#828 Remembering what movie that guy is from

Danny Trejo

Smack dab in the middle of the movie’s big scene, it always happens.

Clancy Brown

Everything gets tense for the big courtroom finale or championship football game, and then all of a sudden the defense attorney or opposing coach turns out to be that guy from some other movie and you just can’t stop thinking about where he’s from.

Wait, was he the prison guard in Shawshank? Or the lawyer from Miracle on 34th Street? Or, no, no, no, I got it. He’s the knife guy in From Dusk Till Dawn.


JT Walsh

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43 thoughts on “#828 Remembering what movie that guy is from

  1. Actually, I think you’ll find that he’s the knife guy from Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and the vampire bar tender from From Dusk Till Dawn, both of which were directed by the same man.

  2. Possibly the most awesome thing you have posted so far. Many’s the time I have shaken my girlfriend awake in the dead of night to enthusiastically exclaim:

    “He was the bad guy in Cliffhanger!” or “He was the burglar in Ghost who gets killed by that falling sheet of glass”

    Awesome squared if there are several of you trying to remember who ‘that guy’ is at the same time, and you authoritatively raise a solitary finger, nod sagely at your companions, and bestow your supreme film knowledge upon those around you.

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      1. I recognised him from Carnivale but research has shown that he is Mr. Krabs, Lex Luthor and Dr. Neo Cortex! What a portfolio

  4. The best, most awesome thing, is when you REMEMBER where they’re from, your roomate/friend/family member disagrees, you look it up on IMDB, and you are RIGHT.

    But even when your wrong, just shouting out what they’re from in the moment with such conviction…

    That’s AWESOME!

  5. i’m constantly playing this game with my boyfriend whenever we watch movies together. of course, he’s watched so many more than me, he recognizes so many faces. imdb is our best friend!

  6. I’ve done that a few times and i’ll exclaim it too. Once at the theater my friends and I were watching “21” and mid movie I exclaimed “Holy Sh*t, it’s Kaiser Soze!”. Yup! Good times :)

  7. This is so totally awesome….when you know something obscure about an acftor in a classic movie..like”Did you know Elizabeth Taylor didn’t the role of “Maggoe the Cat” in “Cat on a hot tin roof” coz she didnt want to tarnish her good-girl image?

  8. Its even worse when you see them in person.
    Had this happen twice, now.
    Matt Frewer frequents the store I work at. He lives on Denman Island. I remember one of the first times I saw him, I cracked a joke and asked him if anyone ever tells him he sounds like that Max Headroom guy…. as he hands me his debit card with his name on it…
    “that’s cause it is me….”… chuckle chuckle chuckle…

    Then their was the week I saw Barry Pepper twice.
    Turns out he’s a local guy, more so than Matt, cause he was raised here and graduated at the local high school.
    Go figure.
    But you don’t ever figure it out on the first encounter and get the autograph, tho, do you?

  9. I thought I was the only one who did this.

    With me at least, my family jokes “Do you know that person?” because I do this all the time. Plus, I’m right, too.

  10. This usually leads to another? which takes us in a whole other direction, and period in time; so much confusion. We give up…”Does it really matter?” which lasts about a minute, then afraid we may become like the trivial pursuit box in the basement, one of us, (usually me), runs to Jeeves or Google to find the answer(S); only then can we relax; get back to popcorn and the program, until next time!

  11. Sometimes we get so enveloped in figuring out who the actor is that we tune out to what is happening on screen. Once you find it in the memory box it’s like you’ve found a treasure!

  12. I came up with a name when my boyfriend said “That guy? From that movie?” My proudest moment.

  13. The Fametracker site (below) has been dormant since 2007, but I think it may have been the original “Hey it’s That Guy” source. They used to have photos with each HITG actor but now you have to look them up. And that’s just the point – you have to look them up because even though you recognize the face, they never made it to the realm of stardom where you remember their name, hence their HITG status. http://fametracker.com/hey_its_that_guy/

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