101 thoughts on “#876 Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours

  1. I used to LOVE this feeling until I was fitted for a bra and actually got one that is comfortable. Now I actually forget I have it on. But it is still nice to take it off, relax and put on some sleeping pants. And possibly fall asleep in my recliner.

    1. Ok..so what brand is that bra!!!! cause takin off my bra after having the girls locked up all day IS truly awesome and a feeling of being pretty close to heaven..lol

  2. It’s awesome that the (male) writer doesn’t even TRY to describe the feeling. Just throws it up there and lets the ladies swoon all over it. Well played.

  3. To be fair to the male sex, I think an upcoming post should be our equivalent: taking your work pants off after wearing them for hours. Taking those bad boys off and sliding on some comfortable, ratty jeans for the evening … truly awesome.

    1. Yes, taking off those work pants and shoes and getting into shorts and a tshirt and sitting on the porch with a cold beer, watching the kids play..

  4. This was a comment on #892 – taking your shoes and socks off after a long day.

    But it’s true. The bra comes off, and I get a nice scratching in. Awesome!

  5. Oh YEs! I was 100% sure that you would never post this, and you exceeded my expectations: )

    i truly, madly, deeply heart this blog.

    1. Getting someone’s obscure music reference and smiling to yourself about the memories it brings:

    2. so.. . the question is : Did your use of “truly, madly, deeply” come from a song, a movie or elsewhere?
      (By the way, “Truly Madly, Deeply” is an awesome movie, and predates the song.)

  6. I’m with jdurley! I’d been expecting to see this one for a while, and was really wondering how our fearless blogger was going to handle it. Would it be “guest-blogged”? Would it just be extensively quoted from more experienced sources? Would it involve some story talking about his first, clumsy, adolescent attempts at removing said item of clothing from his first girlfriend?

    Nope – just played it short and straight. AWESOME!

  7. If you’re removing your bra in with the light off it’s always a good idea to accompany the action with a “boi-oi-oi-oi-oing!” noise just so everyone else in the room knows what’s going on.

  8. Agreed!
    My friend (male) thinks it’s weird when I take off my bra to sleep, he obviously doesn’t know how annoying they are.

  9. oh man. taking off the bra and the heels are BOTH awesome.

    especially when it’s been kind of hot so it was kind of a sweaty day so you get to wipe off that stupid under bra sweat that pools right beneath your boobs…

    ew sorry, was that tmi?

  10. Sometimes, it’s fine keeping that on you barely know it’s there. Sometimes, it’s like giant weight has been lifted off and you are now free.

    1. Same here first thing upon arriving home = kick off the shoes and unhook the bra! Related to another awesome feeling: bra and shoes both come off on Friday evening, neither goes on again until getting dressed for work and/or out in public on Monday morning!

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  12. I never thought about it but guys are really missing out by not being able to have that feeling. Well most guys anyways. It is an amazing feeling.

  13. Oh my gosh, I knew you had to put this one up!
    The feeling of taking your bra off after a long day is just

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