#868 Snow stepping

Follow those steps

Snow stepping is when you’re wearing shoes, but the person ahead of you is wearing boots, and while the two of you are trudging through the snow, you just step in all the nice Snow Holes they made for you.


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18 thoughts on “#868 Snow stepping

  1. Now that I’m a grown-up, I always wear boots, but back when I was a silly teenager, too cool for boots, the snow-stepping was a great thing indeed. Good one!

  2. Even better when the person ahead of you has shoes on also, so their feet get wet, but not yours!

  3. Don’t fall down! And don’t sink into the full 12+ inches when you are following in those footsteps. It kind of slows you down!

  4. I have never seen snow… Do your feet really get that wet??? Although, I do do it at the beach. Since I was little I would try and step in the person ahead’s foot prints. It’s fun trying to see if they stepped with their right foot twice, or stopped and turned around once then kept going, or they walk with their feet in a straight line, or overlapping, or they step lightly or heavily. :)

  5. Another awesome thing about snow stepping…..when you can walk on the top of the crunchy crust of snow and not fall through!!

  6. Emmy, sand stepping is special! You’re a lucky duck!
    Answer to your question: yes, your feet can get wet, this depends on the type of snow and there are many.
    Perfect binding texture for making snow-people, and snow balls, forts or an igloo and for sledding/tobogganing; Snow Angels; playing in!
    Snow-stepping, as in the post.
    The really heavy wet kind is sort of filled with rain, called sleet and it’s messy to be anywhere in.
    Then there’s powder. Winter sporter’s love this! and you don’t get too wet. It’s sort of like confettie. So much that one magical moment this year, through the cedar branches, a sun ray touched some ice crystals on a trail of snow powder creating rainbows. This was being in the right place at the “precism” time.
    If you ever turn around and see they’ve disappeared, remember the awesome poem “Footprints”;0)

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