#838 The smell of freshly cut grass

fresh-cut-grass1Fresh cut grass smells like twilight in the countryside, a football game about to start at the park, or a sunny Saturday morning in the suburbs. So whether you’re driving down a dusty farm road while the sun sets, stretching before the whistle blows, or putting your lawnmower back in the shed after criss-crossing your lot, well …┬ájust stop for a second, flare your nostrils real big, tip your head back real far, and take a big whiff, baby.

Because oh yeah.


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32 thoughts on “#838 The smell of freshly cut grass

  1. next to inhaling the sweet scent of freshly-cut grass, I always have the yearning to run through the area where it all lays there. Heavenly… and nothing quite like it.

  2. I grew up in an area where they grew alfalfa for feed. If you like the smell of fresh cut grass, you should try to catch the smell of fresh mowed alfalfa some time…. its fantastic!

  3. The smell of freshly cut grass automatically brings out the feeling of hope, of a chance of a new beginning for me.

    Too bad there’s a drought where I am. All the grass here is dead.

  4. Makes me yearn for summer. It makes me desire to walk with my bare feet through the freshly cut grass. I also like self-cutting the grass, it makes the feeling more intense summers.
    Mowing the lawn with the warmth of the sun on your body. Sometimes you have to sneeze. When the grass clippings are too long, it begins to stink. Fortunately, the summer feeling is too strong to put it away from me. I am sorry that some people are allergic to pollen, they can not enjoy it. They do not know what they’re missing.

  5. I have a very old turquoise blue “woman-powered” push mower with chrome that glistens in the sunshine. I love all the senses and memories of the 60’s, ignited by the GREEN experience, when I cut the grass.
    Grass, hay and alfalfa! My favorites.

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  7. In montrreal – the smell of freshly cut grass is the true sign of summer – now that’s what I call aroma therapy!

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