53 thoughts on “#886 High fiving babies

  1. How long do you leave it before trying to high-five babies? I’ll be an uncle in a matter of weeks but I don’t wish to palm the baby in the face.

  2. Ian: Probably about 4 months. You need to wait until the baby realizes that he/she can control those flailing limbs. In the meantime, high-five the new parents – they’ll deserve it! Congrats on becoming an uncle!

        1. Hey! Bum bum bum. Got any grapes? Haha. Uhm… yeah? partially? Its not quite finished, but only because i cant think of anything to write, not because ive been doing the tally :P although i have started… but thats beside the point lol. So long story short, no. But im going to bed soon so yeah byez :P

  3. That is so cool man, it’s exactly what I was doing with my 15 month old little nephew last night – he loves it he cracks up laughing everytime too … UP HIGH!

  4. It’s a universal thing. On a tour to China we visited a 4th grade in a small town. The kids were lined up to greet us as we came in. Not knowing Chinese, and them not knowing English, I did the instinctive thing. Offered a high-5 and got right back! They all knew it and enjoyed it. Like natural.

    Interesting that it came from American urban blacks and is entrenched world-wide. Got it in India too, and Japan.

  5. My boss would high-5 every child that would walk in to our office. He would have this silly grin on his face and it made me smile… lol

  6. This is my favorite! Well, my favorite so far!

    Just to tell you, your blog was featured on delicious’s “explore tags” page today…pretty sweet.

  7. I teach adult child swim lessons and the BEST part is the very end when I get to high five all the babies.

  8. the sad thing is that I have been left hanging… by my second cousin. All I could think was ‘are you kidding me?’ lol love this website, long live awesome things!

  9. To me this is awesome because you always feel like you just taught the baby the most awesome gesture of approval between two human beings

  10. haha yea baby high fives are really cute. but i love to give high fives to animals as well. :) we have a puppy shes now 4 months old and she always lays on her back so her feet are standin up in the air… she gives me high5s all the time. *.*

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  16. Dusty Baker invented the high five. It’s true! I learned that yesterday from Twitter. Twitter should be on the awesome list.

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