#811 Getting off an airplane after a long flight

Relief comes when this ends

BO clouds dissipate and float away, wailing babies quit wailing at the luggage bay, your cell phone works so you call friends up, say hey, and all your scrunched up, bunched up, hunched up muscles just relax as you stretch them out now, feeling A-okay. You’re out of the window seat, out of the aisle, you’re back on two feet, so just walk away and smile.


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23 thoughts on “#811 Getting off an airplane after a long flight

  1. Isn’t it funny, though, that the first thing you want to do after sitting on a long flight is sit down! I hate standing around and waiting for passport checks or luggage or taxis… I just want to sit down again… weird.

    I do agree, though, that first little bit of stretching and walking after a long flight (and I’ve done some doozies in my day) is totally AWESOME!

  2. I’d say it’s much better when you’re in the first row so you’re the first to get out and not wait for everyone to pick up their bags and such, in that awkward, awkward situation in which ye’r half up, half on the chair, half grabbin your bag, half waitin, half mad, half bored, half eager to get to your final destination. That’s a whole lotta halfs. :P

    And it goes best when you got priority boardin’, but only if the system is well organized too. :-/

    1. I dunno. I fly quite a bit and even if I have priority boarding I try to be the last person in line to get on the plane. Maybe it’s just a tall person thing but I enjoy my vast legroom in the concourse as long as possible.

      1. I don’t understand that… Even if you’ve already chosen your seat, before boarding, it’s still good to get there first so you don’t have to wait for everyone in front of you to put their bags up, find their own seats, talk to eachother, and so on…

        1. @Liz
          I have to wait for those people one way or the other. Why would I wait in a seat with no leg room and a cabin full of recirculated stale and germ infested air when there’s a concourse full of seats with unlimited leg room? I’m guessing you’re not tall.

  3. Completely agree. I hate when I have to sit there and wait for the douches in front to get off – but they take their time.

    1. And it’s even better when the people sitting next to you want to get out faster. LOL

      Just like the cinema.

      So what are you doin’, grandma? Are you gettin’ in line or what?

  4. Have to totally agree with you on this one. Now that I have two little ones, flying has become more work than ever. Keeping a one year old and a five year old happy when all they want to do is run around and play is an exhausting job!

  5. Especially satisfying when you travel with carry-on luggage only…then you can continue to walk right out of the airport

  6. Especially a 14 hour chartered flight, when toilet has leaked all over the floor, everything is starting to sound rickety and the radio has stopped working, so that the pilot has to circle the Vancouver Airport, until he feels it’s a good time to take chance landing!
    Yep, really happy to get off that plane alright!

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