#803 Your favorite old, comfy T-shirt

Squeeze into an old friend and enjoy the memories

Sure, maybe the collar’s stretched out, the iron-on’s wearing off, and a moth chewed a few holes in the back, but how good does that translucent, tight-fitting second skin feel when you squeeze into it and rock it down the street?


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27 thoughts on “#803 Your favorite old, comfy T-shirt

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter, but I just absolutely agree with this post. Nothing makes me feel better than donning that old tee and remembering the yesteryears.

  2. Agree. My fav woo-woo slimming tshirt is this gray meshie tshirt thats a little bit too long, with royal blue sequins in the shape of a family crest on the chest. The sequins have faded to silver-see through with specks of blue, with some sequins missing.

  3. i wish i had mine. it was a brown element shirt with a big blue element symbol on the front and something written on the back. i Left it a my ex’s house and she wont give it back haha( i dont blame her)

  4. The t-shirt is my one true love. I own way more than I should, and can never bring myself to part with them. There is always room for one more. Witty sayings, company promotions, it doesn’t matter. Any colour, any image, the t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe.

  5. Old t-shirts rock…worn out, tight, translucent… I have many that fall into this group and it drives my wife crazy..each one tells a story.
    I have over 200 t-shirts, bands I’ve seen, places I’ve been…i.e.”the drinking town, with a fishing problem”
    I hope the newer ones make it to the old and tight stage.


  6. i cant stand when the collar stretches out! but youre right, there is absolutely nothing like putting on a shirt that youve owned for years

  7. Oh favorite T-shirt, how I love you. You’re soft, comfy, a great color, and have a cool crossed-swords Jolly Roger on the front. Never leave me.

  8. Is one my daughter wore when she was expecting her first child and ,my first grand child. I love it!!!
    It’s also by ORB, and their slogan is, “Live like you mean it!”

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