#850 Absolute perfect silence


No rain.

No birds.

No wind.

No waves.

No buzzing.

No beeping.

No blinking.

No haze.

When there’s no office hum.

And no kitchen clatter.

When there are no idling cars.

And no distant chatter.

When there’s absolute, perfect silence and really nothing else.

When your ears strain for sound, and just meet silence itself.

Well, that beautiful rare moment is so sweet.

And so perfectly


73 thoughts on “#850 Absolute perfect silence

  1. When I can get it (and that’s not often if you live in a city), it’s lovely. Weird, at first, because you get so used to the everyday hum of a million things around you.

    I find it interesting that sometimes a little noise can be more off-putting and distracting than a lot. Listening to music when working is not an issue for me, for example, but if I’m in the library trying to work I HAVE to have the earphones in, even if I’m not listening to anything, just to deaden the sounds of everyone else. I guess it’s easier to tune out music than quiet sounds…

  2. For me, absolute perfect silence only happens when I am with a really good friend. It’s that silence that means everything, because you donĀ“t need to say anything. You can read the thoughts of each other. It’s something very special.

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