#927 A really cold glass of water on a really hot day

When your eyes sting from big salty beads of dripping sweat, your T-shirt gets wet and sticky and melts to your back, and your upper lip forms a splotchy sweatstache, then I say brother, it’s time for a drink.

And what says refreshing better than a tall glass of completely dripping, condensation-covered, fall-in-a-pond-in-winter-cold water?

I mean, you chug that stuff down and it feels like swallowing an icicle. You can actually feel that cold river ripping down the chute and coating your insides. You can feel your throat pulsing, your stomach clenching and thanking you, and your entire body just drop a couple of degrees. It might feel like you’re the model for the Pepto-Bismal commercial, only instead of pink stuff, water.

Yes, a really cold glass of water on a really hot day is simple, it’s cheap, it’s refreshing, and we all know it is truly …


30 thoughts on “#927 A really cold glass of water on a really hot day

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  2. Water – that’s the stuff! But you’d better get some while the gettin’s good. My buddies and I just bought 1000 AWESOME acres of Northern Greenland wilderness for $273.46, and we’re preparing for the global warming revolution. We’ve got 6 shotguns, 83 miles of electric fence, and one 12 x 12 ice fishing house. That’s right! 30 years from now, you’ll be drinking Brawndo, and we’ll be enjoying that sweet combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen that tastes so perfect on a hot summer day! (drwizard.wordpress.com)

  3. The year was 2002. The place was Fed Ex Shipping Center in White’s Creek Tennessee. I was a doe-eyed 22 year old, working my first (and last) job that required real physical labor. Loading boxes on a 100 degree trailer. One after another, never stopping until break time or I got injured (it happened a lot, hence why they don’t offer insurance). The boxes weighed anywhere between 5 and 150 pounds. And we never had help. But Goddammit, that cold water at break time could resurrect a dead water buffalo. Just one Dixie Cup, and I was ready for the next four hours. Water rules.

  4. Ice cold water on a really hot day kind of stings. Water that’s slightly cooler than room temperature is the best on a hot day because you can chug like 5 gallons of the stuff without even taking a breath. It feels incredible!

  5. There is a lemon tree in the corner of my mom’s back yard. When I was a kid I had to mow the grass once a week, and during the summer in the San Fenando Valley in California we had quite a few 100 degrees+ days. I never minded, though…
    I would do the front yard and most of the back until I reached that lemon tree, where I would take a break. I’d give the tree a quick shake until the ripest lemon would fall off, I’d take it inside,then make up a tall glass of icewater, and squeeze in a big shot of lemon juice. Chugging that nectar was one of life’s greatest pleasures.

    Thanks for reminding me!

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  9. Thanks. After reading this and looking at the picture, I felt the need to run out and grab a glass of water. I love the first gulp when you can feel it going down all the way.

  10. I love water from those 5-gallon Gatorade coolers that they just pack full of ice first, then fill in the gaps with water. That’s really good, but for the perfect coldness, you need to wait until the first load of water is drained and the leftover ice starts to melt. You might say that it’s the same thing to simply load your cup with ice, but unless you want to mix it with a paint shaker, you’ll only get the water to about 31.9 degrees. With melt-water, every last joule of latent heat is still being used to break the bonds in the ice crystals, so the liquid that comes off is an absolutely perfect 32 degrees.

    An alternate way to get this effect is to put a container full of water into the freezer, then pull it out just as the top and sides have frozen into a thin layer (just don’t forget it or you’ll end up with a plain block of ice, and often a burst container). Tap into it and you get what tastes like liquid ice. It’s not even warm yet today and I’m craving some right now.

  11. This is the answer to “The Search for Delicious”. I read that book about a thousand times when I was in grade school and recently gave it as a gift to a couple of different tween booklovers that I know. It’s full of intrigue, action, mermaids, trolls, gnomes, fairies, knights in shining armor, kings and queens and the quest of a young man to poll the kingdom on what to put in the royal dictionary under “delicious”. Not to be a spoiler, but refer to first sentence. By the way, love this blog!

  12. What I like to do on these hot Texas summer days (we’ve been in the 90s the past two months, and the triple digits ALREADY for the past 2 days) is this:

    1/4 frozen drink
    3/4 soda

    It’s like having ice in your drink, but, since I dislike ice itself (yes, I am very strange), I have very finely chopped ice with flavoring in it, which helps to add flavor to the soda. Delicious. Now I want one.

  13. I learned this trick as a kid: If you can’t get cold water, try a very minty sweet or chewing gum, followed by whatever glass of lukewarm water you can come by. As good as heaven. However, very cold water AND said technigue combined… rather TOO mindblowing for my taste…

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