#912 Hanging your hand out the window of a car

On a warm, sunny day, driving in a car with the window open and your hair whipping around everywhere, what’s better than letting your hand slip safely out that window and letting it wildly roller-coaster against the wind?

You know how it is: that speeding car creates a strong and forceful wind pocket that’s fun to ride, and as you let it slip and slide across your fingers, you can kind of close your eyes and pretend you’re just flying along.


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42 thoughts on “#912 Hanging your hand out the window of a car

  1. It is all fun and games until the semi takes your arm off at the elbow….at least that is what my mom used to scream when she was driving me to school…. she may have been drunk… so that was the least of my worries… but I digress… what were we talking about?

  2. hanging my hand out of the window of the car …….
    you have no idea how happy it makes me when i do this .i become a child again.

  3. I like it when it’s raining and you do this. It’s one of those things that hurts a little and feels cool at the same time.

  4. I agree so wholeheartedly with everything you say that I am beginning to worry that we are the same person. This is one of the most awesome feelings in the world.

  5. I always get the urge to do this when the weather in FL gets a little cool. I always feel a slight tinge of embarrassment at first, but as soon as my hand goes out the window, I don’t care anymore. It really is awesome.

  6. i recall comedian rich hall having a sniglet (look it up on wiki, dammit) for this technique… it was called “aeropalmics.”

  7. what’s even more awesome is to unbuckle your seatbelt for a while and lean your whole upper half out the window

  8. One summer, during a 2 1/2 hr drive up north from Burlington to Muskoka (in Ontario), my boss and I had windows full down, and my right arm was “aeropalming” the ENTIRE time… when we finally stopped at our destination (and stayed 20 min before returning) my arm was numb from the hair being forcefully airblown @ 130km/h for so long!

    Another awesome? Sunroofs, or jeeps, or sawed off roofs of cars and the same feeling on your scalp!

  9. on a ride in which my girlfriend was driving, i had my hand out the window, enjoying it as much as i always do, then suddenly BAM! something hit my hand and exploded all over it and my face! “DAMN BUGS!” i screamed. i looked down at my hand to see a honey bee butt and guts covering it. i count myself lucky that i wasnt impaled with a stinger or struck in the eye with it.

  10. As a seasoned hand-hanger-out-of-windower, I feel the need to make a PSA here: If it’s cooler than 60 degrees, make sure you verify that your hand still had feeling and circulation every few minutes. I definitely once left my entire left forearm outside the window for a 25 minute drive without doing this, and I couldn’t feel a thing when it was over. =P

  11. One day while “aero-palming” w/a french fry cooling, I dropped it. Watching it catch the wind and land on the wiper of the car behind us was not nearly as impressive to me as the two “bikers” in the car. At the next next stoplight, they exited their 6ft plus frames from their car rather quickly and came toward us to share their “amusement” re: the aero-fry. We drove over the curb, deciding to not join in the “discussion”.

  12. I love putting my hand out of car window, especially when its a warm and sunny day. Its a great feeling. Just let your hand ride the wind.

  13. Seeing a dog with it’s head out of the car window, ears and fur blowing around, tongue hanging out and with a silly, happy expression on it’s face . . . always cheers me up and makes me laugh!

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  15. I loved it too until the last time I did that.. a bee smacked right into my hand and passed out onto my lap for a second. I totally flipped out and jumped outta the car. Luckily I wasn’t driving.

  16. Those were my first lessons in aerodynamics. Now I am a pilot and an aerospace engineer. The car window is still a better fluid dynamics laboratory for intuitive learning than any I used at university.

  17. A couple of times, I’ve gone down to Guatemala on a bus. I live in Mexico City so it’s about 18 hours and not that much fun, but the last hour of the journey is in a combi and I just love that part. Stick my whole head out the window, feel the wind bashing up my face, turning my hair into a knot… Awesome :D

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