#911 Getting served breakfast in bed

Notice the chocolate. Dessert at breakfast is a winner.

Maybe it’s Mother’s Day at 7:30am and your kids wake you up with a plate of cold toast, runny eggs, and a short glass of lukewarm OJ. Sure, it may not be the best-tasting meal in the world, and yeah, you might fill your sheets with crumbs, but don’t tell me getting served breakfast isn’t the greatest.

I mean, there you were just sleeping there. And someone else said “Let’s go downstairs and cook up our best possible meal, toss it on a tray, and bring it upstairs and serve it to you.” Yes, serve it to you! Cook it up and set it up and serve it to you. I have to say you’re pretty lucky if this happens to you.

Plus, breakfast in bed can also help accomplish the exotic get up and eat up and get back down move, a brilliant Saturday or Sunday feat that involves filling your belly with breakfast and then immediately crashing back into a post fiesta siesta. Yes, it’s a great feeling to go back to bed with that full stomach. And who knows? Maybe there’s a lunch in bed just waiting for you on the other side of those sleepy dreams. But really, it’s a good question — has anyone ever actually scored lunch in bed? If so, I’m pretty sure they win the World’s Greatest Day Ever contest.

Now, the Trump Card for turning a good breakfast in bed into a great one is when it includes one or more of the following:

  • One of those tiny, miniature glass bottles of ketchup or jam
  • A homemade greeting card wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Birthday
  • A breakfast dessert of any kind
  • Butter painstakingly carved into a perfect sphere
  • Cute, restaurant-style folded up napkins

Because let’s be honest, people. We sure do love eating. We sure do love sleeping. And breakfast in bed is the closest we get to combining both at the same time. And around here, you know what we think of that.

Say it with me now.


It's not wasteful. You can recycle it!

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35 thoughts on “#911 Getting served breakfast in bed

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  2. The only thing better than breakfast in bed is breakfast in bed when your home sick from school. Generally served while watching the Price is Right.

  3. Hmmmm im gonna be one of those people and say ~ I don’t like breakfast in bed!! Cos of the crumbs in the sheets! Strangely I don’t mind eating munchies in bed late at night that can be guilty pleasure! But breakfast when I’m just waking up.. I can’t enjoy eating then! I end up being the server actually! Which is fine by me! LOL

  4. Mmm… breakfast dessert! This reminds me of a vacation we took where the meals were included. After your breakfast entree, the waiter would bring a TRAY of breakfast desserts to the table for us to root through. They were fancy little french pastries. That was seriously awesome! Plus, my in-laws paid for the vacation, so that made it FREE breakfast dessert. Double awesome!

  5. Has anyone ever scored the perfect-stack-of-pancakes-that-looks-like-the-picture-on-the-pancake-box-breakfast-in-bed? Because that would have to rank up there pretty high, with an entire team going to work for you downstairs.

  6. Okay. So today I had to urinate EXTREMELY bad and I didn’t think I was going to make it to the bathroom…then when I finally (barely) made it and just let loose at the urinal…it was awesome. I’m just sayin’ it was. I pee’d for like 5 minutes.

    Happy to share. No thanks necessary.

  7. Okay, tip from the recently married guy. If you don’t know what time your wife has to wake up for work, don’t chance it. As happy as she’ll be to get food, she’ll be much angrier if you wake her up more than 15 minutes early. The bruises are still healing. The coffee stains on the carpet never will.

  8. That’s right, former Dave. Everyone knows the last half hour of sleep is the most important. No matter how fluffy that omelette, it will never make up for that precious, lost shut-eye.

  9. My 6 year old daughter loves doing this for me. Once in a while she surprises me with a cheese sandwich and a glass of water or milk :D . Yep, it´s awesome!!

  10. Hello there bro , sweet content there. I yahoo your webkeep it up .I seriously like to read your post.Last of all have great day cheers!

  11. Me, I don’t really enjoy it unless I’ve just been snoozing and lazing for the past hour. I am never hungry immediately after waking up.

    I do, however, quite enjoy serving breakfast in bed. :D

    (Whoo commenting on things two years two late! But I just discovered this, and it’s my little ray of sunshine. After reading various other blogs that make me confused and angry at how ridiculous people can be, I always come here and read a few Things to restore my faith in the world. Thanks!)

  12. haha, pretty awesome aiiii. my brother, myself and my mums partner served mum (and ourselves, of course!) croissants and coffee in bed for mothers day :))) she said it was one of the best mothers days shed had

  13. probably more than getting breakfast served in bed i like serving it and receiving it with a smile :)

  14. I was reminded today by Magda’s reply on “Perfect portion spaghetti” post, (July 15th.2011), there were 2x my CC tried to make me breakfast:
    The first, when I heard her banging and clanging about in the kitchen, I found she’d taken a large bowl, cracked 1 dozen eggs, added an entire loaf of bread and jug of milk, this for colour…left-over tomatoe soup. She looked up at me with a big, proud smile and said, “Hi Mommy, I making you French Toast!” She was 3 years old!
    The second time was a Mother’s day. When I smelled some things were
    burning beyond food, I ran down the stairs to discover coffee turned molasses, bubbling and boiling still in a stove top, its RED plastic handle melting over the burner on red hot high, glass ready to blow, and my forelorn daughter on the counter top attempting to pry burning toast out of the toaster with a knife. She was 7 and clearly it was time for THE talk!
    She always has had a thoughtful and good heart…can’t say she never tried!
    *I think her daughter has pulled it off though far better educated:)

  15. my husband used to send my son to the bedroom with a napkin over his arm and a cute ‘menu’ of my choices for my mother’s day breakfast! it was the BEST!

  16. No one really suspects that happiness comes from the simplicity of a gesture. You have want to please, do not know who is happier if those who prepare the surprise or who wins the surprise. I’ll never forget the day that I, my sister and my dad prepared a breakfast for mother’s day for the best mother in the world. We woke up early, I prepared the coffee, milk, juices, my father prepared savory dishes, and my sister prepared the candies.

    When we were delivering the surprise we were so GLAD that we hug she so strong that we soiled her bed, but my mother was so emotional, that she didn’t care, and even invited us, and we ate breakfast together! It was simply awesome!

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