#918 When you’re really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you

Hey, you know what’s even better than taking a nap on the couch? Well, I’ll tell you: that feeling you get just before you fall asleep on the couch.

Yes, that’s when you enter that blissful, semi-conscious Pre-Nap World where your thoughts float and zoom around your brain and your muscles relax and detensify. The sun feels warm on your face, the radio on in the background fades to a comforting white noise, and you know… you just know… that you’re about to fall asleep.

It feels great.

There are really only two things that can disturb you when you’re in the Pre-Nap World:

  1. Feeling like you have to go to the bathroom. Sorry, but unless you trust your bladder to balloon without bursting, you might just have to get up for this one. Nobody can really help you go to the bathroom while you’re laying on the couch, unless they really, really love you.
  2. Feeling cold. You get those ol’ laying-on-the-couch shivers. You know your sheets and blankets are back on your bed, and you could just get up to get them, but you don’t really want to move because then you’ll leave the blissful Pre-Nap World. And it’s a nice world. That’s a world you don’t leave lightly.

So that’s why it’s great whenever someone notices your dilemma and just quietly grabs a blanket from the closet and tosses it on your semi-conscious self. If they’re really nice, they even flap the blanket above you and let it open up and softly land on you.

When that happens you immediately feel the warmth radiating around you, a tiny smile curls itself on the corners of your lips, and you fall deeper and deeper into a nice, relaxing rest.


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72 thoughts on “#918 When you’re really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. that was beautiful!!! Has to be one of my all time favourite totally Awesome posts i’ve read so far of yours! You captured that “blissful Pre-Nap” moment so well! Loved it….. so cosy..

  2. If there is a woman in the house, you can count on her getting a blanket for you when you are drowsing on the couch. It must be something mothers pass down to daughters.

  3. …that is the exact point, without fail, when my cell phone rings shrilly, shattering the peaceful afternoon.

    i think i shall throw it in the river and have a nice nap :)

  4. That really shows that someone loves you. When you’re minding your business and you look over and see a loved one, someone whom you might want to hug and you cover them with a blanket in replace of your arms. That’s love!

    Or, it just might be cold.

      1. Last I looked, no one was forcing me to waste my time reading this. I wonder who put a gun to Ray’s head.

        I would also like to second jesse’s comment about it being a warm blanket… :-)

  5. My father will often do this for me when I sleep on the couch at home. It always reminds me why and how much I love him.

  6. Pfft to you, Ray.

    What a sweet moment in time. Post more. Real people like them.

    Ray is in prison for hate.

  7. Wow Ray, you’re quite a jack ass. I loved this post. This truly is an awesome thing. Makes me want to curl up on the couch right now. Take some Nyquil first. That’ll really make the experience cozy and sleepy.

  8. I am a Flight Attendant and seeing passengers try to drift off to sleep in the coach/economy cabin lying across the seats with their coats bunched up as make-shift pillows and their sweaters as blankets always pulls at my heart-strings. I know all too well what it’s like to want just a few hours sleep.

    Thus I make a HUGE policy of walking around the cabin with nice cosy blankets (pinched from first class – not the cheap nasty coach ones) and fluffing them out and putting them gently over the passengers. The look of true thanks on their face speaks volumes and I know how much they must appreciate it.

    It’s definitely not a part of my job, but it always feels good to make someone’s journey just that little more special.

      1. I had the most delightful experience of having a flight attendant put a blanket on me once. I had been flying for 15 hours already and had just transferred planes again. Not only did he put a blanket on me but he tucked it in around me. It was the sweetest thing and very, very AWESOME! Thanks for being a cool and thoughtful person in the air.

        Love the posts – they’re a reminder of the true gifts life has for us all :)

    1. Very late in posting a comment to this, but I feel the need to say that you are a beautiful and wonderful person.

      I flew home from Michigan last winter, and it was something like 10 degrees out and I was freezing. It was a fairly empty flight and my coat just wasn’t doing it for warmth as I tried to nap. The flight attendant put a blanket around me and when I looked up at her she gestured for me to lift my head. She put a pillow behind my head and fluffed it as well as she could before walking away. People like her, and like you, are great, great people.

  9. I agree. How delicious that feeling is. If you keep a throw within reach of your couch, you can treat yourself. We all deserve that scrumptious feeling of coziness.

  10. yep, that’s the feeling. and the comforting sounds of the other people in the house just going about their business lulls you and you just know that if you do fall all the way asleep that’s okay ’cause they’ll just let you sleep and not move you…

  11. And related to this…the blankets that hospitals (and some dentists) keep in a warming cabinet and will put over you. OMG, they’re wonderful.

  12. The blanket-covered-sofa-nap moment is great – it reminds me of another awesome moment: getting carried to bed. You’ve fallen asleep on the sofa and instead of getting woken up to walk to bed, you get picked up and carried there.

    Ok, so this hasn’t happened since I was about 8.

    It’s still awesome.

  13. THANK YOU!! I am always trying to explain this feeling to my sister so know i just showed her this post. Your posts rock!

  14. I absolutely love this one!…but I think I can top it… imagine feeling all those blissful feelings but in addition, the one that gently places the blanket over you is your 6 year old daughter. That is just something I’ll never forget.

    1. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. It must be so wonderful knowing that your daughter loves you so much, and I hope you know that you are a great mother for her to do that for you. :)

  15. I gotta say, while the memory of that ever happening is nice, I can’t even think of the last circumstance of occurrence.

    Even better is the falling into peaceful nap zone without any interruption and possible coming back from the distant sleepy nap zone of sleep.

  16. I like laying on my bed at night making up a “visual story.” One where I like to pretend I’m dreaming about something awesome, like I’m making a movie. Then, probably I fall asleep without knowing it, and the I wake up at ten in the morning on a beautiful Sunday and I roll my eyes because I know that was a very dumb plot. :roll: So yeah, that happens to me a lot. I’m an only child so there no sharing with any siblings or anything like that, so I get all the attention and thats why my mom/dad throws a blanket on me like that a lot.

  17. or when you’re hungry
    and your favorite person comes by
    and offers to take you out to eat

    like real hungry
    to poor to buy food hungry

    but I like the blanky too

  18. What a wonderful, bliss-inducing post… Sadly, I can’t remember the last time anyone covered me with a blanket and tucked me in, though… I feel quite deprived.

    Usually the phone rings when I’m in that delightful pre-nap, not-quite-here-not-quite-anywhere state. Or someone rings the doorbell.

    GKG and Cat’s flight attendant are just plain awesome. I wish I could encounter one of them on a flight.

  19. @Ray


    Maybe look at yourself before you start accusing other people of being ‘time wasters’.

    You made a big effort to leave that comment.

    Too much free time.
    Unhappily married?
    Not married?
    Lonely, looking for attention?
    Any attention?

    Do something else with your hopeless opinions rather than try to bring down somebody’s success when it brings so much happiness to everyone else.

    Ofa Rimoni

    1. and let’s not give ray any more undeserved attention he probably just doesn’t have anyone that loves him enough to do this or anything for that matter for him

  20. When I was in high school, I fell asleep where we were keeping all our coats and bags at some Speech event when I was done performing. When I woke up, I was covered by coats that a girl I was merely acquaintances with had put over me. It was nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. I will forever identify her with this one moment of our lives that she probably doesn’t even remember. AWESOME post!

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