#860 When the vending machine gives you two things instead of one

Watch for teetering treats

First you spot the Teetering Treat.

It’s the candy bar hanging onto the metal spirals for dear life, just sitting there after giving the last customer the ol’ For Sale Fail and just teasing them instead of delivering the goods. And instead of spending another dollar to test their luck, they decided to walk away. Hey, we’ve all been there too, so now it’s time for some good ol’ fashioned Vending Machine Karma, also known as Chocolate Justice.

So just drop your money in, push the buttons, and listen for that sweet thump-thump of two treats dropping into the Sugar Basin at once. Now just push back the awkwardly heavy door and swipe a paw in there to scoop up your treasures. Kiss the vending machine plastic window, hold your two treats up to the sky in both hands, and then flee the scene.

Bringer of Oh Henrys

It’s snacking time.

Yes, that free treat is great because, first of all, now’s your chance to play Santa to an unsuspecting co-worker. Got someone who could use a Kit-Kat Fix? Of course you do. So share the wealth and give yourself a break together. It’s Christmas at the office again.

Secondly, no matter how much you try, you can’t return the free snack. No, there’s no wedging your hand back up there and throwing it back into its Metal Spiral Jail Cell. So ditch the guilt and smile back at the Gods of Snacking for they have smiled down upon you.

And you deserve it.


Now I've seen everything

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65 responses to “#860 When the vending machine gives you two things instead of one

  1. universal law

    Yes indeed

  2. Delicious Clams

    Holy shit, ever had that happen to you, except at first it seemed like the candy was stuck?

    Best two brownies I’ve ever had.

  3. San Carlos

    I wonder if anyone has done a scientific study to determine if solidly wrapped candy bars are more or less prone to For Sale Fail than, say, puffy bags of potato chips or pretzels. I would guess puffy bags experience a higher rate of failure. Thoughts, anyone?

    • It seems like the puffy bags do get stuck more easily, at least in my experience. But whatever the snack, if it’s caught in the metal spiral just wrong, it gets shifted juuuuust to the very edge and then STAYS THERE. That is SO annoying!

  4. Maryse

    That happened to me and my friend, like 3 times… in a row!
    I was amazed.

  5. Alex

    A couple months ago, I borrowed a dollar from a friend in class to get something from the vending machine. The machine gave me two and he told me I didn’t even have to pay him back if I gave him the extra one! THAT is awesome!

  6. I had something similar happen to me with a pop vending machine. About 6 came out for me!

  7. Cheyenne

    Durring class, some kid found out the way to trick the sobe drink machine, right before first lunch.
    by putting a nickel in, and while the nickel is being placed, pressing 123, it dispensed enough drinks for the class of 35 plus the teacher.

    • Ken

      When I was a kid there was a change machine at a car wash. One of my friends discovered that if you put in a dollar bill and HELD IT, you could pull it back out after getting 4 quarters in change. For a just-teen-ager, this was indeed mana from heaven.

      A belated apology to the owner of the change machine.

  8. Valentina

    Oh my gosh – best thing EVER! One time I even got two ice creams that were stuck together in those ice cream vending machines that use the plastic tube to suck the ice cream up.

  9. pmedguy

    this makes up for the times when your item gets stuck on the way down!

  10. Not only does the double machine vend make the food taste better, but it also reduces the calories of the dispensed item to zero. Read all about this and other mind-blowing stories in Things Dave Wishes Were True Magazine.

  11. Brent

    Love it!
    At campus, our vending machines NEVER fail to give two packs of Mike & Ikes, I think it’s the way they are packed in a loose bag or something.
    I can almost guarantee the loose ones have a better chance of falling out than the chocolate bars do.

  12. Matt

    This deserves to be higher up the list.

  13. Elle

    Love it when this happens :D especially whilst at work, makes me day. But then vending machines do seem to make you pay, when they get your money, but your item gets stuck..and no matter how much you try and shake the machine it doesn’t fall down :( bad times :(

  14. I remember the times when I got not even one. The two is rare.

  15. Kem

    The sensors in the work’s soda machine is broken, so it never knows when it’s sold out of product. There’s been many an overnight shift where I threw away $2 on an energy drink I REALLY needed, but the machine only happily dispensed air. Bummer.

    I’ve gotten a few doubles out of the Snackster right next to it, though. And once when I thought I got burned on a failed delivery, I was surprised to learn my GF got my snack as a double later that day, and I was able to enjoy a delayed beef-n-cheddar.

    But the biggest score ever was the hotel soda machine when I was a kid. Much like every kid who checks for change in every coin return slot, we also randomly pressed those soda buttons. That day, Sprite was raining from the slot like free candy-water. Once we drained that thing, we did the dutiful thing and told the management that the machine was acting up…

    And then we had Sprite. A lot.

