#822 When there’s still time left in the parking meter when you pull up

Like a tiny present

Say some kind and generous soul left seven unused minutes on the parking meter and left you with three big choices.

First of all, you could go with the No Dollar Dash. This is where you do some quick mental math and figure you can run all your errands before the time expires. If you can rent a movie, grab a slice of pizza, and pick up the dry cleaning that quick, then go man, just go.

Grab it and run

Then again, maybe you’re not a No Dollar Dash kind of guy. Perhaps you prefer the Tight Quarter Squeeze because you’re a bit cheap and afraid of getting a ticket. So you plug a warm quarter in there because you’re sure seventeen minutes will be good enough. Hey, you’re still thankful for the seven free minutes, but figure it’s worth buying yourself a brisk walk in place of a run.

Buying time

Lastly, you could just go Slot Machine. These folks just don’t trust themselves. The parking ticket must be avoided at all costs, even if it means dumping an extra couple dollars in the meter. They buy themselves a big, warm security blanket in case they get held up somewhere.

And now, even though most of us would like to think of ourselves as laid back No Dollar Dash kind of folks, let’s be honest. We love the Slot Machines, because they’re the ones who leave us with seven minutes left the next time. And if it wasn’t for the Tight Quarter Squeezers and their perfect parking planning, getting seven minutes of free time would just become no big deal.

So by holding hands and all joining together, we all make that world go right on round.



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22 thoughts on “#822 When there’s still time left in the parking meter when you pull up

  1. Before the parking meter became obsolete I enjoy sitting on the side walk sipping coffee with a pocketful of nickles to drop in people expired parking meter just before the By Law enforcement officer got there.

  2. “So by holding hands and all joining together, we all make that world go right on round.”

    : ) I love it!

    1. …and it is believed you’re supposed to go to the right…for life!

  3. i am definitely the slot machine type! and i still rush doing whatever i need to do because i am afraid the time will run out on me. then i get back and realize i still have 20 minutes left. oh well, what else was i going to do with all those nickels??

  4. now, it’s worth pointing out that EVEN MORE AWESOME than having time left when you pull up is having only one minute left when you return.

    or even better, it reads 0:00, but hasn’t started flashing red yet.


  5. Only this site can make finding a few extra minutes left on a parking meter a Kumbaya-moment. Love it!

    As you know, Neil – I never have change in the car, so I’m a dollar dash kind-of-guy all the way.

  6. What about when you realize you don’t have to pay anything because it’s Sunday? That rules.

  7. I just found this site today, and it’s amazing how recently a few of the random things mentioned here have happened to me.

    This one was the weirdest, because I read a few of these this morning, then went out to grab lunch, and there was a parking meter with 18 minutes left — about 10 minutes more than I needed! (I hope somebody else got to use them!) When I saw that, I thought of this site, and was wondering if I should try to send it as a suggestion. No need — here it is!

  8. The best is when I read this in the book so the next parking meter I came up to, I thought to myself there is going to be 7 minutes. & truthfully when there wasn’t I was very upset but the to my surprise it was SUNDAY! Didn’t have to pay anyways. Now what is that? Oh yeah,

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