#805 The smell of crayons

Sticks to the pageCrack open a fresh box and get ready for a neuron-splattering headrush.


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88 responses to “#805 The smell of crayons

  1. Zoe

    YES! This! There is no other smell like it.

  2. ahh yes.. the smell of crayons must be what heaven smells like :)

  3. SKO

    The smell of crayons and cracking open a brand new colouring book :) I see the joy in my 3 year olds eyes and it takes me right back!

  4. Greg

    Yo man, wanna go sniff some crayons in the back alley?

    Hell ya I do.

    • Freddo

      Crayons are a total “gateway” smell in the typical kid’s craft closet. Before you know it, kids will move on to permanent markets, glue, pencil shavings, until you finally walk in on your little one free-basing water-based paints out of cardboard egg cartons.

      Parents – keep your kids safe… keep them away from craft supplies. Leave them to play with their XBOX.

  5. I love that smell. I don’t know what it is though.

  6. ali

    Crayola 64 box. pure bliss.

  7. Ben

    I can remember sticking my head into the crayon box at my grandmothers because I loved the smell so much (there were seven of us kids and a HUGE box of crayons for family gatherings).

  8. Peggy

    I love the smell of crayons! But it has to be Crayola no generics! My husband has teased me for years about it and now I can show him I’m not the only one!

  9. Gah, love that smell. And yes, Peggy, only Crayolas will do. I wish I had a box of crayons right now!

  10. Mmm, crayons do smell good. Hate the smell of Playdoh though!

  11. panchit

    whew!, i’m not the only one!

  12. muttering

    I forgot I loved the smell of crayons…..and playdoh. I agree it has to be name brand. I think They really make me smile. I’ll start keeping a pack of crayons and pd in my purse to whip out on a whim. lol I’m such a dork…….but hmmmm maybe it could work.

  13. Luciano

    The smell of crayons is great!
    Any chance you post déjà vus one of these days?

  14. Cherie

    How about tempura paints? Takes me back to preschool. Love the smell.

  15. Man, I love the smell of crayons. There’s no better medium of coloring.

  16. vic

    I tried to eat one as a youngster, it sure don’t taste like it smells! lol

  17. jdurley

    black-brown-blue-purple-green-red-orange-yellow. Keep your 8-pack of crayons in that order, and all will be well.

  18. james

    the smell filled my nose as soon as i saw the picture, before i even read the title

  19. maplea

    what about the smell of pastels?
    now that’s a head rush!

  20. My husband used to use some hair product that smelled just like crayons! I would sniff his head whenever I got the chance. Alas, they stopped making it…Luckily though, I teach elementary school now so I get to smell it all day long!

  21. Tori

    personally, i’ve always thought crayons smelled disgusting… even as a child…

  22. omg, I thought it was just me! what about the smell of the bread aisle at the grocery store? love that one too :)

  23. Kate

    A lot of people say my car smells like crayons. It’s quite amazing.

  24. @Jill
    You’re so right! I absolutely love that smell! I think about that every time I’m at the bread aisle.

  25. Oh, I miss that smell… If I can turn back time to elementary school days. Loved playing with colorful crayons and still I do.

  26. Amazing how certain smells can bring us right back to our youth. Definately, the smell of crayons remains a vivid sense with fond memories.

  27. Wasn't Me

    Just had to share… (No, it’s not spam. It’s a Lemon Demon song about how great crayons are. The video is rather blah, though.)

    • standingwave

      But why does the blue (not light blue) smell the way it does? (the best of them by a mile – I spent a lot of colouring time in young school sniffing the blue) not a joke about glue, serious.

  28. rozy

    awww bugs do smell like crayons!! haha and jetta’s as well… I love cars that smell like crayons…. wowowoo. Nobody get’s me when I say “THE CAR SMELLS LIKE CRAYONS!”

  29. roxanne

    Oh yes…takes you back to the first day of school…we used to keep crayons in an old margarine tub at work, and peeling off the lid to give the crayons to the kidlets…..something about that smell is like coming home….

  30. The box of 64 ORIGINAL Crayolas have always been my favorite. I loved sharpening the crayons and then saving the shavings to press between two pieces of wax paper… Good memories…

  31. Buzzwinkle

    Do they still make scented erasers? They used to drive me crazy back in the 70’s. I always wanted to eat them.

  32. jdj

    i remember about 13 years ago crayola came out with the smelly-good crayons. you know they had one that smelt like licorice and another that smelt like bubblegum, but the original crayola crayon smell will always be my favorite

  33. Holly

    I love this smell! I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid. Every year when all the school supplies are out in the stores I always go down the isle with the new crayons and smell them. I love it! My love for school supplies, especially crayons, was one way my mother told me she knew I was meant to be a teacher. And I am one now.

  34. Angela

    OMG I thought I was the only one!! I looooove the smell!!

  35. Kathie

    love the smell of crayons, but what I love more is new baby doll smell. It brings me back waaaayyy back to when I was a child.

  36. I’ve always loved this smell and looked forward to a fresh new pack of crayons at the beginning of each school year. Then when the teacher in school said to get out your crayons and opening it up, and getting a fresh whiff of the crayons. Exciting!!

  37. Grammie R

    Nothing can transport an adult to childhood like smell of crayons and the ride into the creative imagination!

  38. Play-Doh Gal

    For all you crayon-scent fanatics! I sw this a while ago and remembered it- for only $18.99 you can buy the perfume!
    I personally love the smell of play-doh-no generics, no salty home made stuff, the real deal. I can buy a tub play with it for half an hour squishing it between my fingers and then enjoy the smell on my hands all day :D

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  40. Deb

    For me the Crayons have to be Crayola. But alas this scent comes in second to a box of brand new number 2 pencils just sharpened.

    Than the real Play Doh, white paste with that almost mint taste and the vinyl scent of Colorforms.

  41. Rose

    That’s a good one but I love the smell of new books or freshly opened play-doh more…it’s awesome.

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  43. Color crayons’ smell fill the air in our cribs room at church!

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  45. Evan

    I am 77 years old, and when feeling depressed, I purchase a new box of Crayola crayons, and am at once flooded with the happiest memories, a feeling of security and warmth. Suddeny I conjur up memories of this once little boy more than 70 years ago quietly coloring in his coloring book. A lot less expensive than taking drugs of one kind or the other.

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  47. usually, i buy my craft supplies on the internet because of the cheaper price and countless options ‘*~

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  49. Vanessa

    My car smells like crayons! The previous owner must have lost one in there somewhere. It’s completely awesome to get a whiff of childhood every time I go for a drive. :)

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