#902 Roasting the perfect marshmallow

Roast that mallow!

First you turn that stick slowly over those blazing hot coals, letting the marshmallow crisp and bloat up into a golden brown cylinder of warm and drippy goo.

Then, just as it starts to slide a bit, you grab that sticky, drippy mess, tilt back your head, and just toss it right on home.


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  1. “Then, just as it starts to slide a bit, you grab that sticky, drippy mess, tilt back your head, and just toss it right on home.”

    To incorporate a quote from Arrested Development, “There’s got to be a better way to say that.”

  2. I find that the trick here is actually waiting for the flames to die down, so you’re roasting on the hot coals.. Keep the marshmallow about an inch-and-a-half from the coals, and slowly rotate until it turns a golden brown.

    Things to avoid:
    1) Don’t ever let it catch fire.. some people like burnt marshmallows, but you don’t want to associate with those people
    2) Don’t tilt your skewer or stick down. The tasty marshmallow has the tendency to slide off into the coals.
    3) Careful popping it in your mouth – while the outer shell will now be toasty and crisp, the inside is like molten lava.
    4) More than a dozen marshmallows is likely to make you sick. Pace yourselves.

  3. I am strange then….since I am dangerous with open flame, I tend to light a taper candle (with my bbq lighter) and skewer my marshmallow on a shish kebab stick. I then toast the outside of my marshmallow until it is crunchy-burnt, eat off the toasty shell, and then re-toast. I do this until there is just a little tiny mooshy core left to be savored….

    Works well with the tiny marshmallows also….they taste awesome toasted then plopped into homemade (milk, cocoa powder, sugar) hot chocolate.

  4. Oh, thank God. For some reason, everyone up here in Minnesota loves setting thier Marshamallows on fire. Along with Ice Fishing, and Mayonaise. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

  5. No, no, double, triple, or even quadriple roasting!!! That’s the greatest ever! You roast it, then slowly peel over the crusty outside to reveal the drippy goodness inside, and then you go back and roast THAT and pull of THAT crust until there’s no marshmallow left. If you can get 4 roasts, it feel sooo good, and you just HAVE to parade it around the campsite to show it off.

  6. Roasting the perfect marshmallow is an art of its own, takes many years of practice to perfect this skill…which is why from time to time i opt out and us marshmallow jiff

  7. I am a very slow eater when it comes to marshmallows. I am a very slow eater, full stop. But that is because I try and see if I can roast it perfectly, completely brown with no pink or white bits. Then I peel the outer shell off with my tongue, then toast that soft, round middle part. And it always looks different to the outer shell when toasted. If you can peel that shell off and toast the third layer, you’re a legend. AWESOME!

  8. The perfect marshmallow is often elusive, but when found, MUST be savored! Want to take the classic Smore upscale? To make a lighter, tastier and more AWESOME inside out smore, follow these simple steps…

    1) Roast the perfect marshmallow.
    2) Remove marshmallow carefully from the roasting stick.
    3) Stick a candy Stixx through the center of the marshmallow (try Butterfinger or Nestlé Crunch Candy Stixx or use a Twix bar instead).
    4) Savor it!

  9. It’s really nice when you have a perfect roasted marshmellow. It reminds me on the evenings on camp. It’s always nice and cozy. It’s amazing when we make marshmallows in the campfire. We make a lot of fun and have a delicious snack. Sometimes I hold the marshmellow too long in the campfire. Then my marshmellow is really black. I’m always disappointed then, because I have one marshmellow less. The white ones are the best, the marshmellows with the pink piece are less tasty. I hope, I’ve made you warm to taste it once.

    1. i probably only get to eat any marshmallows once or twice a year (let alone roasted). By the way is it spelled marshmellow or marshmallow? by the little red dots under the first one, I’m guessing it’s spelled with an A.

    1. over the perfect fire, under the perfect sky, with perfect people during the perfect marshmallow season…which is every season around our perfect back yard=)

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