  16. LDJ

    My baby sister’s college decided to be awesome. For some reason the Vending Machine guy forgot to reset his code, and everything came out for free. Just push in a code and out it came. She was the first to discover it she tried to keep it to a low profile but one of her friends blabbed. After she and her friends grabbed their fill of candy, sunchips, and cookies. they headed back to their room to count the stach. Not even 10 minutes later the fully stocked machine was stripped of everything except diet winterfresh.

  17. Julie

    At uni there used to be a vending machine (not a spirally one, it was all hidden inside) that constantly gave out random amounts of chocolate… It was like a lottery where you might get one chocolate bar, or you might get five! Worked especially well with Wispa bars for some reason. No idea what was wrong with it, but nobody told anyone to fix it so it gave me LOADS of free stuff for 3 years. AWESOME.

  18. Ace

    I wont buy from a vending machine unless I spot a potential double dropper.

  19. Aw, HELL yeah! I love it when this happens.

  20. Happened to me yesterday! 2 butterfingers sucka.

  21. Buzzwinkle

    I rate this one in my personal top 100. It always makes my day.

  22. snowpatrol

    I used to work at a theatre… It was amazing those long nights when the soda machine would give me 2 for 1 Mountain Dews… They really got me through the night!

  23. Andrew

    I know this one vending machine at my school that gives two Starbucks coffees every time :D

  24. This happened to me somewhere I worked. There wasn’t even anything teetering, it just randomly spat out two butterfingers. Manna from heaven!

  25. I have to say that after a long day at work, whenever I am able to get that double snack – it just brightens my step for the rest of the day. I’m not sure if it is because I actually get to eat something more than I had thought I would, or if I feel like God is just giving me a boost for the rest of the day. Either way, it is clearly awesome.

  26. Diane

    One time when I was younger, there was a lone vending machine in a supermarket, and I was one of those kids who likes pressing buttons for fun. I pressed a button and ended up getting free soda.


  27. m

    another awesome thing, when the vending machine takes your last crappy wilted crumply dollar!

  28. Mira

    Juhu endlich habe bei dir hier in dem Artikel genau das gefunden was ich gesucht habe. Ich dachte schon das ich im Internet nichts mehr finde und bin fast verzweifelt. Aber jetzt bin ich erst mal gluecklich vielen dank noch einmal.

  29. ~Dannie~

    I want french-fry machine!!! who’s with me?

  30. Sarah

    …Or 3!

    At a former job, there was a water vending machine that always gave you 3 waters if you pushed a certain button. 3 waters for 50 cents…thats awesome!

  31. Caroline

    At our school, we have a vending machine in the lunchroom. It’s wonderful- if you like ice cold Rice Krispies and stale bagels. More popular items like Poptarts and Sun Chips sell out fast. Once I got two bags of baked Cheetos. I gave the second to a friend. It made her day.

    My dream vending machine would make you hot food to go. How awesome would it be if you could pickup dinner with the press of a button? The french fry machine sounds great.

    • Sandy

      Here in Japan there ARE vending machines with hot food….fried chicken, fries, even hamburgers. The again, we also have vending machines that dispense panties and cigarettes….

  32. Ana Calvo

    Hey, Coca Cola did this for some kids in college.
    i’d love it if they do this everywhere.

    Here’s the link:

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  34. The Alligatorman

    In the school I went to, they had a Power-Ade machine. I was standing there with two of my friends. I out a buck in the machine, and it spat out three drinks. I decided to share.

  35. Dana

    When I was studying abroad in Spain there was a vending machine in our dorm in which the chips in a certain space would always get stuck. And somehow I was the only one who knew that the candy bar above it would always dispense two… so I would get THREE treats for the price of one because one of the candy bars inevitably knocked down the bag of chips. I was always the snack food hero in our first class because I had food for everybody!

  36. wendywithaurora

    This happened once with hard sour candies shaped like fruit. Instead of the usual 5-7, I had 2 hands fulland it was awesome!

  37. Emily

    This reminds me of a really hot day at the park. We only had enough change for one water and there were four of us. We were all expecting to share this one water when out popped five!

    Greatest feeling in the world.

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  39. MysteriousAwesome

    Oh, yes. *high fives Neil*

  40. Anon

    A super awesome version of this happened to me yesterday.

    I put my money in, picked Yorkie. The vending machine dropped one. Then it dropped another one. Convinced I was seeing dreams, I just shrugged.

    THEN the vending machine started beeping. Confused, I keyed the snickers option. It dropped the snickers and gave me my change.

    I got three chocolates for the price of 1.
    I looked around to tell someone but no-one was there and I had to head home.

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  45. snacker

    1 time i put a dollar in and the vending machine exploded and snacks flew everywhere….it was awesome!

  46. snacker

    and also i bougt a hooker from a hooker vending machine and 2 came out! best threesome evar

  47. Today, I went to the beach front with my children. I found a sea
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  48. Oո vva dire que ce n’est guère inexact ..

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