#812 When you’re drowning and then a dolphin comes to your rescue

Good thing someone had a camera

And suddenly you’re just hanging onto its back with your arms tucked firmly under its bottle nose, your face salty and stinging, your hair matted across your ears, as you’re whisked safely across the ocean on the ride of your life.


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47 thoughts on “#812 When you’re drowning and then a dolphin comes to your rescue

  1. I read this as “when you’re drawing and then a dolphin comes to your rescue”, which would have been even cooler


  2. not a hater… maybe just possibly just sad person.. but when does this happen and what do i have to eat before bed to let me be saved by a dolphin?

  3. You know when you are 12 years old, and get all obsessed with freaky stuff like UFO’s, the Bermuda Triangle, ghosts, David Hasslehoff, etc.?

    Well, I had a bit of a thing for true tales of dolphin rescue. Like if your ship sank and you’re stranded on a piece of flotsam, and the dolphins push you to an island. Why should the dolphins care if you live or die? It just goes against the whole “nature red in tooth and claw” theory. Fascinating, and (of course)…

  4. In my formative years, I did a lot of drugs. A lot. A stunning amount. But never did I eat, drink, snort, inject, smoke, or insert something rectally that made me envision being rescued by dolphins. Kudos to you, Neil. For saying balls to the fine line between fantasy and reality!

  5. It’s kind of obnoxious when you’re just trying to go for a nice open ocean swim. But they’re endearing enough to get away with it.

  6. “You’ll be the first to die!” I keep getting reminded of the Simpsons when I read this. I’m talking about the lost at sea sequence in “Boy Scoutz in Da Hood” and not the THoH episode with the killer dolphins, but even that one has its merits.

    Fuck land, I’m on a Boatâ„¢! :)

    1. Actually despite the fact they are major predators, if you look at the instances of attacks in the wild, they are much more likely to rescue you than attack you. Reports of different species of dolphins saving humans from drowning, shark attacks, who are lost at sea, or other mishaps go back to ancient times. Not just humans either, they are known to help other species.
      Not that you should ever approach a dolphin assuming it’s friendly, they are still very dangerous animals. Despite the fact we should always be cautious, seeing other animals display compassion is enough to put a smile on my face. :)

      1. :)
        Bloomy. I love this. I think that if you do your research you’ll also find that dolphins make excellent mothers, and tend for their children with a great deal of love and compassion.

  7. I love dolphins, and randomness, don’t get me wrong… but I was a little disappointed to see this one here…

    Maybe I’m just a stickler, but I think the actual small things in life are more worthy of making this list.

  8. HAHAHA @ Oldton!!!

    Has anyone ever seen “the cove” the documentary about dolphin capativity and killing in Japan?

    Anyway, point is, there is an Australian surfer they interview who was surfing with his buddy when a Tiger Shark started coming for them (thinking they were prey) out of NOWHERE a DOLPHIN swims up and T-bones the Tiger Shark to scare him away. Talk about REALLY being saved by a dolphin!!!!

  9. Thsi is a true story: When I was still grooving on Captain Crunch, Froot Loops, Smiles Giggles and Laughter, “bed-time snack”cereals…
    I adored “Flipper,” and dreamed one day he’d come and save my life.
    Flipper was the bestest dolphin-friend in the whole wide world…
    even spoke “English!” And could possibly still be out there to this very day, saving lives, just like the one in the picture above:) Super Awesome Day!!!

  10. Okay, Mr. Neil Awesomedude, when has this ever happened to you? *waggles eyebrows* Anyways, I’m an awesome ninja and wouldn’t be drowning in the first place. ;)

  11. If having a dolphin come to your rescue was even remotely likely this truly would be awesome. However, it is not, hence I find today’s piece of awesome slightly I awesome.

  12. When I went to Dubai once, I went to a place where you could hug, kiss and play with dolphins! Love you guys! Hope you are big fans!

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