

    It’s kind of a running gag in our house that we count whenever someone starts to sneeze more than two or three times.

  24. I just sneezed five times in a row which is the most I have ever. Oh, and they were like hardcore sneezes too. My head’s ringing right now

  25. I love it when I get seven or more sneezes in a row. Really clears one’s head.

    As for the orgasm comments, sneezes are not a percentage of an orgasm. They ARE orgasms. They’re just nasal orgasms.

  26. It’s so not awesome to sneeze more than 3 times in a row. I have paroxysmal sneezing, which means every time I sneeze, I always sneeze AT LEAST 10 times in a row. Once I sneezed 20 times in a row. I couldn’t breathe. Not fun.

  27. You know what I think is awesome about sneezing? When I do it in public and a total stranger says “Bless you!” I just love that.

  28. every morning precisely 15 minutes after i wake up, i have a fit of sneezing as all the crap from the previous night that settled in my nose is released.

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  30. I have to disagree with this one. I hate sneezing. HATE. Every time I sneeze, it’s at least 3 times, usually 4 or 5, and usually at an inconvenient time such as when I’m driving or talking on the phone. My all-time record is 10 in a row. I had been dating my boyfriend for a full year before he actually heard me sneeze only once.

  31. every day i sneeze 7 to 8 times in row so that people get sick of blessin me and after that i feel awful with my itchy eyes and tickling throat…

  32. Its lucky to sneeze more than 3 times in a row. Had a huge arguement about it one day. I still maintain it’ll be nice weather the next day if you sneeze 3 times. My adversary however, claimed doing it allowed you to make a wish. We settled our differences quite amicably though. We decided to make a wish in the sunshine the next day :D

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  34. I love sneeze-athons! It is nice to have a solid amount of consecutive sneezes every once in a while. Except if you’re driving. Then it is not so good.

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