#853 When your microwave pops microwave popcorn perfectly

nuke-it-upWe’ve all been there.

Staring nervously into the microglow at the fat, puffed up bag of popcorn calmly spiralling in the center of the dish like no big deal. But it is a big deal, and you know it’s a big deal, because despite the puffbag’s straightface, there’s a minute left, the bag looks full already, the pops are slowing down already, and you just don’t know when to pull the plug.

It’s tense.

Stop too soon and you’ll enjoy some well-popped corn, but be left with a few handfuls of greasy, unpopped kernals at the bottom of the bag. Your stomach will rumble and you’ll either remain hungry or pop a second bag and overeat.¬†Not cool.

Stop too late and you’ll enjoy some well-popped corn, but many kernals will be black and burnt, the bag will be smoky, and your fire alarm could have a fit. Not cool, either.

Yes, that’s why it’s so great when your microwave pops microwave popcorn perfectly. Either you grow to trust your dependable Popcorn Button or you slowly master the perfect time yourself, after a few bad bags.

But either way — how does it feel when you pull out that perfect, steaming bag?


It's gonna blow

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23 thoughts on “#853 When your microwave pops microwave popcorn perfectly

  1. I just want to say, reading this list really brightens my weekdays! I love all the simple pleasures of life (and the silly stuff) you write about. Awesome!

  2. Big fan of your writing, big fan of your way of looking at life, but I gotta say: this is not your best work…

    Popcorn is awesome.

    Microwave popcorn sucks.

  3. Big fan of your writing, big fan of your way of looking at life, but I gotta say: after 147 awesome posts, the one time you post something that I don’t personally like, I’m going to call you out on it and tell you that you really should only write about things I like. I’m here to keep you on your toes.

    Blog posts about things I like are awesome.

    Posts about things I don’t like suck.

  4. I have to say, I was turned on this website by a friend of mine and you’ve yet to disappoint. I find myself agreeing with you out loud when I read, especially when it comes to diaper maneuvers and finger pinching strategies for chips. Your humor at everyday occurrences is both enlightening and heartening.

    It’s nice to be able to associate seemingly mundane happenings so well and with so many people at once. Keep up the great work!

  5. Really what’s best about microwave-popped popcorn is stumbling upon a co-worker in the break room who’s just popped a fresh, perfect batch of popcorn and offers you some. Surprise. You take a styrofoam coffee cup or a plastic bowl out of the cabinet and gently shake free a handful of hot, buttery-salty popcorn, grateful for your co-worker’s small gesture of generosity.

  6. My microwave pops a perfect bag every time! Just one touch on the popcorn button and BAM! perfect buttery goodness.

  7. I have a microwave popcorn popper (no bags for me). And it is an awesome night when I get the perfect pop.

    When you’ve got a new bag of popcorn (the delicious, slightly corn-ier blue popcorn, right Aud?) and some delicious sea salt flakes to sprinkle on top with a tall cold glass of root beer and your favorite show on dvr after a conversation with your favorite person… the best night ever!!

  8. Popcorn is my favorite. And I think after getting dozens of my popcorn bags burned in the microwave, I finally perfected the art of microwave popcorn popping. The instructions at the back of the bag doesn’t necessarily hold true. Really depends on right microwave and right timing. Definitely awesome!

  9. There is a reason for the popcorn button on the microwave! LOL My mother decided to follow the directions on the back of the bag and the house stunk of burnt popcorn for days…

    However, using the popcorn button……an old movie, and an ice cold coke…classic awesome night in.

  10. I just got my first ever perfect pop, and I gotta say, it feels pretty darn good.
    On the downside, it meant there was so much I had to split it into two bowls, and trying to carry these led to me spilling juice on my house alarm.

    The popcorn makes it okay, though.

  11. I’M THE BEST AT MAKING POPCORN!!!! No, i’m the one one gets them perfect. And, I don’t use microwave popcorn. I use stove top popcorn, so I usually get it perfecto.

    1. Stove top is the BEST way to make it and everyone always loves it way more than microwave!! GO STOVE TOP!!!

  12. nobody shold be knocking this post! I came to this site specifically to see if popping popcorn perfectly was one! (well, I would say popping popcorn and getting less than 10 kernels without burning it, so same thing really) and I have to say I think its AWESOME that there was already mention of this. Dude, you really do know all the awesome little things in life!!!! Kudos!

  13. Some microwaves seriously hae a popcorn button on them? That, i think could almost deserve to be on the list itself. You know what is the best? Reading this blog, then coming out after dinner to the lounge room with the lights off, butter/icing sugar popcorn bowls on the table, and a movie in the dvd player. AWESOME!

  14. I love it when just a few on one edge start to get carbonized. Not burned, but simply when they turn light gray. They still have most of the corn and butter flavor, but there’s also a smoky undertone that I simply adore. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but that just means I always get first dibs when it happens.

  15. My favorite food in the world!
    Best popped perfectly and smothered with perfect ration sea salt to real butter.
    There had better be popcorn in heaven!

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