#857 Getting the big corner stall in the public bathroom

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Get some distance between you and your fellow squatters and just sit back, relax, and flip open the newspaper as you enjoy this bright and spacious Cadillac of Public Toilets.


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28 thoughts on “#857 Getting the big corner stall in the public bathroom

  1. That’s not right, unless you have a handicap that justifies its use, provided that there are other stalls available.

    1. I work in abuilding that just has stairs…yet the handicap stall is upstairs. I hate using the big one, it’s too open.

  2. @Joe
    If you work in an office building where there are no handicapped people then you can enjoy the master suite anytime you like.

    1. We have one of those in the gym locker room at school. The only drawback is that right next to the toilet is a HUGE crack (I’m talking about 1 1/2 inches wide) between the panels. I hate those people who always look through the cracks to see if someone is in the stall. Just check the bottom of the stall for feet, for crying out loud!

  3. The handicap stall is not like a parking space. Anyone can still use it.

    I’m thinking of starting a pool to see how many more bathroom-related items make it into the Top 1000. Or maybe this could be a bonus question on the Oscar Pool.

  4. I disagree with Joe. Anyone can use any stall in a public bathroom. If a mobility-impaired person needs to use the specially designated stall and that stall is currently occupied by someone, then the person simply needs to wait — just like the rest of us when all the stalls are occupied.

  5. It’s good to see young people still read print newspapers. It gives me hope that I might have a job in my desired field soon.

  6. That is the best stall. In all my years of going in the public bathrooms, someone was in that stall only two times I remember. Unless your in a crowded place, it is unlikley someone will need to use it.

  7. Ah, Mike, that is another difference between the men’s and the ladies’ restrooms. There is almost ALWAYS a mom with one or more little kids in the big stall.

    1. so true- and so annoying The kids always peek through cracks, and once a little kid actually CRAWLED UNDER THE DOOR of a stall with someone in it. That little kid was my sister! I was soo embarrassed!

  8. jdurley – LOVE the idea of the “bathroom” pool. By my count, there has been 10 bathroom/shower related posts so far, if you include the one on “colon”, and you sort of have to, right? If you include toothbrushing/dental hygine, there have been 5 more.

    But keeping it just to bathroom/shower related items, these make up about 7% of AWESOME things. With 857 items remaining, this rate would imply 60 more bathroom related posts. I think there will be at LEAST that many. Bathroom/Shower posts have been underrepresented, if anything.

  9. Oh yeah, best stall, and you don’t need a blue ada sticker hanging from your rearview mirror to use it, much to the chagrin of the ada nazis. Usually the stool is a little higher too, so you can wiggle your feet. And, there those bars, if you need to hang on and “push”. LOL

  10. I always avoid that stall because I know everyone loves to go for it. I like to picture that the toilet seat has not yet had a user previous to its period of cleaning.

  11. At my school, half the stalls don’t have locks on the doors, and one doesn’t have a door at all. Who knows what happened to it. But the one toilet that DOES have a lock? I’d rather not go for it. Too much overuse can really screw up the sanitary conditions. And an awesome ninja deserves better. :D

    1. we have the same problem! Our school is so old that there are about 3-4 locks on each stall door because every few years they replace the broken ones, but never take the old ones off. You’re very lucky if any out of the 3 actually work.

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