#871 Finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday next year

Save the date

[digg=http://digg.com/food_drink/Truly_Awesome_Flipping_open_next_year_s_calendar_and] Planning those Wednesday birthdays is tough.

Do you party-back on the weekend before or party-forward to the weekend after? Either way, you’ll get a lot of “So wait, when’s your actual birthday?” questions, and you’ll be forced to take a sip of your drink, smile pleasantly, and casually say “Oh, just a couple days from now,” or worse “Oh, you know … two Wednesday’s ago.”

That’s just no fun.

So if you’re as self-centered as I am and the first thing you do when you get your greasy paws on a crisp, new calendar is flip right to your birthday, then you sure are loving it when that big day hits the Friday or Saturday Jackpot. Now it’s on for so many reasons:

  • Save the date. No need to puzzle over when to throw the big bash. Just start planning it for that Friday or Saturday. You have no choice and no need to waffle.
  • Party Priority. It’s true. When it’s your actual birthday, your event moves way up the party priority list. Sure, you’re still slightly below Friend’s Wedding or Out Of Town Guest, but you zoom up way higher than Poker Night or Grandma Visit.
  • More free drinks. Especially if you have a birthday party that starts the night before and kicks into high gear at midnight when you ‘officially’ start celebrating. Hopefully you don’t have to wear a tiara and a sash to keep those free shots coming.

Yes, you know as well as I do that when that when that big day lands right on a Friday or Saturday, it opens up a world of celebration possibilities. Because now your birthday’s going on, your birthday’s going long, and your birthday’s going strong, fool.

Awwwwwww, yeah.


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60 thoughts on “#871 Finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday next year

  1. My birthday is this Friday.

    I’ve been counting down the days since my last weekend birthday a few years ago.


  2. I’ve struck gold…my birthday was a Friday this year, and will be a Saturday next year.

    The only sucky thing about that is that one’s birthday is almost always a weekday for several years following a weekend birthday.

  3. Hell when my birthday was on a Wednesday I started hard and went straight through to Saturday… hell you know I am 4 of July type important, worthy of and extra extra long weekend, with drunk tank attendance on a Thursday…. and Thursday it was time to start the blow…. anyways long story short …. I am in several 12 step programs now and it is all a moot point

  4. My birthday is next Saturday 12/27 so I can totally relate to this post! (Although I didn’t pick Friday OR Saturday to celebrate – I am using them both!)

  5. Ya know, every time I see a new post here, I think, ‘Wow, so awesome.’ But then I think, you have more than 800 left to do … how will he do it?
    It’s one of life’s great mysteries.

  6. Heh, finding out the post is about birthdays, and was posted on your birthday?!?!? (Awww yeah) Too bad it wasn’t a Friday or Saturday.

  7. Woohooo, my next birthday is on a Friday AND that’s the day I’m not a child anymore, but an ADULT, and I can go to bar to celerate that!

  8. Friday is even a bit better than Saturday because if you work a 9 to 5, your coworkers take you out for lunch, etc… YUM!

  9. My birthday was two fridays ago haha.
    And my next birthday is going to be on a … saturday! Boo ya.
    I’ll be 19, going out and drink?
    Most likely.

  10. This may be looking a bit too far ahead, but I won’t have another Saturday birthday years…leap year in 2012 kindly knocks out my next possible saturday birthday by shifting things an extra day ahead. NOT Awesome.

    Though weekend birthdays are awesome all the same.

  11. Man, oh man. The last time I had a weekend birthday was my 21st. My birthday is in the end of May, so it will sometimes fall on or near Memorial Day, and since I’m in the military, we get a 4-day weekend then. My birthday happened to fall on a Friday that year, and our 4-day weekend was Saturday through Tuesday, so I had FOUR DAYS to recover from massive amounts of alcohol.


  12. Not to be a nerd, but shouldn’t you stop having birthday parties when you hit puberty? Also, who doesn’t understand how a calendar works? Its not really a mystery. If you’re birthday is on Monday in 2008, then it will be on a Tuesday in 2009. It always moves one day per year, except the birthday after leap year moves two days: i.e. Tuesday to Thursday.

  13. My 20th birthday=Friday night
    My 21st birthday=Saturday night… thus making bullet point #3 a very possible reality.

  14. jdurley – my 21st b-day was a Friday the 13th! As soon as I found that out (which was probably a few years before that year) I couldn’t wait!!

  15. My birthday is on a Wednesday this coming year. Funny thing is tho, I was born on a Wednesday….. 39, ugh!!!!!

  16. Yes!!! The Birthday Complex!

    Lucky for me my birthday this year is on a Friday and next year when I have my 21st B-Day it’s a Saturday so there’s no…”We want to take you out on your birthday but we gotta wait til the weekend” crap.

  17. Sadly, it’s not so cool when you are in school.
    I usually don’t have parties, can’t afford them, or just don’t have a place to have it.
    So I like my birthdays on a weekday, where I can get birthday wishes at school or wherever I go.
    Sadly, my birthday is on easter sunday this year.
    My sixteenth! :[

  18. Ha, I guess I’m a little bit spoiled because my birthday always seems to fall over spring break, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday. The crushing feeling of Wednesday birthdays will be twice as bad when I leave school though, so it’s got its cons too.


    I would invite you all to the party, but… it’s a long ways away.

    ..on a friday. [;-)]

  20. An awesome thing is to have a job where, as long as you do it early enough, you can take leave whenever you want and having a birthday that falls near the beginning of your employer’s fiscal year.

    I’ve taken my birthday off each year for the last 15 years, and if it fell on a weekend I’d take the Friday or Monday off. I have enough leave now that I always take a ‘birthlongweekend’, taking Monday and Friday if my b-day falls on a weekend and if it falls during the week, I take enough days off to join it to a weekend.

    I’ve booked 3 days off for my birthday in March 2010.

  21. I just looked, I GOTS ME A FRIDAY B-DAY THIS YEAR!

    It hasnt been that for a while, so me and my friends are planning an epic party to end all epic parties!

  22. This site is awesome. I just read this thread and looked at the calendar and discovered that my birthday actually is on a Friday next year. It had been on a Monday or Tuesday for the past couple of years.

  23. mine birthday is decemeber 30th wow now that hard work cristmas is 5 days before and new years is 2 days after

  24. urghhh >.< the next time my bday falls on a friday and saturday in a row is when i turn 24 and 25… that is in 10/11 years!!! god, why?
    This year my birthday is on a saturday, but i can only have a mini party mid july coz im going overseas that monday on choir tour… but t'will be fun as!

  25. Oh, and btw, my friend’s 19th is today, and it is a long weekend here in Oz… after he finishes exams (thats the part that sucks) he can celebrate ALL weekend! need i say more, but AWESOME!

  26. I turn 14 on June 18th, so a Friday! This is totally late, but I couldn’t stop myself. xD

  27. the best thing: my 21st bday landed on the saturday of Labor Day weekend. Needless to say, I don’t remember too much from that weekend.

  28. Even better…finding out that your 21st birthday is perfectly placed on a Friday, leaving you with a full weekend of drinking debauchery :)
    Although, labor day weekend may have me beat :P

  29. This year, my birthday is on a Saturday. It’s the same day as my Bar Mitzvah. It’s also on Shabbat and Hanukkah. And in the same temple I’m having my Bar Mitzvah, 29 years ago, was where my mom had her Bat Mitzvah.

  30. I know 3 people who complain about this, but they don’t work at anything that doesn’t honor this holiday, so that every year it matters not which day of the week is there birthday because it’s December 25th. Christmas!
    I think every birthday, we’re lucky to celebrate…so just do it!!!

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