#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited

feels-better-than-it-looksWhen that churning ocean of sickness in your stomach finally leaves your body in a massive, ab-clencing heave, it sort of feels like a rebirth. Your headache instantly disappears, you chug a glass of water, and then all is well in the world again.


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67 thoughts on “#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited

    1. Nope. It’s been 35 years and counting for me. I made a decision in 1975 that I would never get sick again. So far so good…

  1. Not puked in 5 years? I puke, more or less, every sunday afternoon, which I can tell you doesn’t help the headache one bit.

    Still feels epic though.

    1. really? I have severe migranes every… month, and everytime i puke, it goed away for 10 seconds.

      I love the moment after puking because of the lack of suicidal-thoughts-giving-excruciating-pain!

  2. Unfortunately for me the “Awesome!” of this feeling is more than balanced out by the taste in my mouth that remains for hours.

    Luckily it’s a loooooooooong time since I vomited.

  3. Usually it feels good for like 5 minutes until the vomit feeling builds up again and then its back to square one. This could go on for hours. There is that moment though when you just finished vomitting that feels awesome. I mostly puke from drinking though so its never that awesome.

  4. I went for a decade without vomiting, but then I turned 19, which at the time was the drinking age in WY. I can attest though, that illness related vomiting incidents is maybe one or two times in twenty years. I just don’t get sick.

  5. It’s the BEST when you’re drunk.

    As one friend once said, drunk puking is the best, cause it makes room in your stomach for more!

    You run into the bathroom, get it all out and then you’re ready to go all over again…


  6. Not awesome, not at all. Of course I puke until I dry heave 5+ times. Every muscle in my chest and stomach hurt.

    For you guys who haven’t hurled get small kids in public school. They always bring “extra” presents home. awesome (please read that awesome in all lower case with the bitterness it deserves)

  7. Totally agree with this one. It feels euphoric; it’s almost like you’re floating. Too bad your breath reaks of vomit though. Totally ruins the moment.

  8. The drunk puke is the best because you feel full, you get dizzy and disoriented and then BAM!!!! You run to the back yard, you bend over, you make sure your hat stays on your head and you just let all hell break loose on the poor bushes. Once you finish you wipe all of the snot, tears and puke from your face, you walk back into the house like nothing ever happened, grab a beer and continue with your epic night!

  9. And then you notice the popped blood vessels around your eyes and know anyone looking closely will know you yacked in the last 24 hours.

  10. Assuming that the puke ends up going where you want it to go – into the toilet rather than almost into the toilet, out your mouth instead of out your nose, onto the ground instead of onto your lap. It makes a difference.

  11. Although I love this blog, this has to be my LEAST favorite thing ever. I got into a bout a few years ago in which I threw up EVERY thirty minutes for about a day. It was terrible. After throwing up, my stomach muscles ached and I just wanted to cry because it was so awful.

    But I can understand the feeling, because vomiting is the body’s way of ridding “INTRUDERS!!” from the stomach. If they are successfully ejected from the body, then a positive feeling would be natural, for one has defended the gates to the metaphorical castle.

  12. Last year (’08) I had some tuna mixed with broccoli before I went to bed. When I hit the sack I felt fine, then I woke up and felt less then fine. I was sweating and had a fever. My stomach hurt,but it wasn’t unbearable, not sure if I was going to shit or puke. Fifteen minutes later my temperature spiked and I new the eleven year hiatus was up. Out it came, all over the side of my bed. I walked towards my bathroom and puked in front of the doorway. Spent the next hour cleaning it up,but felt happy as a clam that the suffering was over. Went back to bed at six and didn’t awaken till four in the afternoon.

    What I hate about puking is the the convulsion before you do it, feels like someone is pulling your abdomen as fast as they can and taking the air out of your body.

    Wash your hands before you eat and eat well. My diet was pretty shitty at the time, I drank a lot of pop and I think, I could be wrong, it made it worse then it might have been if I was healthy and hydrated.

    1. Once I looked up what the heck that was, I’m not so sure if it’s a terrible thing. Think of the lack of damage to your teeth and throat, no 3 am vomit cleanings, and never having to taste something bad twice.

    2. Does the fear of vomiting actually mean you’ll never experience it? I mean, the mind is strong – but in a severe situation, mayn’t biology trump the mind?

  13. Drunk puking is nice because there is no gag reflex, just one heaaavvveeee!!! and you’ve vomitted.. it was oh so easy. If you are stone-cold sober you over think it and start to have those little tiny heaves and the suspense builds as you hover over the bowl.. but drunk puke does not mess around its just, turn and barf and that’ll do it!

  14. I saw picture of a cat sitting on a guy thats barfing.
    I’m gonna have some major abs when I finally get done with this since i’m laughing so hard at some of these.

    1. I believe that picture is a girl, not a guy. But most of the time unless it is a lengthy virus or something I feel much better after I puke. I can crawl back into bed and rest, maybe drink some pedialyte, and work my way back to eating something. The lengthier viruses I hate because I just feel crappy, I can’t puke, or don’t I just sit there feeling miserable knowing it’s going to happen but unable to force it and I can’t sleep, I’ve ended up sleeping in the bathroom, one time at girl’s camp I did that in the camp bathroom, cold cement bench, it was awful, because I’d go in puke, and then tried to go back to bed and I still felt nauseated. Now, I force myself to vomit with my finger just so I can get some relief. If the bug doesn’t come out the first time I’ll get a small break and try again when I can feel the need.

