45 thoughts on “#821 When the public bathroom has paper towel instead of hand dryers

  1. THANK YOU. Not even the hurricane-force dryers can match the awesomeness of a Paper Towel dispenser.

    And it has to be a hand pump dispensor. The automatic ones just give you a little sliver of towel, and you have to wave your hand 40 damn times before another sheet prints out.

  2. I personally wouldn’t call that awesome. I would say that it’s the opposite of awesome when I have a really runny nose, need to expel boogers very badly, I’ve run out of tissues, I go to a bathroom to get paper towels…but they only have the blow dryer. ARGH! Why? Paper towels are horrible for blowing noses anyway.

    1. Do what I do; if its a hurricane blower feel free to stick your head under and let it go to work. At least you can have a laugh. (See Youtube how to mess with people in the Bathroom for more fun)

  3. I dunno…paper towels probably take the same amount of time to dry your hands if you want them truly dried.

  4. Maybe, but you can walk and dry with a paper towel. None of that awkward communal drying and standing in line with drippy fingers.

  5. This is why they invented pants. To complement the blow drying effectiveness.

    But I do agree, some good pepertowel is always a fun find

  6. Registered just to comment on this. Great Post! nothing more frustrating than a lame blow dryer in a bathroom. i could blow on my hands and get them dryer than this!

  7. Oh definitely. I hate hand dryers. :( And they’re supposed to be not so hygienic either.

    In some toilets there are both a dryer and a hand towel. That’s great.

  8. Towels rule because most the time blow dryers don’t completely dry your hands so the door handle to the bathroom is perpetually moist from other people. Those with OCD love the towels.

  9. How do you follow the hygiene tip of using the paper towel to open the door (so as to avoid contamination from those who don’t wash) if there is only a blower? Paper towel dispensers rock!

  10. There are two hurricane force brands that actually work great AND give your hands that cool rocket sled look and feel.

  11. Ok, you guys obviously haven’t tried the hand dryers at IKEA. They are made Dyson, the vacuum guys. 7 secs, and your hands are dry. And it’s fun. I promise. Go try it.

  12. I totally agree. I prefer the paper towels. The only blower I’ve found that works good is the XLERATOR found in some places.

  13. I only like the hand dryers if they’re the G-Force dryers. That’s not what they’re called, lol, but they exist. The air makes dents in your hands. they dry really quick.

    Otherwise, I prefer to get most of the water off with paper towels and then use the hand dryer. Either/or doesn’t cut it. Need both tbh.

  14. I like having both. The paper gets them mostly dry, then the blower finishes the job. It’s also great on a cold day – hands get nice and toasty; I even sometimes pull my shirt up so I can soak some warm air right up the front. Yum.

  15. I totally have OCD so I use that papertowel to open all doors… stalls, and when leaving as well as handles…taps toilet etc….Paper towel is my BEST friend in public washrooms…i thank the person profusely who invented it…. :)

  16. i like paper towels best…. i hate the people that go straight from washing then get tree towels and hardly use them… 1 mostly dries my hands (1 used to fully dry but now my hands have grown since… 6 years ago lol), and 2 to just finish the job. There are paper towels strewn across the floor behind the door at the C Block toilets at my school. like prolly 10 of them. i say, wrap one around the handle- its better for the environment, and everyone’s (hopefully) just washed and dried their hands so its still clean.
    The only hand drier ive ever found that did the job was last year in the toilets outside our classroom and the year 11 locker bay. It dried them perfectly in exactly the time it took to turn off after pushing the button, plus an extra bonus: the head could swivel to any position, so youd turn it on your friends’ faces, and sometimes for a laugh youd leave it on facing the door for the next person to walk in… my best friends got me once haha…

  17. I really enjoy the blowdryers where you stick your hand in and then it blows so intensely that your skin is like blown off or whatever and your hands are dried in like 2 seconds. awesome!

  18. Well, the blow-drying hand dryers (wow that sounded weird) kind of leave your skin softer. I only do that when there’s the time…and there isn’t a line of grumpy ladies behind me. But as an awesome ninja with little time to spare, I usually use paper towels.

  19. I still think it’s really great to find the old “pully white towel”, otherwise I definately prefer paper towels. The old dryers are not fast enough and the new ones scare the heck out of me. I know I’d be the first to find a defective one and it would suck a digit ot more off my hands, so I’ll rather waft-dry!

  20. in my old school just before I left they put in new electric paper towel dispensers and you couldn’t get a second bit without ripping the first bit off. I was the first one of my friends to figure this out they all just stood waving their hands like maniacs and I stood with my perfectly dry hands… I told them eventually, I’m not that mean!

  21. Just yes :D (Unless it’s those amazing Dyson hand dryers. I’d use a public toilet just to have a shot of one of those.)

  22. the electric hand dryers are better for the environment, but use unfiltered bathroom air to dry them. Thus blowing millions of bacteria right back on to your freshly washed hands. Its a no-win situation really. :(

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