#887 Talking about how much the meal you’re eating at home would cost at a restaurant

twenty-thirty-bucks-at-least1It all starts with a recipe downloaded off the Internet.

Then there’s the new item on the grocery store shopping list, the big soup pot or fancy barbecue tools you haven’t used in a while, and about an hour of commotion in the kitchen.

Finally everyone takes a seat and out pops a steaming slab of lasagna or some glistening T-bone steaks with fancy side dishes. And as drinks are poured, plates are filled, and everyone starts digging into the meal, somebody lobs up the big question.

“Hey, what do you think this would cost in a restaurant?”

And it’s a great conversation, because now in addition to the feeling of eating good food with friends or family, you get a nice little bonus Cheapskate High, too.


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18 thoughts on “#887 Talking about how much the meal you’re eating at home would cost at a restaurant

  1. My wife and I do this all the freakin time! Especially with seafood. We talk about how the quality of seafood in Atlanta isn’t that great as say buying it at the fresh market. Man…. We save a lot cooking at home.

  2. This is especially cool when your home-cooked food is more delicious than in a restaraunt. There are very, very few restaraunts that I would prefer over my mom’s cooking.

  3. Not Awesome to me, but only because my dad does this with Every Single Meal that he makes. It is so annoying. But yes it used to be awesome, but now it’s worse than the scratching of a blackboard to me. Ahhh I’m getting mad just thinking about it.

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  5. Oh yes. I have a real weakness for mussels , which cost $5 a kilo at my local fish market. That’s enough for two people to each eat a bowl of mussels bigger than your head. With white wine and leeks, you have basic moulles mariniere, which translated means “$29 for a smaller serve, each, plus tax, plus tip (and you don’t get to finish the bottle of wine used to cook it all in)”. Awesome. Also, gluttonous.

    1. and when I make spinach, ricotta and feta cheese pie…crazy how we talk about that one…
      one spanokapita is about $5 now a days and I can bake enough for 8 people for about twice that!

  6. Not awesome. Eating out is more than just the price of the food. My mother does everytime she makes a good meal.

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