27 thoughts on “#861 Not getting a hangover when you were expecting to get one

  1. Sadly I’ve got a bad head this morning. I threw back three cans of cider last night at a friend’s house for a new years eve party. I’ve got no eggs in the house either to make that ultimate hangover cure – a drippy fried egg sandwich.

    My worst hang over was after a night at a free bar drinking gin and tonic all night with some lovely people from work!

  2. I don’t have a hangover (my last one was also G&T induced) but the thought of an egg sandwich make me want to hurl.

  3. I didn’t have a hangover this morning too. But I thinks the lack of a hangover is due to good wine and food we had. ;-)

    But isn’t a perfect way to start the new year!


  4. this was exactly my tuesday morning. after 5 shots of patron plus wine monday night one would think i was screwed.

    but luckily the hangover gods were very kind.


  5. I managed to get drunk enough for some ill-advised activities with an ex last night, so – very. I may have regretted where I woke up this morning, but thank sweet baby Jeebus it wasn’t hungover.

  6. I found something that works pretty well. After drinking, if you can manage, set an alarm for about four hours after you expect to go to sleep (once you use this a few times, you will get up automatically). Take a multivitamin, drink half a Gatorade and half a bottle of water and go back to bed. I usually feel fresh as a daisy the next morning. Cheers!

  7. No need to set an alarm to wake up for more hydration. If you drink as much water as you can before going to bed, your bladder will wake you up in a few hours anyway. Repeat as necessary. If you don’t care about shredding your liver, throw down a couple ibuprofins, too.

    This post is definitely more awesome than the dreaded opposite: waking up with a hangover you don’t deserve. This used to happen to me before they banned smoking in bars. Some kind of second-hand smoke hangover. Nasty.

  8. I woke up one morning, feeling a little groggy. “Oh no”, I thought, “I have a hangover. Ugh”.

    Then I opened my eyes and got some clarity. I didn’t have a hangover. Brilliant. Then I thought, “I wasn’t even drinking last night”. Even more brilliant.

  9. I do not relish either, for I cannot drink at all and I don’t even know for certain if this makes sense!*?*&!

  10. I’ve had the opposite of this a few times. Two or three glasses of white wine, having a club soda in between to pace myself, and still feel nauseated, sweaty, just terrible the next day. From somebody who could drink 18 beers and be fine. The sulfates in the wine are probably what does it.

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  12. Well I just woke up from my drinking time with co-workers and I got to tell you I got so effed up last night that I was practically hugging the toilet. Good news is that I ate some decent amount of food before drinking, kept drinking water while drinking and after throwing up so no hangover! :D

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