#817 Doing something half-assed at the last minute and getting away with it

I put a lot of work into this

Just look at this adorable little rascal with his tiny puppy paw stuck in the toilet paper roll and all.


Photo from: here

58 thoughts on “#817 Doing something half-assed at the last minute and getting away with it

  1. I’m reading this as I’m writing a half-assed essay for my class in 8 hours, and I will get away with it.


  2. You know this trick only works once, right Neil? Are you sure you wanted to use it up for #817? :)

    However, that puppy did the trick. Do you just a keep a ton of pictures like that in reserve, for just such a situation?

  3. Both the concept and its application today are the definition of the word awesome. Thanks for a first of the morning laugh.

  4. fuuuuuck yeah! that’s the best

    oh, and you should totally add “scars” to your list. Especially when you get a good one from something that didnt really hurt. think about it. same sort of feeling you get when you get grass stains.

  5. You should also add pain!

    Think about, if we didn’t have pain, we’d probably all be dead, sick, or mortally wounded.

  6. I lol’d for like 10 minutes.

    This is my favorite blog without a doubt.

    1000 Awesome Things is definitely on my list of 1000 Awesome Things.

    Thanks a lot :)

  7. So, stuck the roll on the dog’s leg and snapped a photo, you did? As a talking dog, I’m offended by the continued show-ponying nature of you humans. Bollocks, damned be all.

  8. Of course it’s real!!! A Pomeranian puppy if I’m not much mistaken…so adorable, looks very pleased with him/herself!

  9. At first I read this one and was like ‘I don’t get it…’ And immediately after sayin it and trying to process the photo and it’s connection I clued in. You did the exact awesome thing you were writing about. You half-assed it. And dude, you totally got away with it. It was awesome.

  10. This is my favorite post EVER. It’s so applicable to my life, and that puppy is just adorable. I squeal every time I see it ^_^

  11. I remember writing a 20 page paper for one of my Honors Program classes, Great Issues in Fine Arts or something, the night before it was due. Gotta 3.5! It’s the “American Way!” :)

  12. That is basically how I got through school, I loved it when I did a project the night before it was due and I mainly just stuck on pictures. I handed it in the next day thinking I was surely going to get a bad mark but when I got it back I GOT A B! =D That was far better than I ever expected.

  13. yup, got a 100% on a 7 page paper that I wrote in the 5 hours before class when I was supposed to be in another class… This has been the story of my education after 10th grade or so. However awesome it is, it has become my MO so I’m doing it all the time so it doesn’t feel as great as it does when you do it once in a while, and it’s really bad for me, so I am working on not procrastinating to the point where I have no choice but to half-ass it.

  14. Perfect Pasta and Ragu~Parmesano for supper when you barely put in an hour of work all day…
    unless I can somehow call this “mission and service work!”

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