#914 Surprise two-ply

Danger may lie withinAnyone else hate those big toilet paper wheels in the public restroom? You know the ones. They’re big, they’re plastic, and they hold massive rolls of thin, transluscent one-ply toilet paper. And they’re pretty stingy with their papery plunder, too. Yes, you have to stick your hand up there and fish around a bit to find a loose end, and then give it an even, gentle tug just so to prevent it from ripping into bits.

And hey, how about those light, hospital boxes of one-ply Kleenex? Same deal, right? Blow your nose into that stuff and you’ll find your hands turn into a slippery, sticky mess. You might even have a few tiny bits of Kleenex lingering around your nose or upper lip afterwards, too. It’s not pretty.

So that’s why it’s great when you discover some surprise, two-ply toilet paper in a public restroom or some surprise two-ply Kleenex on the counter at the doctor’s office. Yes, when it’s two-ply, you’re flying high, baby, because it comes out easy, goes down smooth, and just feels like home.


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22 thoughts on “#914 Surprise two-ply

  1. I heart your awesomeness~but I have to admit I secretly love the single ply.

    -Enviornmently friendly
    -Does not back up sewer system
    -Cheaper at the store
    -feels like your ruffing it, even though your not
    -the feeling of your own snot on your hand sometimes rocks! You have to bust a quick move in order to avoid social angst
    -when your using the single ply, your living life at a very genuine bada$$ location…

    Therefore (tripple triangle dot):
    Single Ply is AWESOME!!!!1!

    1. I love the way you think! Way to put a position spin on something that most people think is negative!

      Totally Awesome!!!


  2. are you serious? i just ran out of toilet paper 2 days ago and haven’t had time to buy more. first we moved on to the kleenex which was nice while it lasted, but now we’re on to the paper towels which is amazing. you can get at least quadruple the amount of feces in one swoop with these bad boys. brawny for the win.

  3. i have to say, i completely agree. i hate hate hate 1-ply toilet paper and don’t understand it at all. i use twice as much so it does nothing for the environment or cost-effective arguments. my mother and my grandmother both use it. i buy the extra-strong 2-ply stuff.

    if i could wipe with a fluffy pillow, i would.

  4. Aw man, don’t fish for it with your hand up there. Nah, see, you gotta turn it so the end pops out for you.

  5. One of the cheapest stores in our town, a hardware store that sells tools that could be labled single-use, has the best toilet paper. It’s the over a buck a roll brand, and I think it’s triple or quad-ply stuff. I was shocked. I know that the screwdriver bought there wasn’t any tougher than the screw I need to loosen, but gosh dang it, I respect their bathroom.

  6. A kid in my high school ran for president, and his entire platform was based upon getting two ply for the washrooms. Unfortunately, he didn’t get elected.

    1. omg…Someone in my junior highschool had used the same platform in her campaign and she did get elected!…But no wonder, before she got elected, our toilet paper was, and it wasn’t one ply (that would have been an upgrade), it was this “almost cardboardy” stuff that if it bent in any way, it had pointy edges. OUCH! and it didn’t absorb so well (I dont know where the school had the idea that that was toilet paper!)

      Anyways, surprise two-ply is definetely great…actually even more than that it’s Awesome!!

  7. I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like yours instead.

  8. The tp thing:
    1. if it wasn’t re-placed, she’s mad at me
    2. if it’s not re-placed, rolling “the correct way-forward”- she’s mad at me
    3. if it’s 2-ply, she’s spending money unnecessarily, because I bought the new 4×4, motorcycle and snowmobile, she’s mad at me
    *I know a guy who has a thing or 2 to say about toilet paper.
    What you said is far more understanding and nicer.
    A gentleman too…awesome!

      1. if you made a dress out of it, you’re likely at a bridal shower and it’s definately 2-ply.
        You’d have to make a mummy suit with the dreadful 1-ply dispenser kind…if you’re lucky!

  9. I LOVE going to my grandparent’s house, they always have that SUPER luxurious 4ply thick stuff. Nice break from school toilet paper which is really thin, but somehow cardboardy at the same time. Also, sometimes kids use so much, there is literally no water in the toilet- it absorbed it all. Don’t ask me how, you might as well use newspaper. Also, lets talk about the paper towel issue. Who else had to deal with the brown paper towels that don’t absorb anything and are rough and scratchy, they just push the water around. It take about ten of them just to dry up a few drops of water. Plus half the timw the dispensers are broken or empty- you just keep turning the handle and nothing comes out. argh!

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