  15. I have ALWAYS thought this was awesome. Even if you feel like crap all day, when you throw up, you know the worst of it’s over and all you feel is coolness and clarity.

  16. Meh, I dunno about you, but I often faint after I toss my cookies. That part’s not awesome.

  17. I hate puking. I had one of those pregnancies where you vomit every hour on the hour for 8 months, and when you know it’s coming back in 55 minutes you lose that moment of “Ahhh.”

  18. Umm…I think the last time I threw up was when I was 4 or 5. I don’t usually puke, though.

    But, to those who say that your breath smells…er, not awesome, go rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, and eat some mints. Simple, much?

  19. I literally puked not 20 minutes ago. NOT awesome feeling afterward. Stomach sore, throat burns, eyes and nose running, head throbbing from gagging and dry heaving. Of, and then a few minutes later, puking again. I’m very rarely a one-time puker. If I puke, It will be more than once. Possibly within minutes, sometime hours apart. No relief. And now I have the hiccups, which is also a common post-puke occurrence. Some of your posts are iffy, or things I haven’t experienced, so I can’t agree with them. But this one I wholeheartedly DISagree with.

  20. when i get sick i dont useually puke which is good but it also kind of sucks because i feel incredilbly neauseated anyway. . the last time i puked its because i had the flu and i refused to eat. my stomach was so empty and i was so dehydrated that i puked. my mom gave me gravol and i fell into the best sleep i had had that week!
    i agree but i also disagree i have puked sometimes where i feel soo much better after tho
    that is truly AWESOME!

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    1. I’m pretty sure there a better place for this comment then in the puking section… Maybe in a “Zit popper” area.

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  23. After I throw up, I have a horrible taste in my mouth, an emptiness in my stomach, and the depressing feeling that I’ll probably go through this again in a few hours.

    Not AWESOME in the least.


  25. I actually fear puking. Nausea gives me downright panic attacks.
    Reason is, I’m one of those who puke twice in a row every time. And that one half-gasp of air in between he streams makes me feel like I’m suffocating. Not cool.

    Afterwards though, I feel like I could cry from relief.

  26. nowadays I hate trowing up and has a long time ago that I didn’t vomit.. but I remember the feeling awesome after throwing up, just like relieved after had left all the dirt from the inside.. Anyway I’d rather not throw up than to feel that sensation.

  27. SO TRUE!!!!! I mean, the process of throwing up is suckish. Your stomach is shoving everything up, and the tears are streaming down your cheeks. But when it’s finally over, I sit back against the cabinet, and breathe a sigh of relief. The nausea is gone, the headache is gone, and the wrenching pain in your stomach is GONE!!! Totally awesome!!!

  28. i havent puked in 8 years and have the biggest fear of puking, not knowing what it feels like and not knowing when its going to happen really irratates me because i end up sitting in my bathroom for minutes, even hours just waiting to see what happens. it has lead to me having a few panic attacks and not travelling long journeys on buses etc. anyone have any advise on how i could overcome this fear or where i could go to help?

  29. I just threw up 45 minutes ago I threw up three times in that minute and one of the times I threw up I threw up out of my nose it was absolutely disgusting my throat and nose hurt after throwing up and I also felt as if I were to throw up again
    Whenever I throw up I feel terrible
    I would have to disagree
    Even though this list is AWESOME

  30. I’m a bit of an emetaphobe & after 24 years I got sick 2 hours ago. The nausea leading up to it was the WORST! It woke me from my sleep & lingered for hrs. Tried crackers & ginger ale to no availe. Moved to water after calling my sis for pep talk who mentioned it could be dehydration & it got worse. After several stomach heaves & the nonstop accumulation of saliva I couldn’t stop, I new my time was up. I prayed it would end not knowing I’d be gripping the toilet bowel for dear life. After 3 back to back attacks & rinsing out that extremely unpleasant taste from my mouth there was a sense of relief… and a fear that I may have to go again! But one thing I did notice (not sure if these are designed for this purpose), on both sides of the back of the toilet bowel are cutouts or grooves which were perfect gripping handles! I found them by accident while trying to find something to hold on to stabilize myself! Still feel weak & icky but hope that passes soon :-(. Probably need to put something on my stomach. I still NEVER want to vomit again!

  31. being as i have only thrown up once, i am a little inexperienced in this matter. but i have this little obsession with vomiting. i love to read about it and imagine people that in know doing it. i have one question though( and dont start throwing rocks at me because i ask this, i mean to harm no one or take it myself)but how can you slip someone ipecac without them knowing? i have been reasearching this topic and would love some more info, even if you yourself have used it and can tell me your experience. any infowould be greatly appreciated.

    1. That’s horrible! Why would you ever slip someone ipecac? What if they are allergic, or emetophobic? By giving them some you CAN harm them, even if you don’t mean to. what if you give them to much? thats the meanest practical joke i’ve ever heard of.

  32. I just finish throwing up …… big relief ! Think ill sleep good Tonight could sleep better if I had my boyfriend holding me I feel so weak!!!!!!

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