#841 When the categories on Jeopardy! are right in your wheelhouse

I’m not great at the game myself, so my dream categories would be:

Jeopardy Round

Rhymes with Brown

At The Supermarket

jeopardy-winner1Name That Ocean

Hot Dog Toppings

Halloween Animals

Types of Pants

Double Jeopardy

Served With Fries


Adding and Subtracting

Sports Ending With “Ball”

Google Logo Colors

How Many Wheels?

Final Jeopardy

One-letter words



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28 thoughts on “#841 When the categories on Jeopardy! are right in your wheelhouse

  1. This is especially good if you have money riding on it, and your competitor has a totally different wheelhouse of categories.

  2. Neil’s would clearly be: Awesome things related to the bathroom.

    Speaking of Jeopardy: I went to college with this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Madden_(Jeopardy!_contestant). I remember at times watching Jeopardy with him, and he was astonishingly good. Like, didn’t miss a question good. Well, in ’05, he got on the show, and rattled off 19 straight wins, taking home over $400,000, both only bested by your boy Ken Jennings, pictured above. I remember getting a bunch of people at my work to cheer for him, and Tivo Jeopardy every night. We’d all talk about what a good game he had the night before, of if he eeked out a particularly close one. We were all pretty bummed when he lost.

    Basically, that guy didn’t have a category that WASN’T right in his wheelhouse.

  3. Not bragging here, but anybody who knows me or has kept up with my plethora of websites can tell I’m pretty phenomenal at Jeopardy! That being said, my categories would be:

    Jeopardy! Round:
    The English Language
    Rock n Roll
    Foreign Films
    Internet Culture

    Double Jeopardy!:
    French Poetry
    World Religion
    The Civil War
    Current Events

    Final Jeopardy!:

    Now, if only the tryouts would come to Nashville. Oh, wait…that’d be mighty self-defeating.

  4. I love the fact that someone mentioned the episode of Cheers where Cliff goes on Jeopardy. I quoted his answer “Three people who have never been in my kitchen!” on several dumb occasions and no one gets it. I love the fact that he wagered “20 thousand big ones” too…awesome.

  5. I LOVE Jeopardy…I hate when I really want to hear the answers in a category but I get busy and miss it. But of course I love it when the category is just perfect and I actually get to watch it :) awesome

  6. When Alex Trebek retires/dies, they should just gracefully cancel Jeopardy. It would scare / confuse people to have a new host.

  7. #1 category for me–Greek and Roman Mythology. Anytime a similar category is on Jeopardy!, I get about 95% of the answers right.

    Oh, and BTW, LOVE Jeopardy! One of these days, if I could do good on the online exam, maybe I’ll get some good categories…

  8. As a former contestant myself (Kids Week 2003!), let me first just say that it’s much, MUCH harder than it looks. I got a category in my Double Jeopardy round of Louisiana, which I secretly geeked out in (I’m from New Orleans). Turns out I get outbuzzed on two of them, get only one and flop the other two, one of which was a Daily Double.

    Having said that, celebrity/teen/kids games make me feel smart again.

  9. Round 1-
    Breakfast Cereal Characters
    Seemingly Useless Facts
    Things that Rhyme with Cat
    The Magical World of Animation
    Animals at the Zoo
    History from the 1950’s

    Round 2-
    Fictional Heroines
    Characters in Children’s books
    Things Three Toed Sloths do
    Movie Trivia
    Lyrics from Musicals

    Final Jeopardy-
    Hidden Mickeys in Disney Films

  10. “BEEP”
    that’s the sound of them buzzing me off before I even got started!

  11. “The Elements” or “The Periodic Table” would be my best categories. Cesium, berkelium, gadolinium, praseodymium, electron particle clouds.

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