#800 Getting a splinter out of your finger

After a lot of pinching, tweezing, and biting out pops that annoying little sliver of wood, leaving behind only a tiny, satisfying puncture hole.


Friend or foe?


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28 thoughts on “#800 Getting a splinter out of your finger

  1. This is awesome! Just happened to me last weekend. After a ton of effort (and admittedly a phone call to my parents!), I finally showed the little bastard who’s boss…

  2. The best is when your mom gets a splinter, and you can go at it with reckless abandon – just like she did to you when you were a helpless child.

      1. You can try to pour some white lepage’s/bond-fast type glue on top of the area, wait until it dries, then when you peel it off the splinter usually follows.
        If this fails, soak splintered area in epsom salts.
        If these fail, resort to needle and tweezers; cleanse afterwards to avoid infection:)

  3. Yes! This happened to me, mid sushi meal two nights ago. I actually yelled out loud when I got it out, “Yeah, what’s up now, you stupid piece of chopstick!?!?”

  4. Soaking your finger in hot water is the best way to remove a splinter. Makes your skin all prune-wrinkled like when you were little in the bathtub, and poof, out comes the splinter!

    1. Nice tip – thanks. Probably better than my method of waiting for it to get infected and slipping it right out on a wave of pus.

  5. I’m bad with things like needles and splinters. When I was in elementary school (6th grd-ish) they had to call my mom to come and get a splinter out for me. I disperse violence indiscriminately when it comes to pain, Dr’s and Nurses get no passes. And I still cried like a baby.

  6. A week ago my boyfriend was playing basketball at a school gym. He slid down the bench to reach his water and was greeted with a sharp pain on his butt. Reached down and grabbed 2 of the 3 INCHES of wood stuck in his flesh. He played the rest of the game with the remaining wood and called me for medical assistance on his way home. I got the rubbing alcohol out right away and waited by the door with a pair of tweezers and a needle in hand. I took one look at his bare butt and told him to go to the hospital. He willed me along, desperate for some relief and eventually
    after much yanking and tugging at the tiny tip of the splinter I ripped out a full inch of wood that was thicker than a toothpick. I can’t say it was awesome but it makes for a good story…awesome.

  7. Don’t dig. Don’t pinch. Give it a couple of days. It’ll come out with just a tiny squeeze!!!!!!!!

  8. hi i have a splinter in my finger and i am doin that thing where you have to put ur finger in hot water hope it works if doesent how shall i get it out?

  9. Ach, I hate it when you can’t SEE it but you definitely can FEEl it.

    But I’m an awesome ninja and always manages to get it out.
    BTW, what’s up with the teenage mutant ninja turtles? I used to watch that…:)

  10. Cusin had fallen in the bush and a stake was pointing up and he landed his ankle on it :( but i didnt realise this until there was blood and tears everywhere, so i carried him home ( feeling awesome about that ) and he had splinters in his ankle really badly and we thought we got it all but a week later he had an operation ,as a scan had showed a tiny splinter in his blood stream halfway up his leg, so they had to cut it out and now the result is a ‘dint’ looking scar on his leg :/ not as great as using the good old tweezers and needle :)

  11. Ah, my mum always taught us to ‘disinfect’ a needle with a flame, then use it to maneouvre it out. Then disinfect the crap out of it properly with some disinfectant.

    Bonus points, it’s equally satisfying whether you’ve got it out at once (no digging) or whether you had to do a lot of prodding and poking to remove it…

    That said, I might try some of these less…violent versions ;)

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